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Name: Kevin Kirkpatrick

Photo missing.


The latest project...
Wallhanging glass panel (Panel?) With embedded gold leaf. I was going to spend some time trying to get the rest of the textural effects to render correctly, but it was taking so long I figured it would be easier just to build it. I definately need more power on the computing end.

This will be one of a series each with an elemental theme. Above is "Water" and while the render doesn't show it well the cobalt glass will graduate to a lighter and slightly greener hue toward the top. The other elements will have different color schemes and textures .

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I was born with a copy of "The Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe" under one arm and Douglas Addams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gallaxy" under the other. Which was rather hard on my mother, though she didn't hold it against me... Unless you count the time she tried to grow those giant carniverous plants under the swingset in the back yard.

Dad was always busy working on projects in the garage until they got loose one night. The neighbors were a bit unnerved by all the screaming but I think they went right over the edge when it ate lil' Timmy next door. I must admit I was a bit upset too. He was my best friend.

I went to school with the other kids in the small school house on the edge of town until I found that big book hidden under the teachers desk and the townfolk burned her at the stake. We all had a picnic that day and when the fire died down we had marshmallows.

Folks have always treated me a little differently because I tend to talk to myself from time to time. I don't pay it any mind. I think that if someone starts a conversation it's kinda rude to just ignore them. Besides, it isn't like I have a third head growing out of my shoulders. That would be pretty weird not to mention akward. I mean what if you were having a conversation and someone just popped his head in the way so you had to lean way over to see the head you were talking to.

I did pretty well in college and studied Biology and Bio-Chemistry until that incident in the genetic engineering lab. I really don't see why they were so upset. It isn't like anyone died... Quite the reverse actually. I would have thought having the school's founder back would have been a welcome contribution, but they didn't see it that way. I suspect the world may not be prepared for re-animation any time soon judging from the reaction. Anyway, I was asked to leave rather abruptly by a large contingent of folks with torches and crosses.

After that I traveled for several years, seeing the world. I used to hate flying though especially in bad weather. I was always afraid of crashing, but now I take a plane and find it a much improved experience.

Older now and weary of my travels I've found a little place where I can settle down and I've found a wonderful girl with whom to spend my remaining years. Its a lovely place with nice architecture, and cultural centers. I love the nightlife here and I'm even learning to dance, even though I have two left feet. Very hard to find shoes that fit properly.

...My other head is just a quiet glass artist living in Cincinatti, who enjoys creating fantastic works in hot glass, drawing, CAD, 3D modeling and photo-rendering, computer graphics, web design and sculpture.
I've been a MUD player for about 15 years now and recently became part owner of a MUD BBS system, which I help administer and moderate.

1 November 06 An important moment in my life.
My work was accepted by the most prestigious gallery in the U.S. midwest this morning... Unfortunately my work is too large to fit in their display case. I was given a standing invitation to submit smaller pieces and placed in their commission book.

13 November 06 Another important moment in my life.
My work has been enthusiastically accepted today by the Art Design Consultants Gallery in Cincinnati, one of the area's largest and finest gallery spaces. I will be one of the exibitors for the show coming Nov 24.

My new shop ROCKS!!!

I hate moving with a passion but hopefully this will be it for a while. Still unpacking like a maniac and finding things that had been in storage that I had forgotten about. It's like unwrapping Christmas presents... Dusty, musty, dirty boxes full of tools and supplies.

Current work in progress

Cover Your Assets

How to sell your artwork online without getting ripped off. I've added a couple of new additions recently, and along with the usual suspects, I've received a spam email recently that begs the issue, "when is an offer possibly legitimate and still foolish?"

I am also an active member of the internet/online anti-fraud activist community.

Under Contruction

CG Tools

An in-depth overview of Computer Graphics Hardware, Software, and Techniques.

Additional projects coming sometime in the near future:

"Glass: a guide to the medium" An introduction to glass as a creative medium.

"3D Modeling for Physical Execution" A guide to the differences between surface modelers and virtual solids for artists who want to plan their work at the keyboard. Techniques for importing real world data into a model and for then exporting the model to the real world.

"Glass Studio Journal" Not one but several modular parts examining the equipment and techniques for various types of glass work. Will include construction of Kilns, Furnaces, Glory Holes, Pipe warmer, Pipe Chiller, Ball Mill/Mixer, Engraving Engine, Lapidary Plates and wheels... Glass formulation, coloring oxides, striking colors... Flameworking, Kilnworking, Offhand, Mold Making, Casting, Cold Working... Scoring, Pattern Cutting, Beveling, Brilliant Engraving...
This is likely to be a long term project.

I think that should keep me off the street and out of trouble for a while, but if I've missed something, let me know and I'll add it to the list.

Age: 47Year of birth: 1959Month of birth: 10

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
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Place of living: USA-Ohio

Town: Cincinnati

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Elfwood artist: Yes

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Civil status: married

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