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Lady-Dia (amused)

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this is from outside my bedroom window


nahahahaha XD

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ehh!! @_@ i am only new to this please give me some time to work out this website +_+'' ... I am such a noob sometimes... hmmmm i wonder what this buttom does
AH O_o''  well you can also see most of my new images at: ... while i try and brighten up my page here ^_^''

Lil bout me:
okay then well umm XD I live in Queensland, Australia. I do alot of art and photography (when i have time from school XD) and I also do alot of music (lol at the moment i play:- bass guitar, piano can classical sining) and i also do a little bit of drama (hehehe yay i passed my grade 5 drama exam)...
ummm i lik art, movies, music, reading, gaming(normally RPG) and anime/cartoons (hahahaha XD that is almost everything)

sometimes i guess i can tend to be a bit of a smart ass (espcially when it comes to maths, physics or chemistry)... i can also be a Hopeless romantic =_='' or a hopless pain in the ass... it depeneds becuase sometimes ppl find me a little strange (but that is becuase i can get bored really easly if i am with people and they just seem to not want to do anything but sit there and look at the ground... but it is all fun being a little psychotic XD)...but i am always happy to have a chat because that is normaly what i am good at...

to find out more bout what i lik just scrool down... (lol I do lik alot of things... very rarely you'll find somthing i hate)


hehehe here is a description for a picture that [Darkening Dream] wrote:
What I see when I look at your a beautiful young woman lost in her thoughts...perhaps a whisp of smile as the ghost of some romantic lover visits her memories...that old passion rising remember how you stood in the mountains and he held you...his fingertips running through your hair....caressing your cheek softly....he whispered to you in your ear...his warm breath caressing you ear and neck...such words...the wind blew through your hair....and through the trees....the leaves articulating the Earth's sigh into a magikal chant that carries you away....

neh XD lik i said i can be a very hopless romantic XD


oh =_=''
the structure of the forums are so very confusing!!! can they change them to somthing that is easier... so i am sorry if i stuff up in forums +_+

Age: 18Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 22

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
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Town: East Coast of Aust.

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physicsrole playingsinging
scifislackingsnow scooters

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 163

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