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ShojiNightDragon (<img:img/mood/37082_1138738173.jpg> Bloody Kiss... mmm blood *eyes fade*)

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Name: Shoji Hitoribocchi

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001: Name: Hitoribocchi
002: Nickname: Shoji
003: Country of living: USA, at the moment
004: Birth date: June 17, 1982
005: Height: 5' 6"
006: Eye color: Gray
007: Shoe size: 10
008: School/work: Dropped out
009: You smoke: Never
010: Hobby's: Hacking, Training
011: Brothers or sisters: None
013: Piercing(s): None
014: Tattoo: Tribal phoenixes on each shoulder. Tribal art on the back.
015: Favorite Country to go to: Japan
016: Are there people you won't reply to?: Dumbasses
017: Nicest person you meet this year: Jasper
018: Person you rather not have meet this year: The jackass who tried to kill me.
019: Who would you like to meet: My parents.
020: Who do you admire most: My sensei
022: Favorite Pajamas(clothes to sleep in): Heh... sleep is for the weak.
023: Favorite Car: How bout bike? Ducati Monster 620.
024: Favorite Movie(s): Don't watch them.
026: Favorite City(s): Kyoto
027: Favorite Plush(stuffed animals): Don't have any.
028: Favorite Body Spray to wear: Avatar
029: Favorite Magazine: 2600
030: Favorite sound: Thunder with Rain in the background
031: Favorite TV-series: I don't watch TV...
032: Favorite Writer: No one you would have heard of.
033: Favorite Nickname: Shoji
034: What is on your mouse pad: A skull
035: What all is under your bed: Ground? Nothing much under a sleepingbag...
036: Favorite color(s): Black, Midnight Blue, Silver, Blood Red
037: Favorite Song ever: Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
038: Favorite song at this moment: Let Me Go - 3 Doors down
039: Favorite food: Sake is a food right?
040: Favorite class in school: Bojutsu
041: Favorite drink: Sake
042: Lucky numbers: 13
043: What do you think is the greatest thing about yourself: My heritage.
044: What deodorant do you use: AXE
045: Favorite shoes: I've only got 1 pair.
046: What time do you go to bed on weekdays: Who needs sleep.
047: What words do you use most: Sure, Why Not?, and Whatever
048: Most romantic moment in your life: None
049: Most embarrassing moment in your life: Trying to talk... to anyone.
050: Would you rather spend your time, inside or outside: Outside, at night.
051: What do you do on the weekends: Whatever strikes me at the time.
052: What class in school do/did you dislike most: The academics.
053: Your Breakfast: Whatever I can get.
054: What's your favorite kind of fast food: White Castle
055: Pets: A bat named Cena (he's more of a familiar than a pet)
056: Favorite chocolate?: BitterSweet Chocolate
057: Serious or funny: Serious... usually.
058: Fast or slow: Fast
059: You prefer being alone or have relationship with someone: Alone
060: Simple or complicated?: Complicated, I love a good challenge
061: Cremate or Buried when you die: Who cares... it's not like I'll be there anyways.
063: Stay up late or go to bed early: Stay up Late
064: Light or dark?: Dark
065: Speak or Silence: Silence, talking is awkward.
066: Do you like a Tall or Small girls: I dunno
067: Newspaper or Television: Newspaper
068: Hug or kiss: No
069: Happy or Sad: Sad
070: Life or Death: It's all the same right?
071: Jig or Disco: I don't dance
072: Left or Right: Left
073: Peanut butter Or Jelly: ...niether please
074: Brunettes or Blondes: ...
075: What would you ask God if you could ask him 1 single question: Why?
076: You believe in reincarnation: Yeah
077: You believe in Aliens: Probably
078: When you die, what will be your last words?: Took you long enough
079: Does true love exist: Sure, why not?
080: How many kids would you like to have: Doesn't matter, not happening anyways
081: What is the one thing you can't stand: All the shite that happens to me.
082: Best feeling in the world: Pain
083: Worst feeling in the world: Transforming
084: What are you afraid of: Fire... NYG
085: Are you an emotional person: *Scoff* Emotion, who needs it...
086: Do you ever cry during a movie: No, I don't watch movies.
087: Your goal in life: Master my powers.
088: What was the promise you made to yourself at new years eve: I make no promises
089: Favorite art-artist: M.C. Escher
090: As what animal would you like to reincarnate: Well... what if I'm already an animal...
091: What is the best part of a Girl: ...What's with all of these questions?
092: Most original place you would ask your love to marry you: It doesn't matter, she'd turn me down.
093: What do you think of Elftown: It's okay.
094: Is there something you miss about elftown: Not really
095: Where did you get this question list: Myself
096: Besides elftown, what do you do most on your PC: Music, Hacking, Programming
097: What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?: Hard to wake up when you don't sleep, now isn't it?
098: Favorite smell?: Sulfer
099: Summer or winter?: Winter
100: What book are you reading?: None at the moment
101. Which finger is your favorite?: What the hell kind of question is that?
102. When did you last cry?: The fire.
103. Living arrangements?: The street.
104. Relationships or one-night stands?: Relationships, not that it really matters though.
105. Any bad habits?: Not being able to control the power.
106. What is the most embarrassing cd on your shelf?: I dont have a shelf.
107. Hugs or kisses?: Didn't we already have this question?
108. Have you been told a secret and sworn not to tell?: No one would trust me that much.
109. How do you release your anger?: Beating up trashcans, or thugs.
110. Where is your second home?: Wherever I want to go.
111. Do you trust others easily?: No
112. What was your favorite toy as a child?: What's it matter, it's gone now.
113. What class in school is totally useless?: Science
114. Do you have a journal?: No, I can never get into the habit of keeping one.
115. Do you use sarcasm a lot?: No... never.
116. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?: That requires being in a social setting, doesn't it?
117. What do you look for in a girl?: Nothing
118. Who is your favorite singer?: No one, really
119. Scary movies or happy endings?: Scary
120. If you could travel anywhere , where would you go?: Japan
121. Would you bungee jump?: Probably
122: Last movie you watched?: What part of "I don't watch movies" don't you understand.
123. Do you think your strong?: I can be.
124. What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?: Mint Fudge
125. Are you too shy to ask someone out?: No, I just don't for other reasons
126. Favorite day of the year?: any Friday the 13th
127. What's your least favorite food?: Speghetti
128. Favorite month?: January
129. How many people have a crush on you right now?: None
130. Who do you miss right now?: My parents... sometimes.
131. What color pants you wearing?: Black
132. What are you listening to right now?: The street behind me.
133. Last thing you ate?: Pizza
134. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: Black, unless you know of something darker.
135. What's the weather like right now?: Looks like its about to rain.
136. Last person you talked to on the phone?: No one.
137. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?: I don't.
138. How are you today?: Morbid as ever.
139. Favorite alcoholic drink?: Sake
140. Of all of your friends, how many can you trust your life to?: None
141. Who do you have a crush on? Really doesn't matter
142. Favorite person on the planet? Myself
143. Fire or Ice? Fire (It's a love hate relationship)
144. With or Without? I've always had to do without.

Age: 32Year of birth: 1982Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 17

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: Travelling around

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat
emailgraphicsmaths and engineering
musicprogrammingweb design

adult popalternativeblues
folk musicgothgrunge
heavy metalhip hophouse
jazznew ageopera
popprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
bookscookingcrime stories

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 170

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