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Mehtar (on the defensive end)

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Name: Chad Wheaton


Me walking my best friends grandma down the isle at her wedding

Drawing missing.

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Hmm... I grown tried of looking at how boring this section is so I'm going to open up so everyone here can catch a glimpse of Who I Am. 

I was born in Alabama into a Christian family. Shortly after my 1st bday we moved to North Carolina where my brother was born. There is where my earliest memories begin. I remember body surfing with my dad in the ocean and coming out of the water draggin my drawers. I remember being on many different sail boats because my dad was really big into competeing. My dad was born in Mass and my mom was born in Alabama. We lived there till I was about 3 1/2 and moved back to Alabama and my dad was living in Georgia. Through my recent conversations with him, I've learned why we didn't live there with him. When I was about 5 yrs old we moved out to Georgia to be with my dad again. The four of us together again. I remember the woods of Georgia really well because I spent soooo much time in there. Just wandering around looking for different animals and bugs. Finally at 8 yrs old we made a huge move for me. North. Connecticut. I remember the first time my conscious mind met my grandmother. She opened my eyes to a world outside of church. Different views of different religions. I felt I could talk with here and my aunt who is only 5 yrs older than me. In the 6 yrs I lived in Connecticut, I lived in 3 different houses. The last one was the most interesting. It was abandoned for 8 - 10 yrs so there was no roof and the floor was rotten. I remember walking into the basement for the first time. Walking down a narrow path down into darkness. The musty smell of cellars in the North. The cold air sent chills to my spine. Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs there was ice cold water up to my knees. It was approx 1200 sq ft. Behind the stair in the corner of the room was a workshop. It was caged in with chicken wire. I had such an uncomfortable feeling, I decided to make the entire basement my bedroom. I lived there until I was 14 yrs old then made a move back down south to Florida. In Florida my energy went crazy, but it wasn't until 2 yrs later we moved to California. I was just finishing up my 3rd quarter of freshman yr in high school when I moved. By my 2nd yr of high school I began to really dig into understanding who I really was. Learning how to use the energy around my to help those in need. I lived in Cali for 6 yrs and again 3 houses. At 20, I moved to Texas for a week then down here to Mexico. I can not begin to describe the experiences I have been opened to here. The energy is much more intense than I have felt for a while. It was here that I had my first conscious encounter with Lord Michael. I discovered Oneness here with all of the universe. If anyone has experienced what I am trying to describe in words, then you know what I am saying. If not, I could try to give an example but right now my energy is being pulled away so I must leave for now but will be back to write more. One of my favorite words is adios...goodbye in spanish.. A Dios means to God in spanish..pretty interesting I will end this for now but will return to finish..A Dios

Here's a little update. I've been working on my page for a wakeboard camp in acapulco. I have a little bit of info but still need to work on it. Also have to take new pics of the new boat we just got. The site is

Wohoo Ive always wanted to meet a dragon and now I have one of my very own Thanks [shaybaby16] dragon adoption agency
His name is Malik.

This is one of my troopers. When she was 6 months old she was run over by a jeep but she is fine and there were no broken bones. I felt so bad for her and nursed her back to health. Now when I'm in Acapulco she is a really good guard dog.

This is Pie de la Cuesta about 45 mins outside of Acapulco. There we have houses for rent as well as rooms. We have 5 pieces of land there. One once side is the ocean and the other side is a fresh water lake how crazy is that. Its an awesome place to just chill and relax. Pretty soon my brother and I will be opening a wakeboarding school called AWE. Also coming soon vacation packages :D


This is the newest addition to our projects here in Mexico. At the end of this road is the lake above. When the lake is full there is water along the sides of the road and a island where we will put the HQ of AWE. Very very very private and full of life.

This was taken on the island on our land looking out to the lake. Can't wait to see it finished.

This pic was taken before the road was put in. To make sure we do not hurt the life inside this place we have places tunnels for the water to pass through. The Gentle Giant in yellow is Alfredo. He is an awesome guy to know down there because he knows everyone. BTW no trees were cut down durning this project. There was a perfect area to put the road and the trees that were in the way we simply went around them.

New Years 2003 in Acapulco about 11:30ish we were getting ready to light the fireworks when someone noticed something strange.....
She layed her eggs right infront of our land. To protect the eggs from the people we had some friends who have a safe place for these little guys to hatch and make it to the ocean.

I am worth $2,330,504 on

Age: 24Year of birth: 1981Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 27

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf
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Place of living: Mexico

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