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Do I Know You (Take the poll only cause it loves you)

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Me when i got back from florida

Drawing missing.


(Image deleted by the guards)

Any of you wannabe goths wanna fuckin message me sayin you wanna die and shit need to fuck your selves cause frankly i really dont care you go waste your time cuttin yourself and for what so people will like you sry but cuts on your wrists just make it worse it doesnt make you special cuz you can bleed just like everyone else and trust me when your scarred for life youll regret it because people will call you stupid for doing it everyones fine with you till your fucking doing it maybe if you thought first you woould realize thatz one of the stupidest ideas youve ever had.

You can pick more than one..
1= I like you
2= I love you
3= You're funny
4= You're cool
5= I don't really care for your personality
6= I wanna be on you!
7= You're sexy
8= You have a nice body
9= I hate you
10= You're boring
11= your just a waste of air
12= You have an awesome personality
13= I want to kiss every part of your body
14= I wanna do you 'til you scream my name
15= I want to go out with you
16= I'm looking for a relationship with you
17= be with me
18= you're cute
19= i dont know you?
20= i want you in my life
Afterwards, repost it and see what number people will give you


Single or taken: Single
Sex: male
Birthday: May 18, 1990
Sign: Taurus
Siblings: 5
Hair color: brown
Eye color: changes
Height: 6'0

Are you straight/bisexual/gay?:Staight
Who are your best friends?: Idk
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope hoping to have one soon
What is your longest relationship?: 18 months

Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes: The mall
Any tattoos or piercings: i might get one later
What is your most comfortable outfit?: shorts and sleeveless shirt
What do you usually wear?: shorts and sleeveless shirt

Do you do drugs? HELLZ NO
What are you most scared of?; Falling
What are you listening to right now: Korn
Who is the last person that you called?: Kyle
Who is the last person that called you?: Justin
Where do you want to get married?: Idk
What would you change about yourself?: NOT SHIT

Colors: green frizeaking rocks
Foods: Idk really hard question
Movies: Any with Jim Carrey
Animals: White Bengal Tiger

Given anyone a bath?: nope
Smoked?: HELLZ NO
Bungee jumped?:No
Made yourself throw up?: If you do your FUCKING STUPID
Skinny dipped?: lol long story
Ever been in love?: Not by my standards
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: when i was like 8
Pictured your crush naked?: lol wouldnt you like to know
Actually seen your crush naked?: Hellz yeah cough* bullshit
Cried when someone died?: RIP HARLEY Sept 19, 2005
Lied: EVERYONE HAS but i make an effort not to
Fallen for your best friend?: ummm yeah
Rejected someone?: yeah
Used someone?: HELLZ FUCKING NO i know how it feelz
Done something you regret?: my whole life so far except for a couple things

Clothes: Tan shorts boxers and whit sleeveless
Music: Twizted Transistor by KORN
Annoyance: None at the moment
CD in player: Mp3
DVD in player: None

LAST|PERSON You left a message for: Neal
You texted: Kasie
You cuddled with: my blanket
You kissed: Kasie

Understanding: Try to be
Open-minded: Completely
Arrogant: Hellz yes
Persistant: Have to be
Insecure: Naaa
Hungry: Hellz yes lol
Smart: i can think for myself if that counts
Moody: naaa only to the person getting on my nerves lol
Hard working: Try to be but im Easily distracted
Organized: At first
Healthy: I think... lol
Difficult: lol only when you are
Bored easily: yuppers
Obsessed: lol i TRY not to be
Angry; naaa
Sad: naaa
Happy: yup
Hyper: hellz yeah
Trusting: everyones got reasons to be trusted or not to be trusted

Hey bro you went out with a bullet in your head and almost every girl in school cryin for ya hope your rockin it out wherever you are.

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 39°29.784'N 87°3.636'W

Place of living: USA-Indiana

Town: If i told ya id be scared... ; )

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Other interests
animalsboard gamescard games
chasing the preferred sexchessreligion

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: muscular

Height: 188

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