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Member #126330 created: 2005-03-28 14:33:47Simple URL:   

Name: brittany

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Town DrunkAdventurer

she's so different
depressed and insane
her world is distorted
and her scars remain
she doesn't know who she is
or why she even breathes
her only pleasure is fantasy
and the pain in her dreams
chaos and tragedy
bring her smiles
and when she feels happiness
it brings denial
she stays alone
no Friends no heart
she longs for love
but it tears her apart
shes broken shes fragile
she wont stop bleeding
but when she finds out shes alive
she wakes up screaming

<img:img/drawing/108401_1117282136.jpg> By: [Gypsi]


Age: 19Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 10

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elftownworldmap 39°52.998'N 75°15.000'W

Place of living: USA-Pennsylvania

Town: Fox chase

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: Yes

Favorite URL:

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Computer interests

gothgrungeheavy metal
operaprogressive metalrock

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 152

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