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**LiViN AnD LoViN LiFe** (†kiss my lips as you dry my tears†)

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Name: llindsay michele



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im 19 i love to kick it and have fun!

here is a poem that i wrote about my ex boyfriend its kinda old but oh well i like it alot


Here I am again
In disbelief
That someone I trusted
Has made me feel grief

I cannot believe
It feels so surreal
But in time I will accept
That what has happened is real

I thought you were different
I thought you were pure
You made me trust
That you were for sure

After all the wonderful things
That you said
Well, you succeeded
To get me in bed

All of those words
"I love you" you claimed
Then changed your mind
Your problems you blamed

After all the things I told you
I feared all along
And your reassurances that
You would prove me wrong

And once you succeeded
In luring my heart
You realized that you had to finish
What you tried to start

I guess for you
It was no longer fun
So then you decided
You needed to run

Your words and promises keep rolling over
In my mind
How you've deceived me
And left me behind

You claim we'd be friends
But that too is a lie
It was just another way
Of saying goodbye

You said the honesty was real
And the connection was pure
That you had not felt that way
In a long time, for sure

Then all of a sudden
You throw it aside
As if it never existed
And the feelings have died

How can you say you love me one minute?
Then forget I exist
And abandon me the next
Like I'm not even missed?

What kind of game
Do you think you can play?
With my feelings and heart
In such a cruel way

You say you have issues
And character flaws
That you have to be by yourself
And give your life pause

In the meantime you forgot
Or didn't care
That I loved you
And my feelings were rare

I had told you what happened
To me before
And how afraid I was
To open the door

But you said I could trust you
That you were pure
That you were not like that
That your feelings were for sure

Then you changed like a
Switch on a light
Well I'm here to tell you
That this is not right

I agree with you baby
You have issues for sure
The most important one
Is you are morally immature

You don't tell someone you love them
Then change your mind
For your own needs
That is cruel not kind

And somewhere along the line
You decided you needed
To get me out of your life
Well, you succeeded

You should be more careful
With what you do
With people's emotions
And following through

You have no idea
How much pain you can cause
Charming one minute
Then citing character flaws

I hope someday
You realize
That love isn't something
You just idealize

So I wish you luck
With your issues and flaws
Fix your problems
Find the cause

And be more honest
And not pretend
And learn how to be
A true friend

And maybe someday
You'll learn how to be
And not play with hearts
Like the one in me

I remember our times
The words that you spoke
And still can't believe
It was just a joke

I don't know what
I could ever be
To deserve just what
You've done to me

All you needed to do lately
Was show you cared
Just a little about my life and me
But you're scared

I hope that someday
That wonderful person I knew
Can someday become
The real you

Right now you are like
A Jeckyll and Hyde
One is the one I loved
The other died

The other's afraid and confused
Dishonest and cruel
Or worse not care
And can be so cool

And through all this
I'm afraid to say
I still love who you were
Back in the day

I hold on to the memories
Of the way you could be
Of how that person
Brought the best out in me

You?re a charmer for sure
You do what you do
To make a woman fall
In love with you

For now everything that's
Happened is very alarming
I think of you now, my love
As Prince Charming.

here are a few more pictures of me i hope you like.

haha way OLD picture
me again
back when i was young

Age: 24Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 10

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Duck
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Place of living: USA-Oregon

Town: lincoln city (the beach)

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