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   Fonz is a 46 year old artist from The Netherlands who will soon start his 6 month training in the Oscar winning 3D render program, Maya. He discovered our fair Elftown through his travellings through Elfwood.

Fonz enjoys drawing, colouring in Photoshop, working in 3D and chatting with other members here on Elftown. He uses many mediums to create his amazing works, from pencil to airbrush and from ink to computer programs. When he's not 'arting' he can be found around Elftown chatting with other members, updating his personal art wiki; Urmando's Art and participating in assorted contests.

In his own words:
“Me Urmando, me proud creative Elfling!”

[Urmando The Elfling]'s favourites:

Favourite Wiki:
I think that [Lady of Lore]'s wiki is very important for ET, Lady of Lore's Art Archives and What Is Wrong In Elftown? too; My German friend [Dr.Mandarian] explains the misunderstandings in ET very well!

Favourite House:
[Katie Staines] Sweet Kate; I admire her drawing skills, creating art just from her mind, I on the other hand, still use some reference material…
[liiga] A really amazing spiritual artist, (check her out!) and also art marketing skills!
[Dark Side of the Moon] A sweet artist who always knows how to cheer me up when I’m down.

Critique/comments/suggestions on ET:
YES!!!!! It really amazes me that some ET teens/hangarounds think Elftown is only for young people? Bull! They seem to forget what the Elftown entrance says:

”Elftown is the fantasy and science fiction community for Elfwood artists and hangarounds”

Sometimes you see in their house they claim to be Elfwood artists, but have no Elfwood URL?!!

Message to all Elftowners?
To all the Artists in the making: Elftown is a great place to improve your Art skills with all the help, tutorials and contests you find here, BUYAAH!!!

And to all the hangarounds: be nice to your fellow Elftowners, and bring something constructive to Elftown!

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