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Written about Saturday 2005-01-22
Written: (5648 days ago)
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well i just returned from jacksonville where i had to prepare for my military job but unfortunatley there has been an error that is currently preventing me from joining i should have it all fixed soon though

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Written about Monday 2004-08-09
Written: (5814 days ago)
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i can't belive it i have finally found someone right for me. I mean i haven't felt this way since angel! i never evr thought i would get better but i have and now i have begun to find more power within myself maybe she will be the one to show me my true powers. well whatever the case i just feel sooo great, so i bid you all a good first week of school!!

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Written about Wednesday 2004-07-28
Written: (5826 days ago)
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well today could have gone better, it started off like any normal day until about half-way through the day. that's when it went down the drain. it was my friend hailey, dennis, and hailey's neice, and me in the car arguing about who was the better driver when all of a sudden BAM we rear ended a full size chevy suburban.everybody was okay hailey went to the hospital to have her knee looked at but i refused to go to the hospital. but now i am stuck at home and wondering when i should call and check-up on hailey. well other than that i think today was a normal day.

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Written about Saturday 2004-07-24
Written: (5830 days ago)
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man i can't belive myself i am a complete and udder fool.
ok yesterday i was at the movies with this girl that i am falling for and hard (her name will remain a mystery), well anyways i had the perfect chance to make a move and what didi i do............ NOTHING i totally freaked and froze. i mean this has never happened since like the fourth grade and now all of a sudden i can't even get the courage to ask her out! if there ever was a king dork it would be me. i just don't know what i'm gonna do. All that trash talk about how sexy and irresistible has come back to haunt me. whatever shall i do!?!

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Written about Thursday 2004-07-22
Written: (5832 days ago)
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i forgot to mention yesterday that i got a new sword, it is big and shiny ::look up at ceiling with proud look on face:: other than that i have nothing much to say but it is rather early here but oh well.(i only have to be back at the colledge at 12:30 pm today) I also think that i may have a chance to get back into the dating scene but i still think that i am gonna bomb out and fall on my face.

well talk to you later

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Written about Wednesday 2004-07-21
Written: (5832 days ago)

well i began the GED test today and i met up with someone that i had not seen in a long time. It has been a long time since i said anything in my diary so i thought that i would tell you how my day went, but it wasn't that great but eventually it will get better

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Written about Sunday 2004-07-04
Written: (5850 days ago)
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DAMNIT THIS SUCK I hate my life being stuck in a broken home my parents separated and I know my mother loves me but does my father even care its like no matter what i do i can't seem to make anyone happy, and why does everyone expect me to solve things. I'M NOT A FUCKING MIND READER I CAN'T HELP YOU ANYMORE SO GOOOOOOOOOOOO AWWWAAAAYYYYYY RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Written about Saturday 2004-07-03
Written: (5851 days ago)

in this world run by greed, there's no money, there's no possesions, just obsessions, and i don't need that shit so you can just have it.
I just wanna be heard loud and clear, all my words, coming from within i'll tell em bout what i heard, it's about a revolution that we need to embrace.
you work a job you don't like for things you don't need don't you think it's absured, you need to end slavery to the system, you need to think "there's no money, there's no posessions, only obsessions and we don't need that shit" i mean it's just a waste of time if our lives are run by the "media" or "athoratative figures", you also need to make sure the things you own don't own you. We all need to take charge and show the "system" who is the boss for in reality it is we the underlings that make this "system" whole without us "they" are nothing but it is also difficult to avoid the next step survival of the fittest but that is just a human instinct, it's in our nature to kill each other, it's also in our nature to kill ourselves.
we are not perfect nor should we strive to be but we must also make sure we do not lose what we have gained but even in the dark there is existence. the road we walk is a very twisted and jagged road indeed, so be wary of lifes potholes and rock for no path is smoothed out

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Written about Thursday 2004-06-24
Written: (5860 days ago)
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another day in "paradise" they make florida out to be soooo beautiful when in fact it sucks ass.
Well I have seen a few friends that i thought i lost and i feel a bit better now that i have seen them.

I have another question for anyone to answer.

If you have a good friend in danger from another good friend what should you do? Should you help the one in need or assist those that are attacking, or do you just stay out of it?
it's all very confusing but oh well. I guess you can't win them all right.

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Written about Tuesday 2004-06-15
Written: (5869 days ago)
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i can tell this week will be filled with nothing but anger..pure relentless anger.
if you have read the first song in my description. it has come true and i don't know what to do anymore i swear i am going to kill any and all who stand in my path.
not one soul shall be at peace for i shall probably do something far crazier than anyone could have expected.


wait i have my reason the wench that has spit in my face as i tried to help her shall pay first.
next is the one that she craves i don't really know if i can do this one but i will try.
i shall then hunt down my master and slay him and destroy any evidence that he existed


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Written about Friday 2004-06-04
Written: (5880 days ago)
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to all who may be reading to this i ask you do you sleep easy at night knowing that you are like a bomb still waiting for whatever, if so you need to know that i to am one of those people. i wait for the night to slowly rise beside me but there is a hole burning inside me from the one striking me down on my knees, and drowning me in my dreams.

but i have one question? if someone does you wrong and they belive with every inch of their being that it is their fault even though you made them that way, what do you do?

i don't know anymore, anyways i probably sound like a dork but oh well if you don't like it don't read it


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Written about Friday 2004-05-28
Written: (5887 days ago)
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to anybody who reads this hello!!
But down to business. i am not use to voiceing my thoughts to others that may read it but i will now pour my soul unto these diary entries.

I have wronged a person multipule times and convinced them that it was their fault, therefore they blamed themselves for all that has gone wrong. i feel really awful about it and i know that i most likely should, but what do you say to a person that you have convinced that they are the reson for all the wrong doings in a relationship.
i just don't know what to do anymore and i probably sound like a complete loser saying this but oh well.

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