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Written about Thursday 2009-07-02
Written: (3922 days ago)

So, I got an offer for student ambassador at my school.

This shocks me, because I'm not the most social person there.

I also don't get the best grades. I have a 3.5, but there are people with higher GPA's than that.

As well, I don't form close bonds with teachers.

All of this forces me to assume that I was considered because of my story, which I turned in last year and won an award for.

Still, it's a really fucked up story. Why would they want someone who writes things like that to be a student ambassador? Curious....

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Written about Thursday 2008-01-17
Written: (4454 days ago)

Well, ET.

I'm a give you another go.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-09-19
Written: (4574 days ago)

House....starting soon...

In a TV near me.

Like the one in my room.


Time to crank out a college essay.
*cracks knuckles*

YESSS....I am in my element.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-05-02
Written: (4714 days ago)


What's with all the creepy Narutards visiting my house lately?

There's like a frickin' gaggle of them, and they're all honing in on me.


You may not know it, but I am already counted amongst your ranks of Narutard Bretheren.

I, too, enjoy the Naruto.


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Written about Sunday 2007-03-25
Written: (4752 days ago)
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Holy COW
I'm totally going so fast-


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Written about Wednesday 2006-06-07
Written: (5043 days ago)


Mom is doing a load of whites...


Yum, yum, bleachie yumyum.

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