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Written about Friday 2007-08-10
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Bored....bored....so freaking bored! ARRRGH God do I need a job. Having no money and no car really sucks ass right now. Half the places in this dinky little town aren't even worth looking at, another 4th of the other half require you to already have experience or be specialized in a certain skill. Well, the only real skills that I've aquired over the years is a good sense of direction, and pretty good eye for grammar and a very good ability to play video games...oh, and type pretty well also. Other than that, nil on the skills part. *Growls a bit* I hate some of the places here since all they are is restaraunt and fast food places, which I would rather not have to resort to unless I had no other choice in the matter, which unfortunately seems to be more and more the case these days. *stalks off growling*

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