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Written about Thursday 2006-10-19
Written: (5354 days ago)
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every one i like like girls sem not to like me what the hell have i done am i am freek ?? i think so

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Written about Sunday 2006-10-01
Written: (5372 days ago)

Hole shit waht was i thinking why did i let her go why did i fuck up?

Most days i fell like i cant go on with out some one but mostly her but what ever i dont know what to do any more o well life gose on and ill have to finsh this later

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Written about Thursday 2006-09-28
Written: (5375 days ago)
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my life i am so lost on women i dont know any more what to do with them some of them i am faling for when all i want to do is be firends why is my heart doing this to me i dont know whats worng with me and then theres my x and she thinks we are still the way we where wne i left but we are not i need to get a way for this place i need to run fast and far why i dont know but i need want fell i need some one to hole me close kiss me deeply and love me for me why i just dont know but most of me hates all womne for this shit viki put me through and it hurts not know whats next for me i am sorry i know i normly dont like bitching but yeah her i am o well if u see the let me know if not i dont carte ok

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Written about Saturday 2005-11-26
Written: (5681 days ago)

wow thats fun in an odd way

well nothing realy to be happpy about life is the same darg as eveery feel like i am being used for sex bye this girl and being used for my muny but i no way to find out if she is and i think her dad hates me i dont know why but just the looks i get from him are not the nicest but o the a good not i am practing my relgon more doing a lot more studing i am moveing in two weeks to go to school to luren to be a welder or something like that i still love your art just leting u know that it is i cant think of a word to say but i like it a lot some times i wish i did not live in the us people her are not as open as thay are in the eu and i feel like the eu is mre home to me then any outher place o well thats al i want to type sorrry its so long

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Written about Tuesday 2005-11-22
Written: (5685 days ago)
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i get used al the time now all i ask for is a girl that love or likes me for me i have been used 4 times in the last mounth and it is pissing me off i cant tack this munch more why cant i get respct liek i desurve i treat girls like thay need to be treated like they meen the world to me and when i am dating u u do meen tohe world to me but now a days trust is a buing thing for me i ask the to be open with me and not to lie and what have thay alll done is lie to me time and time agane i am sick of it thay say i am sweet kind and nice guy that i am cute and good in bed no the bst thay have ever had and the i still get uused wtf grr can any of u hlp me figer out why i get used all the time ??? talk to me tell me its going to be ok or something thats all for nowe

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Written about Saturday 2005-08-13
Written: (5786 days ago)

a day in my life a life of hell and hurt

just people at work are being bitchs and i was so close to nocking a lot of people out to day it start when i got to work the guy the closed last night did a shit job,no water for the cutrt guys hot a hotday like to day u need cold water but there was not so ilost 1 1./2 cleeing up and geting water / then we opend and a shit storm of people came in then i had to run around in the het sweeting like crazzy helping ever fuck ass in new egleand
and all most geting run over so many times it was not funy so then i got more pissed then i whent to lunch came back had to to come work (more traning for shit i dont need to know to do my job ) so when i was doing that i was out for an houre some guy had to lod all this shit i missed he got made because i was doing my fing job and doing what i was told to do and the guy that hade the rado never listens to it so i got bitched out bye my boss for takeuing to long on the com (the programwell notlet u go faster it was half an houre program o and one cart guy was three houres late so there where no carts in side so the cart guy biched at me because i was i was not there to do my job but i was the hole time he dose the same job as me yet he is lazzy neevr gets yelled at just all that shit and yestrday my gf's x huben came over on my one day this wek i get to see my gf and got all mad at her because she did not want to go out with him or have sex with him o and he has a new gf and a new kid fucking ass i was going to kill him he hade my gf balling for two fing houres and all the shit in one big ball o and i am runing out of muny so i well be hoemles soon ................... and my x i miss more and more one more then most but w/e thats the same as every day u know i still cry for her but shell nver grow up like my gf's x maybe ill huk them up lol i know it wold be a blast to see i need a hug and to get my life up and runing soon i wel i just nee muny but whatis muny its nothing but prity stons or cloth with i pic on it its gay and yeah people kill for it think love is muny muny is whats killing thsii world and it makes me sick and i hate that mother ewrth is geting hurt bye man kind well whatthe fuck can i kid like me do idk i wish i did but well ido but ull all think i am crazzy so yeah if u want to knwo what i like to listne to right not its system of a down because thay talk abotu how the world realy is i say no morelies wel u stioll needlies but not like how natshions are doing it welli beter stop because i well just keep going and going u know there so mucn that pisses me off thes day some many people need a good asskiking u kno what i am saying .. .......... o and if u read it tewll me what u think

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Written about Saturday 2005-07-02
Written: (5828 days ago)

my cell 1 603 318 1775

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Written about Monday 2005-06-13
Written: (5847 days ago)

right now i am lost in my mid some munch in there lost confused sade cold happy at times but lost most of the time and i dont know why just lost wishing things had not hapend and i got what i dremted about now i right in this place so u dont see not like u read it because i suck at speeling and writhing and a lot more i just need to be me that what i am but no one likes it well fuck thwem i help all and if u dont like me fuck u ill kill u and no i am me i have many siodes three to be exat and one i dont even fuck with the deepset hate come for this side and if u stand in my way i well not stop till u are out of my way now if u need help dont stand in my way stand next to me and ask for help not in frunt of me i well not stop for u if u are with me then u are with me if i leve u dont think i have left u i i hate u then u dont hate me if i love u i love u if i yell at u i am sorry please there so munchh hate for this all all of it and theres love i wish to know u i and in knowing u ull know me and ill know me ...............

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Written about Friday 2005-04-29
Written: (5892 days ago)
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_____ __________________MM::MM::::::::::M:M
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________________ _______MM:::M:::::::::::::MM
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_______________________M MM:::::::::::::::::::M
_______________________MMM :::::::::::::::::::M
_______________________MMM:: :::::::::::::::::Mn
________________________MM::: ::::::::::::::::MM

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Written about Friday 2005-04-29
Written: (5892 days ago)

The other side

Do u know hate I do I know whets it’s like to be hated once u think your loved then u find ou that’s not true once u have friends then there is nothing friends well stay with u through it all but me I lose all friends why well I know why but well u listen to me I think not u know that say sticks and stones well brake my boons but words well never heart me that’s bull shit life fucking it bull shit ok why do we keep going this is shit I want to fight this why I hate this pane seeing all people hurting cutes me deep why do u keep going what’s the reason too keep going why do I cry any more what the Pont it well not bring u back to me if u did come back I think u have run fully from me this that I say type out now is hate that’s grows not of just one person just people that suck threes a lot of u out there that should die but I don’t wish that n u no dieing is to nice live my life feel what I feel then u all well know what’s its like to feel how I feel u when u ran u don’t know what I feel nor did u think its been 103 days and I am still not over u why grrrrrrrr this shit piss me off well all u people stop running what are u ruing from so what I say u suck u do u need to look at your self 1st but dose any one any more I think not grr I am so mad now its no longer crying fuck crying in ever get any thing well what am I going to do I don’t know maybe u can tell me o yeah ull say o get a life well if u say that I am going to say how about u get one and stop fucking your self get a fucking job people grr this shit I am sick of it all this running m

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Written about Sunday 2004-06-20
Written: (6205 days ago)
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ok people i got this its not love that was lost it was just a good friend

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Written about Saturday 2004-06-19
Written: (6206 days ago)

fuck this god or who evre this thing u call love is not made for me

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Written about Wednesday 2004-05-05
Written: (6251 days ago)

ya so like to day suked hahaha

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