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Written about Friday 2005-04-29
Written: (5741 days ago)

The other side

Do u know hate I do I know whets it’s like to be hated once u think your loved then u find ou that’s not true once u have friends then there is nothing friends well stay with u through it all but me I lose all friends why well I know why but well u listen to me I think not u know that say sticks and stones well brake my boons but words well never heart me that’s bull shit life fucking it bull shit ok why do we keep going this is shit I want to fight this why I hate this pane seeing all people hurting cutes me deep why do u keep going what’s the reason too keep going why do I cry any more what the Pont it well not bring u back to me if u did come back I think u have run fully from me this that I say type out now is hate that’s grows not of just one person just people that suck threes a lot of u out there that should die but I don’t wish that n u no dieing is to nice live my life feel what I feel then u all well know what’s its like to feel how I feel u when u ran u don’t know what I feel nor did u think its been 103 days and I am still not over u why grrrrrrrr this shit piss me off well all u people stop running what are u ruing from so what I say u suck u do u need to look at your self 1st but dose any one any more I think not grr I am so mad now its no longer crying fuck crying in ever get any thing well what am I going to do I don’t know maybe u can tell me o yeah ull say o get a life well if u say that I am going to say how about u get one and stop fucking your self get a fucking job people grr this shit I am sick of it all this running m

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Written about Sunday 2004-06-20
Written: (6054 days ago)
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ok people i got this its not love that was lost it was just a good friend

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Written about Saturday 2004-06-19
Written: (6055 days ago)

fuck this god or who evre this thing u call love is not made for me

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Written about Wednesday 2004-05-05
Written: (6100 days ago)

ya so like to day suked hahaha

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Written about Thursday 2004-04-08
Written: (6127 days ago)

life is a bitch and ya thjats it

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