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Written about Wednesday 2004-05-12
Written: (5668 days ago)
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hmm first time ive written a proper entry in here i usually right in my ohter diary but im compelled to ladywood wrote i was knight in shining armour am i? ive done a lot of things in my past some im not too proud of am i truly deserving to be called a knight i wonder, i just help ppl like we are all supposed too so i care for others without caring for reward does this makes me a knight? have i earned my redemption or am i foever dammned? i dont know but i stand in the light now foerever guarding myself and other aginst harm, i lived in the shadow being light for others can someone be the light for me!!!! sorry if this weirds anyone out ive having a rough day and just running words off my head to make me feel better

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Written about Thursday 2004-02-05
Written: (5765 days ago)

if you are interested in the silent thoughts and musings of lttle old moi checkout knightslostdreams on www.onlinediary.com *note you need to have a dairy on there to see mine ok bye now *bows*

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