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Written about Thursday 2004-04-01
Written: (5805 days ago)

Dear Diary,

Alrighty, I ACTUILLY have something to add to me diary. 'Tis a miracle! lol... soooo... on me way home today, me dad and I went on to our road to get home. We noticed a bird walking in the road, (either a turkey or a turkey buzzard, but more then likely a turkey). Wish to know what me da' did?
Here's the scene, woods, lonely back-road, sun-setting. The bird walking calmly along the road. Us in me dad's ugly pea soup colored car.
Upon seeing the bird, dad starts speeding up, AND LAUGHING LIKE A MANIAC, WIGGLING ALL OVER THE BLOODY ROAD!!!

"Yep. I sure did. And if I had hit the bird, my dear daughter would be plucking it right now instead of writing in her online diary... "  - Me Dad

Don't ye hate it when they suddenly sneak up on yeh when your in the midst of talking about them? ~Sighs~

Oh, there's also the fact that me sister says that Black Cherry Water is possesed.. Or at least one bottle is.. She got spewed two times by the same bottle at two different times.. First time she was annoyed, but laughing... second time she was in me mum's car on the way to school... needless to say, she didn't go.

Soooo there's J'ssem's stories for the day

Love ya'll

J'ssem The Cat Mistress

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Written about Monday 2004-03-15
Written: (5822 days ago)

So I'm terrible at these things.. my personal diary was lonely because I didn't write in it either... *Coughs* Alright... Started drawing a better Mia'Tip pic! You WILL see the Mighty Gauntlet!! I promise!!! Heh... I hope... *Whimpers*

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Written about Sunday 2004-02-15
Written: (5851 days ago)

Hey people, Happy V-Day!

So today hasn't been the greatest, rain of V-day... when you don't have a valentine.. *Sighs* very depressing. But! I'm actuilly in a fairly good mood. Hey, if anyone has a picture idea, let me know, head's dead (rhymns!) for ideas.

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Written about Wednesday 2004-02-11
Written: (5855 days ago)

Well people of elfwood,

I wish ya'll'd (yeah red-neck lingo) come visit my poor gallery, it looks kinda empty, the pictures not the How ya do thing at the bottom of the screen. About ready to scan in COLORED Pretty Kitty, as well as half a dozen new piccies. Well.. that's about it for today

Love all yah,

PS. Neopet people? Look me up! Same name ^_^

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