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Written about Thursday 2007-06-07
Written: (4778 days ago)
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Someone is interested in our house!!! =D Now if we can just get them to offer us up a contract! *rubs hands together greedily* I am so excited! =9

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Written about Friday 2007-05-18
Written: (4799 days ago)

This 4th tournament of EVE will be the last one until further notice. [Evilmonk] and I are in the process of selling our house and buying a new one out of state - coupled with work, packing, getting the house ready, etc. I just won't have time to devote to running this contest. I'm sure someone would gladly step up to take the reigns, but to be honest, this is our baby, we don't want to hand it over to anyone else. So, until further notice, EVE Tournament 4 will be the last one for now. When we re-open the battle arena we will be revamping a couple of things, we will adhere VERY strictly to rules with no exceptions, and we may also need some volunteers to look over various portions of the contest (i.e. Gambler's Den, Gallery, badges, etc.). So, very many thanks to everyone who has participated thus far, making this more of a success than we anticipated - and thank you to everyone who may still hold an interest in EVE when we return!
Stay tuned! ^_^

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Written about Friday 2007-05-11
Written: (4805 days ago)
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This goes out to my pals [Rennie] and [TheRogue]...
Shredded Wheaaaat!

and just craaaaaaaaazy... my arms hurt just watching this one:
and to really make up feel like feebs at the Hero:
but at least we're not THIS guy:

and uh just...because it's...cute... in a disturbing cross-species, S&M kind of way:

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Written about Wednesday 2007-04-18
Written: (4828 days ago)
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Stolen from someone who saw it first at [Lothuriel]'s house, but then ended up taking it from [MisLuck], who took if from [Lothuriel], who took it from [Lerune] who took it from [Ariandra]...

A) 4 Names people call you:
1. Peanut
2. Princess
3. Tina
4. Plex

B) 4 places you have lived:
1. Baltimore
2. Bethesda
3. Silver Spring

C) 4 jobs you have had in your life:
1. Chef
2. Innkeeper
3. Data Entry
4. Waitress

D) 4 movies you could watch over and over:
1. LotR Trilogy
2. The Matrix
3. Aliens
4. Dawn of the Dead

E) 4 TV shows you love to watch: (at the moment on TV)
1. Firefly
2. Deadwood
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Rome

F) 4 Places you have been on vacation:
1. Ohio
2. Florida
3. France
4. Japan

G) 4 websites you visit daily (or semi-weekly):
1. http://elftown.lysator.liu.se
2. www.google.com
3. www.gmail.google.com
4. http://www.allgamesallfree.com/BloodTale/home.php?

H) 4 of your favorite foods:
1. sushi
2. nachos
3. prime rib
4. crab cake

I) 4 things you are allergic to:
1. cats
2. dogs
3. pollen
4. mold

J) 4 of your siblings names (if you have any):
1. Alicia (half-sister)
2. Walter (step-brother)
3. Nathan (brother-in-law)
4. Amber (sister-in-law)

K) 4 places you would love to travel to:
1. New Zealand
2. Japan
3. Ireland
4. France

L) 4 of your pets:
1. Django
2. Unagi
3. E.D. Munkey
4. Loki and Miho (couldn't leave one out!)

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Written about Monday 2007-03-05
Written: (4872 days ago)
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My apologies to any unanswered messages from my friends here. I've just fallen so out of touch with things on here... it feels pretty weird posting and messaging now for some reason. Maybe it has something to do with not drawing for so long... maybe I feel guilty? Unworthy of being part of an 'artistic community' or something? =/
Well, I shall try to get over whatever the hell it is. Draw something. Answer messages. Participate. Be productive. *Shrug* We'll see how it goes. =B I'm quite good at rallying myself one moment and then immediately laying in bed to play the Xbox 360....
But, for now, I am off to work (that's the problem! if I didn't have to go to work, I'd have time to play video games, draw, AND keep up with all you fine people on ELftown!) ^_^

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Written about Thursday 2007-02-22
Written: (4884 days ago)
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Miho didn't like being called O-Ren, so after much discussion she told us to call her Miho instead. Or, just Princess is fine, too. Just don't call her late for dinner (or Loki will eat it ALL the little fat lumpkin that he is!).

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Written about Wednesday 2007-02-21
Written: (4884 days ago)
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Call it a blessing or a curse that we work at an animal shelter... I'm not sure. But I think we are officially "crazy cat people" now, with our feline population numbering five. Two new residents joined us last night. 9 month old Siamese brother and sister we have named Loki and O-Ren. They are confined to the office for now, introductions with our other three kitties being made under the door. Maybe we'll do some face to face, one on one later this week, but for the moment, they are still busy smelling every inch of the new home. Kitty pictures sure to be posted in the near future!

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Written about Tuesday 2006-12-05
Written: (4963 days ago)
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Saw Tenacious D in concert last night... they rocked... so hard...
A really amazing job musically with hilarity ensuing in between songs, as was expected; an awesome stage show that included a backup band with Charlie Chaplin on bass, Col. Sanders on drums, and the Anti-Christ on electric guitar; a rock-off against the Satan to save Kyle from becoming the devil's sex slave; a large dancing mushroom; bong hits; electrocution; and Lee revealing more talent then I knew he possessed.  All in all a fucking AWESOME evening. For souvenirs, we got a black thermal D shirt and a brown "Cleavland Steamers" hoodie. 
Anyone out there a Steamers fan? =D

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Written about Tuesday 2006-11-21
Written: (4976 days ago)
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Time to go buy the ingredients for the pumpkin cheesecake I promised to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.
I wanna play Oblivion...

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Written about Friday 2006-11-10
Written: (4988 days ago)
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Went in for my working interview at the animal shelter and they hired me - YAHOO! =D It will be so nice to go into work with my husband, [Evilmonk], have the same hours, and maybe even get a break or two with him during the day. Not to mention only having to drive one car! 
It was a lot of information to absorb at once - especially since I have no prior knowledge of animal medical procedures, medications or vaccinations. But they said I done good, and they wanna train me, so I am more than willing to do my best to learn the ropes. Oh and yay for health insurance and benefits *thumbs up*

bigger yay for not having to wait tables anymore =P

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Written about Monday 2006-11-06
Written: (4991 days ago)
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I am heading off to give 2 weeks notice at my current place of employment. *happy dance* I am sick of waiting tables. It was a nice experience, and one I am glad I had, but I am tired of people thinking they are better than me, being overly demanding, or rolling their eyes at me when I am busting my goddamn ass for them. All for what is usually a meager tip. Don't get me wrong - not all customers are bad, and there are even some really nice regulars I will miss. And there are times when people have left me a ridiculously large tip that made me want to run out to the parking lot and wave and scream thank you! But overall, people are shit. And this experience as solidified my position that people are SHIT, save for a few gems scattered here and there. 
Don't think I haven't prepared another job though before tossing in my waitress apron. The MD SPCA Animal Shelter where my husband, [Evilmonk], works has offered me a job! So, I get to occasionally see my baby at work on breaks maybe =} and have pretty much the same schedule and days off. How awesome is that?! And it will be much more rewarding to work with and for animal welfare than some shitty customer who lives to complain.

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Written about Saturday 2006-11-04
Written: (4994 days ago)
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Because, like, y'know, everyone's doing it...

Chosen band: Pink Floyd
1. Are you male or female?: Mother
2. Describe yourself: Shine on You Crazy Diamond
3. How do some people feel about you?: Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. How do you feel about yourself?: Brain Damage
5. Describe your family?: Wish You Were Here
6. Where would you rather be?: Yet Another Movie
7. Describe what you want to be: Money
8. Describe how you live: Another Brick In The Wall
9. Describe how you love: Happiest Days of Our Lives
10. Describe what you hate: The Dogs of War

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Written about Monday 2006-10-30
Written: (4999 days ago)
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Hm this movie trailer looks good - anyone know anything about it?

and this looks nice and creepy... I love a good ghost story:




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Written about Thursday 2006-10-26
Written: (5002 days ago)
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December 3rd - Tenacious D at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia... who's got tickets?!??! WE DO WE DO WE DO!!!! *flaps arms wildly and flies around the room*

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Written about Wednesday 2006-10-25
Written: (5003 days ago)
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I am the luckiest wife in the whole wide world =}
I come home to 2 dozen red roses, candles, dinner, and the house is clean! Does it get any better than that? What's the occaision? I dunno... it's Wednesday? Like I said, I'm just really, really incredibly lucky to be married to such a wonderful man. *sappy sigh*

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Written about Monday 2006-10-23
Written: (5005 days ago)
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Anyone who is a fan of B-movie, horror, gore-fest with lots of laughs and one-liners, you should definitely go check out "Feast" which is on DVD now. It was such a pleasant surprise when we watched it the other night. There were so many laugh out loud moments. This is an absolute gem of a movie!


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Written about Monday 2006-10-23
Written: (5005 days ago)

D'OH! We totally forgot we had something to do today...
As we were getting ready to head out the door for our DC Fun Day... we got a phone call from the technicians who are hooking our televisions up to Neilsen ratings boxes. Damn, we totally spaced out on that... =B
So, as of today, we are an Oh-ficial Neilsen Family lol which is funny because we get three channels with our rabbit ears on the tv downstairs, which we watch maybe once every four months for about 30 minutes. The upstairs tv is hooked up to either the DVD player or a game console. But it's still $50 every 6 months I think *shrug* so let 'em gather their data. It won't be much =)

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Written about Monday 2006-10-23
Written: (5005 days ago)

It's so nice and brisk today - in the 40s - it really feels wintery! I'm loving it (though I wish I could find some thermal pants to wear, my buttcheeks is so chilly!). We are going to go down to Washington DC today, visit the National Zoo and hopefully see the panda and cheetah cubs *crosses fingers* Always a sure bet for entertainment is the Great Ape house. I loves me the gorillas. For some reason the big silver backs make me feel especially sad though. They look so bored and demeaned... you can see it in their eyes... =/ I know the zookeepers take really good care of them all, but it is just no comparison to being in the wild (even though it is probably much safer for them and they live much longer). 
Afterwards, we are going to Georgetown to meet my Dad who is coming in from Paris this afternoon, and my Aunt and Uncle (the other half of my liver heheh) for dinner. Matt and I have vowed not to eat anything today until dinner - when we anticipate eating our weight in steak. *burp*

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