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Written about Sunday 2006-10-22
Written: (5036 days ago)

"The darkness of pain"

"What is this darkness I have come to live in,this pain
All I've known around me has faded to memory,all is lost
I can't even remember when I lost it,my tears fall like rain
I wish I could bring it back,even for a minute,at any cost"

"I always see people laughing,enjoying their life,their joys
seeing it angers me,I want all that was taken,to be happy
people like me are no longer important,tossed away like toys
maybe one day,someway somehow,someone will see,someone will notice,the darkness,the pain.....inside of me"

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Written about Friday 2006-01-20
Written: (5312 days ago)

"Dreams of Love" by Nick*sweetheartman* 2005

Cold as Ice
"Forever I've dreamed of paradise"

As old as stone
"A place where I'm never alone

Quiet as a stream
"I ask myself if it's just a dream"

Soft like an angels hair
"Through the darkness I can see you there"

Deeper than any fear
"I sensed a familar glow as you drew near"

As beautiful as the nightsky
"Feeling your touch gives me a feeling I can't deny"

Mysterious as Mars
"because in your eye's I see beautiful stars"

As common as an untied shoe
"Like a world forgotten by time I could get lost in you"

Hotter than any fire
"Your kiss revives my soul,spinning in circles I become tangled with desire"

As deadly as a snake bite
"Holding you throughout the cold and chillfull night"

As sweet as wine
"Our hearts dance and begin to merge and intertwine"

Wet like a solem tear
"At that moment my purpose with you became all so clear"

Like a bright lucent beam
"For me you are the only one,this cannot possibly be any form of a dream"

Tasty and sweet like a cake
"My love will always be here for you to take"

Slippery like a water slide
"Forever will I stay with you at your side"

Like a marble small and round
"With me you shall be protected from harm,always safe and sound"

More timeless than Infinity
"because I need you and your gentle love,not for life on earth,but for eternity"

By:Nick C 2005

please rate or comment as this poem took me a long time to think of and write,thanks much =o)

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