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Written about Sunday 2006-02-19
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wow im preparing for a busy week next week. Starting next Saturday, im flying to Cardiff, stay over one night in hotel, then Carling Cup Final the next day, Man Utd vs Wigan, my first man utd game in 3 years, pretty excited bout that! unfortunately even though i was supposed to stay over again that night i have to take a flight back that night at 8.45pm because i have my driving test at 10am the next day. Then back to normal on tuesday, pretty normal day but then on wednesday im off work again and up to glasgow for Scotland vs Switzerland, only a friendly but im a diehard tartan army follower so cant disapoint them or myself by not going! havent missed a scotland home game for 2 years! then stay at my step-mums that night, back home first thing in the morning, but have to go in to work in afternoon. I hope my body can survive the next 2 weeks!

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Written about Friday 2006-02-03
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Well its that time of year again, The annual Edinburgh association of referee conference. Wooo! Means im away all weekend watching and talking about football and get trashed at the same time. Last year was amazing, i cant wait for the summer when Scotland is the host for the world conference at St Andrews with all uefa registered refs attending except the ones that will be at the World cup. Leaving tonight, back Monday morning!

Anyway, i wanted to talk about films, i watched quite a few over the last few days and heres what i thought of them

Just Friends - This is an absolute classic, funniest film of the year no doubt. Amy Smart is so hot!

The Ringer - You have to be really fucked up to enjoy this, and naturally i did, Jonny Knoxville plays a convincing retard because i thought he was a retard anyway. The plot was a little far out though, wasnt Lin a little to forgiving?

Cry Wolf - Best film of the year, so many twists, this will keep you on the edge of your seat, so much suspicion toward everyone, Dodger is cunning and beautiful (you may have also seen her as the innocent girl in Dawn of the Dead) also features a role with Bon Jovi who plays a teacher whos fucking Dodger and a local slut. No need for the english dude though, he should have been scottish.

Underworld Evolution - OMFG! watch the sex scene, Kate Beckinsale is my ultimate fantasy and her body is so divine! Scott Speedman is a lucky SOB! great film as i love vampires! Better than the first one. (But Kate, mmmmmmmmm!)

Big Mommas House 2 - Just got it, will get around to it next week.


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Written about Sunday 2005-12-04
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I just want to say that i love my girlfriend so much, Laura is the best thing to happen in my life, when i was at an all time low, she was there and helped me get back to myself (unintentionally), but she is the world to me, i have a lot of love and respect for her, i want to be with her the rest of my life. If shell have me! but thats the way i feel right now. Thats how good its going! i dont know where id be without her! I love you laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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