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Written about Wednesday 2005-07-13
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This is my Character, let me know if shes ok, and if she were real, you would hang out with her.

Character Name:



Appearance:Short white hair, Skin tone is a peachy pink color, Pink noise, pink paw pads, pinkish ears but mostly white, Mysterious Blue eyes, Height-5', Weight-100lb, Wardrobe- A black collar with white diamonds on it and a light blue name tag, to match her eyes, that says Grace. Great smile, Very Sharp claws and teeth. Sexy looking.
Skills:Sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch, all sensitive, meaning very good sences. Very fast, Silent and loud, sneaky.

Personality:Loves to be just her self nothing else, although she likes to pretend shes older then she really is. She is a nice cat, sometimes in a seductive mind, mostly when men are around. She can be real good sometimes, and can be really bad sometimes, but mostly good. Loves to play with almost anything. Does not like mean living beings. Likes to fight for the greater good or whatever. Doesn't get mad too often but when she does, watch out. She loves kids as if they were her own, kids of all races and ages. She does not like water, as most cat don't like water exsept for drinking. She loves to talks about her master, of how he was and taught her about the world and what you can do with it. Loves chicken and turkey, hates fish or anything seafood, it makes her sick.

History:Born in a country called Sancristabull, into a rolyal family. At the age of 6, got separated from her family. On the way to America, a man in black kidnapped her. After the ship got to the docks in Ocean city, NJ. Grace escapped him and ran as fast as she could away from him. When she was 8, she meet an old wisord and he helped her develop her magic with in. She only knew him as master or teacher. She didn't really learn much just the basices because the wisord died when she was 10, she misses him greatly. After that, shes been trying to find someone to teach her more about her abilities. She has been roamming the entier country and she finaly came across a land called Elftown. There she meet a women who showed her the way to Jashnia. The women told her there she would find what she been looking for.  

Other:Weaknesses-anything seafood like, water and children. Alignment: True Neutral.

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