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Written about Thursday 2007-10-18
Written: (4609 days ago)

I slit my throat.
Did you notice i feel silent?
I know you did.
When you walk away
the light in my life disappears with you
You see my love and dedication to you now?
It will never end.
My love, i cant get over you
I fall in love over and over
every time i see your face,
I fall in love.
This i have to say to you
Stay Gold. Just Stay Gold.

Love you always Tara.

Your Beloved William. *chuu*

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Written about Saturday 2007-09-22
Written: (4635 days ago)
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I feel dead inside
I dont like this feeling.
I need her.
Do you think i'm too dependent?
I want her.
Stupid collage.

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