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Written about Tuesday 2005-06-07
Written: (5587 days ago)
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we got to work on our best project yet - our new band. me - lyrics and backup guitar, pomme- bass, kyle- lead guitar. we need a drummer, but the band is going so well after about three practices, were thinking of playing at the arts festival, or maybe even live at cooper. YES!!!!!

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Written about Sunday 2005-06-05
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Written about Saturday 2005-05-28
Written: (5598 days ago)

its half term. joy. i get a week off school, but living in the shitty little village that i do i wont see too many people. fuck fuck fuck IM BORED.

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Written about Friday 2005-05-06
Written: (5619 days ago)


Missing: </huge>
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Written about Tuesday 2005-04-26
Written: (5629 days ago)

Lois Gave Me A Great Idea......I NEED SOME PENICILLIN!!!!

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Written about Monday 2005-04-11
Written: (5645 days ago)

i come home tomorrow, finally, im so sick of this holiday

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