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2004-12-03 18:58:58
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Welcome to the den in which writers can discuss screw ups, their wasted lives, their successes, glory, and failure. (hell I am so optimistic). 
   There will be many sections to this site once I have got my act together and chucked the thumping migrane that is threatening to black out my vision. But until then you'll have to content yourself with what's here.

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Username: [Estantia] (did you seriously think I wouldn't turn up?)
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   Firstly (and probably most importantly)
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writers'den stuck in the mud to treat all forms of writer's block, no prescription required.
(well I'll come to that later)

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2004-12-16 [Estantia]: writing, writing... writing the day away...

2005-06-16 [Erestor]: This is a good idea, if your a serious writer you may want to contact [font] about joining WritersCo

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