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Wiki Fantasy Roleplay

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Fantasy
RPGs, Wikis, Stories and Games


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators


The first and official RPG Guild of Elftown.

See Also: The Wiki Sci-fi Roleplay
Part of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay Creative Writing and RPG Guild


Welcome to the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay. This fantasy nook has been set up as an escape for all you other avid roleplayers out there who are also avid wikiers. If you're a rook to the WFR - Wiki Fiction Roleplay - you'll want to know a bit about what exactly it is we do here, no?

The Wiki Fantasy Roleplay's main aim is to give all advanced roleplayers in Elftown a chance to roleplay fantasy with others like them.

This is an ongoing roleplay, meaning that good Roleplayers will naturally post setting-storylines throughout. Please remember that you will be playing the same character in the same environement, maintaining relationships with other characters over an extended period of time. If you are in two places at once, it should be made apparent what time it is , in contrast with other wiki posts, and how you got from each place to the other. I feel this is the best way to roleplay. Hopefully we will be able to get some sort of a mass-wiki plot developing, but for now we're just going to roleplay in a more or less basic fantasy/medieval roleplay environment.

The WFR was originally created to house only original fantasy roleplaying.

Now, with the help of [Nightshadow], the WSFR, our sci-fi sister site, is now ready to work toward the future goals of storytellers here on Elftown!


Character Page

Interested in joining? This page includes everything you need to know about applying, including links to the app page, the formidable list of accepted players, and tips on character creation.
See also: WFR Application Page, The League of Accepted Characters and the new WFR Guild Members Page, Rank Page/WFR CHAR Rank Page, Species Page/ WFR CHAR Race Page, Creature_List

Text Adventures, WFR Games and WFR Quests

Yup. This is where all the magic happens. From the Realms of Lemire to Jashnia, Dysphasia, and other Guild-supported games, these pages links some of the finest and most diverse play in Elftown. If you're interested in making your well-developed roleplaying game part of the Guild, this is where to start planting the seeds for good wiki stories and games!

Role Playing for Dummies, Androntel Academy, and the RPG Library

These pages contain links to useful how-to pages, featuring tips for beginning to advanced roleplayers, among other useful tidbits of information. (Pirate terminology? Don't understand D&D alignments? Step right up!)
Also see the full list of

WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs


Until recently, a mostly-forgotten page about... what else? Chatting with other WFR guild members!
Rather than having elaborate conversations in pure squidgie talk (^_^ , o.O , X.x, >.> , :P , wut r u doin today?(or IRC) , etc.) you can keep crazy conversations to this page, unless you prefer to use the comments section for blabber.... which I don't.
WFR and WSFR members are welcome to chat their days away on this page, either in comments, or in crazy in-person roleplay. Anyone with an interest in roleplaying, guild membership, or fun wikis can come and converse on this page without fear of feeling unwelcome or inadequate. Ask questions, find new wiki stories, or just babble like a crazy monkey on this page.

PLEASE CHECK OUT AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE CREATURE_LIST!!! The WFR Char RACE Page and WFR Char RANK Page are now in progress. All Race pages will be formatted similar to the Human Races page, and D&D-termed Classes will be integrated into Ranks and Titles.

See the WFR Renovations and Updates

(Page and auxilliary pages are consistently under construction and renovation until further notice. Check page version 120 to search for missing info. -[Nightshadow])


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2004-10-10 [xido]: Page has been updated... and all the bolds have finally been fixed. *sigh* I'm including the Lemirian Arena as an experimental wiki because of its gladiator-style roleplay style and setting. I consider it a CONCEPT wiki.

2004-10-10 [xido]: I'm also making an official job of archiving WFR wiki campaigns and stories, as well as looking for FEATURED WIKIS to post on this page. I would like all or most of the League members to message me with their nominations for Featured Wikis. Send me a list of your watched pages, if needed. I don't mind. I want a good list for the WFR to post. HOMEWORK FOR GUILD MEMBERS: Message me with wikis you enjoy to read or play in! Send a list of watched pages if you would like, and tell others to do the same! Take your time, this will be ongoing, but IMPORTANT. It's time for a good list of settings for all of the guild. Thanks! -will  x.o

2004-10-10 [Tal Anduril]: *points to red letters at top* (W</b>iki Fantasy Roleplay)

2004-10-10 [xido]: damn! thanks. FINALLY!!!!!!

2004-10-10 [Tal Anduril]: eh?

2004-10-16 [CrystalBlaze]: hey what i miss

2004-10-18 [xido]: a regrouping.... Still looking for more to include on the page....

2004-10-23 [Maedilynn]: Haha I started these pages so long ago. Way to go everyone... way to keep things up and running. I'm so glad this turned out to be so popular and successful even when I wasn't here.

2004-10-23 [Nightshadow]: *scratches head* I always thought xido started them. My bad! ^_^;;

2004-10-25 [Blood Raven]: :P that's because xido is omnipresent, probably ;)

2004-10-29 [Nevermore.]: ok! ppl! this wiki has been nomanited in the elftown awards for best wiki it hasent won yet so you must vote or it may not win! how to vote

2004-11-03 [CrystalBlaze]: hey

2004-11-19 [Mordigen]: Ok -- I have a few questions. 1-- what exactly is this. I've looked at it a huge number of times, and at times I think it's an actual guild, and then other times it seems like just one big RP itself. So which is it? 2--I've been interested in joining if it is a guild (im still not 100% clear on that) and if so, how do I manage to join 3 -- even if you guys will not let me join, do you mind if I advertise a few of my wiki's here? I know I'm not a member but I know how popular this wiki is and how influencial it is and I was curious if you would mind a little friendle advertising -- Ie, you let me advertise, and i will show my thanks and appreciation throu links, recomendations and thank-you

2004-11-19 [Mordigen]: (cont...) notice with links on my wiki's back to here, because I only think that is fair if you ask someone if you can link on their page

2004-11-19 [Nightshadow]: 1 - This is guild, which sponsors games for its members to allow for high-level play after an application process. Gotta have something to do with the little guild doesn't get you into bars. I've tried. It's a guild/game listing.

2004-11-19 [Nightshadow]: 2 - Visit the WFR Application Page and do all that it asks for.

2004-11-19 [xido]: This is both a guild and a method of promoting creative, player-run wiki games. We try to make open rp wikis available to all people, and in the hopes that people will join the guild of advanced roleplayers, which requires only a single advanced, detailed character description of a viable roleplaying charcter. To join the guild, apply with such a character description on the WFR Application Page, with a char description, using the template provided on that page. After acceptance, your username and character will be listed on The League of Accepted Characters by one of our mods, as a member of the RPG Guild of Elftown, and the WFR rp world.

2004-11-19 [Nightshadow]: 3 - It would be nice if you were to join first and advertise later, (or so I believe the precedent goes,) but it's nice that you're offering reciprocality, so message [xido] to ask about advertising.

2004-11-19 [xido]: damn, we're too good....the damned both of us....

2004-11-19 [Mordigen]: but that does not help me at all --- I didn't want to Join an RP at all --- I *host* RPs, I wanted to join a place where I could become a member with a large group of other fellow hosts where a sort of ring could be formed to help promote each others RP', in fact, this is not a guild at all....this is just yet another RP, just with a misleading name. So sorry, I misunderstood... I was hoping to find some support but there is yet to be a place in ET for RP support

2004-11-19 [Nightshadow]: *snickers* Oh yeah. You're killing my wiki-changes/comments list, though. @_@ *doing all she can to work through* Though I guess you're familiar with this concept. ;)

2004-11-19 [Nightshadow]: This is a guild. Primarily a player's guild. This place has been really good about being a link to outside games. Tales of the:..., Realms of Lemire, and Realms of Lemire Arena are all "outside" games linked here. To the best of my knowledge, you're not going to find anything closer to a game listing in Elftown.

2004-11-19 [Nightshadow]: Though, actually, I've been meaning to create one for the last three weeks. I've just been too busy.

2004-11-19 [Mordigen]: Yes, but then to get that, I would then have to join here and be thrown head first into the RP.....when I didn't want to join an RP, I wanted to join a Guild .... It's just frustrating is all, I don't mean to keep going on. I'm simply frustrated because I just wanted a place where I could relate and get support while also finding some other interesting wiki projects and RPs to watch without having to be forced into actually joining their own before getting that support......which I'm not meaning to sound like I'm just picking on you, every wiki I've looked at so far has done the same thing

2004-11-19 [Leara]: I've been a member here for over a year, and I've only participated in maybe two rp's here. So you don't have to be thrown into a rp nesessarly(sp?), its good for when you decide you want somewhere to rp, then you can just go through, ask around and find somewhere your character fits.

2004-11-19 [xido]: Text Adventures is about the only place that you will find such a mundane ring of advertising, and even then it is not as formally put-together as the WFR is. I'm not sure what else could even be done to promote player-made wikis than what we have done here... I can't even get more people to give me the names of the wikis they play on, so as far as not advertising id concerned, it is not of my own, nor any of our moderators' shortcomings. This guild is about as close as you're going to come to whatever it is that you expect. The fact remains that your character description merely gets you into the guild. From there, players are aloud to post their own lands and wikis unhindered.

2004-11-19 [xido]: 'Allowed', in fact. :P A character application is a viable test for membership, and to be a member is to be both a player and a storyteller, which means that land and world creation is indeed part of your job, if you so choose.... I'm not sure what else could be done beyond that.

2004-11-19 [Mordigen]: So I could join, using the charact app. merely as a way to measure my skills, and I wont have to necessarily RP if something does not interest me without breaking any of the Rules, and still will be able to get the same support and Advertisement from the other guild members (support that is) ?

2004-11-21 [Mordigen]:


This wiki has been featured on the ET Fantasy RP Guilds Guild Supported RPs page~~

2004-11-22 [Blood Raven]: It's not like we check every player on the WFR if they're playing or not. It's possible to GM games and create own kingdoms and stuff. But xido goes about that stuff, and you'd have to be a member, I think.

2005-01-11 [xido]: Mordigen, you have it down precisely. The char application is only to prove that you have the grammar, desire and maturity necessary for roleplay, and what you do with the title of guildship is up to your creativity to decide..... As for advertising, if you make a wiki of your own, upon becoming a member, your wiki could potentially find a place on this page's list of guild member wikis, along with the rest of the WFR sites... No worries.

2005-01-16 [CrystalBlaze]: me got to get on more

2005-01-29 [Mysterious Jessie]: hey peoples!

2005-02-04 [xido]: How's it going? See the WFR CHAT and The league of Accepted Characters

2005-02-04 [Amerity]: .....*snails pace*....hello all. Guess I better say something stead of acting like I ain't here. hehe.

2005-02-16 [Cougar]: I just noticed something guys... on this page there are NO links to the acual roleplaying areas.. o.O

2005-02-16 [Nightshadow]: "The Fantasy portion of the WFR is concentrated on The Lands of Jashnia"

2005-02-16 [Mordigen]: ah, alright, thankyou -- i think i understand it better now, sorry for taking so long to reply ^_^ I'll think about it some more, as i'm not sure when exactly i'll have the time to do the app. because of my work schedule right now, but thankyou for explaining better :)

2005-02-16 [xido]: I think this whole page needs a good revamping.... got any extra time, Ems? I have no clue exactly how I want it to appear, but I know that the RP portion has never stood out to me when I look at it.... What ideas do you have for fixing it other than big bold or colored font? mayhaps an image...? I need to be doing more drawings... thus far the only new one scanned in is the Lands of Qor.... And even that one isn't the final copy... I still need one with geography on it. As for Tearra Réhm, the map is still in progress, but layed out. Eastonia's only update is an actual northern-orientation map...but the same thing. Though I now have a rendition of what Ionnya looked like

2005-02-17 [Nightshadow]: No prob...I don't have a good enough understanding of the maps to screw with those, but I'll try to rearrange this first page. ^_^

2005-02-22 [xido]: Beautiful and informative, Emily, you're a professional genius, and I think you deserve a raise! I will give you three hundred percent of what I am currently paying you, and full benefits of the guild included! I think that sounds just cheesey. x.op Thank you for the revamp and updates... the earlier page version is a nice tool to add.... just in case someone gets lost in a flurry of confusion.... :)

2005-02-22 [Nightshadow]: Three hundred percent? *sniffle* I'm so happy! TT_TT And no problem...sorry I'm behind schedule in finishing. Biiig project turned in today.

2005-02-23 [Lexicon]: *applauds ferverently for Nightshadow* wow huge raise....gasp at the $$

2005-02-27 [Nightshadow]: Isn't it generous? XD Phew...the games page is mostly finished, leaving only the library page (and maybe later cleanups on other pages later) to go. The library shouldn't take that long, hopefully...

2005-03-20 [Mia the mermaid22]: I want to jion the rpg.

2005-03-20 [Nightshadow]: Please read the page...joining info is linked above. :)

2005-03-20 [Mia the mermaid22]: I read it now where do I go.

2005-03-20 [Nightshadow]: Did you read the link that says beneath it: "This page includes everything you need to know about applying"? ^_^;

2005-03-20 [Nightshadow]: Ah. I see you've commented there, too. Well, keep going. The application page is linked from the character page.

2005-03-20 [Mia the mermaid22]: Where is that?

2005-03-20 [Nightshadow]: Please read through the links on the character page, which you've already commented on.

2005-03-21 [xido]: o.O  I'm worried about this one......  x.op

2005-03-22 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... I'm worried too...

2005-03-25 [Lexicon]: extremely worried indeed :P

2005-03-25 [Raerlas]: .....not gonna say anything...gonna be nice here..

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: Ok, so we basickly rollplay here. May I join? And if so we can have any type of Char we want correct

2005-03-28 [Nightshadow]: Please read the page...joining info is linked above. :)

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: Okies

2005-03-28 [Leara]: I'll point out proper grammar and spelling is very much appreciated in roleplaying. >.>

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: I know, I'm not in rolplaying at the time so I talk in chatspeak. On the spelling part, I cant help if i spell somthing wrong. I have dislexia (Yes I relise that it is spelled wrong too)

2005-03-28 [Leara]: Thats why spellcheck is a wonderful program. :P Or keeping a dictionary on hand, like me, I'd die without it.

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: Heh. I went to the join page and it is being edited so i cant put in my info shoul I send it to one of the owners?

2005-03-28 [Leara]: No, wait and a few minutes and check the page again, that just means someone else is adding to it at the moment. If you watch the page, it'll tell you when its editted.

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: ok.

2005-03-28 [Nightshadow]: For the record, my best friend pwns my spelling most days, and she's very dyslexic. ^_^ *ish proud of her*

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: Heh. Well thats good. I want you too see if you cna read this sentence: I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid! Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm! Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt!

2005-03-28 [Leara]: My best friend is a dictionary, I've learned many big words from him. :D And microsoft word is awesome for when your writing out anything with any sort of length, type it there first, run spelling and grammar check, when finished, copy and paste. :P I do that when roleplaying if I'm not half asleep.

2005-03-28 [Leara]: H.O.L.Y S.H.I.T ...O.O I read that....understood it and at practically the same speed I read normally. O.O You learn something new everyday...and that was freaky. O.O

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: I like typing like that hehe. Its fun to see what people say

2005-03-28 [Leara]: I was reading, and when it changed to misspelled, I still understood it, and on the second line...I just got weirded out looking back at it. XD

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: XD

2005-03-28 [Nightshadow]: Heehee. I've seen it before, but it's still awesome. XD And Leara: your friend must know my mother. @_@

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: Hehe. Ok about the joining thing. It takes me to long to just put it in the Wiki, can I just message someone and they coppy and pate it there?

2005-03-28 [Leara]: Type it up in microsoft word or notepad then copy and paste it to the wiki when your finished.

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: Ok. Ill do it later though Im fdoing other stuff with friends

2005-03-28 [xido]: Tkaa: "Hehe. Ok about the joining thing. It takes me to long to just put it in the Wiki, can I just message someone and they coppy and pate it there?" No. You cannot lag behind on something as simple as typing out a character description. If you can't type or spell, you're lacking a very dire importance in roleplaying online with others in a free-form environment. We also hope that all applicants can exhibit some sign of common sense before we include them into our stories that some of us work very head to keep credible.

2005-03-28 [xido]: To everyone applying: Please apply, ESPECIALLY if it is your first character on Elftown WFR, please please please do not apply with a godly, almighty, semi-divine, omnipotent godling characters. Good roleplay is specific to a given storyline or concept that players and storytellers sometimes take a lot of time and effort to create or run. The WFR as a whole, and all the RPing members of Elftown are more interested in a good storyline with realistic, emotion-driven, motivated characters that DO things, and not the self-imposed egos of godlings that are actually 12-year-olds that want to destroy others' good times with many offensive and angering antics. We enjoy maturity and good roleplay.

2005-03-28 [xido]: Please keep the honour of being a RPG Guild Member something that is worth being a part of, and not a Deconstructionist.

2005-03-29 [Nightshadow]: :)

2005-03-29 [Blood Raven]: If we would have an anthem, I'd sing it ^^

2005-03-29 [Raerlas]: hmm what should i do then ? .....

2005-03-29 [Kim_Lundin]: You can dance while Blood sings ;) I can play flute... anyone who can play drums?

2005-03-29 [Raerlas]: dance hmm??? yeah could do that ;)....^_^ yup could do that.

2005-04-01 [xido]: lol! Nice....  maybe we need an anthem........  something catchy and irritatingly good easy to sing and remember.... :P

2005-04-01 [Raerlas]: ....^_^ funny lot we are.

2005-04-01 [Blood Raven]: of course we need an anthem! We're practically the biggest wiki aorund I think :P

2005-04-02 [Crimson Mistress]: The link to the Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay at the top of the page does not work... just so you know...

2005-04-02 [Nightshadow]: Ah. Thanks for the catch...there's not supposed to be a "the" in the name.

2005-04-02 [Crimson Mistress]: No problem ^_^

2005-04-04 [xido]: works now. o.x)

2005-04-04 [CrystalBlaze]: ello

2005-04-04 [Kim_Lundin]: Hi...

2005-04-11 [Linn Scarlett]: hey peeps, iam back *drags maps of Skandinvirr inside* wanna see my little world? *winks*

2005-04-12 [Kim_Lundin]: Sure *snatches map*

2005-04-12 [Linn Scarlett]: and ? like it *looks proud* oh right if the link is down, give me a sign, then ill upload it again

2005-04-12 [Kim_Lundin]: The link works just fine. I got a bit confused by the Underdark part when I first looked at it, but i think I figured it out.

2005-04-12 [Linn Scarlett]: ...its the part right underneath ;)

2005-04-12 [Kim_Lundin]: That I noticed ALMOST at once ^^

2005-04-12 [Linn Scarlett]: good *lol*

2005-04-12 [Kim_Lundin]: Yupyup ^^ Otherwise I would need glasses.

2005-04-12 [Raerlas]: *watches everyone*......

2005-04-13 [Sus]: ::watches back::

2005-04-13 [Kim_Lundin]: *watches the watchers*

2005-04-13 [Blood Raven]: *puts on cool sunglasses*

2005-04-13 [Raerlas]: *stares*.......

2005-04-14 [xido]: You're hoping to add Skandinvirr to the WFR Games page, correct? I believe it can be posted there, if you wish, Linn....  How long has everyone been guild members? The guild itself is going on a year and a half now.... so I think that would be my number.... ;P

2005-04-14 [Nightshadow]: *blinks* How long have I been a guild member? o.O? *goes investigating* EDIT: 2003-09-04 ^^

2005-04-14 [Blood Raven]: my first comment on my description page dates from 2003-09-29 but I had been a member for some while before, when there were no char pages yet

2005-04-14 [Blood Raven]: So really I won't know ^^"

2005-04-14 [Kim_Lundin]: 2003-09-10 is when I added my first character.

2005-04-14 [Cougar]: um... my char's last change was made on 3-16-04 So... it was probably... *thinks* in febuary sometime when i got accepted. ^^; *could find out exactly when but is too lazy for now*

2005-04-14 [Linn Scarlett]: iam pretty far up, longer than rav? ive been here for more than a year, celebrated my year and a day membership a while ago

2005-04-14 [Leara]: 2003-08-19. 1 year and 8 months.

2005-04-14 [Linn Scarlett]: cool

2005-04-15 [Raerlas]: oo....going to 2003-11-13 hows that.

2005-04-15 [Linn Scarlett]: hmm

2005-04-16 [xido]: Hmmm... Question: When you look at page version 1 of this page, who is the last author of the page? It's not me, is it? It should be [Maedilynn], I would think..... Okay, so aside from the strangely-appearing version one, my first post to this page was on 2003-08-16... My first character was written up on 2003-09-10.... so I guess that would technically be the day I was officially a member, since every applicant has to have a character app..... right? Geez Louise! *grins* We are some of the craziest bunch around Elftown, I would think. ;P We have to be crazy to like doing this stuff so damn much. o.x)

2005-04-16 [Leara]: I thought you were here longer than that. O.O

2005-04-16 [xido]: This can't be right.... check out the first version of this page and tell me who the author is.... I see it is me. I also see that on the character page, the first author is me, by a total head start of three minutes to Maedilynn's first post.... that can't be right... I thought I had inherited it from her........ And on this page, it says I posted at 2:26 on 4-03-2003, two minutes before Maedilynn.... that can't be right, I think.

2005-04-16 [Leara]: I think its messed up, because I remember when I was first joining and reading over all the pages, I checked the first version of this page to see who the owner was, and it was Maedilynn. It might be an error that occured through some of the ET crashes.

2005-04-16 [xido]: Or something that is changed when ownership is changed.... Hedda gave me the WFR after Maedilynn told him he could..... that could be it. Alright, as long as I'm not crazy...  Well, okay......half-crazy.....Same with CharPage, Species, Rank and League pages... That would make sense, to change the first editor to make it owned by someone..... perhaps.

2005-04-16 [xido]: Still in all, it's crazy that some of us have been doing this for so long now... it's fricking sweet to think back on it.

2005-04-16 [Leara]: Doesn't feel like that long

2005-04-16 [Cougar]: *chuckles softly thinking you can tell how long a person has been here by how many crashes they've gone through*

2005-04-16 [Leara]: I can't count how many crashes I've been through. I joined ET 2002-12-23. >.>

2005-04-16 [xido]: Lol!  true.....  I'm not sure how many crashes I've endured.... a few... two...or more....  Not only are we losers, but we're the coolest losers around. x.op

2005-04-16 [Nightshadow]: That we are. XD And about the first page thing, it's not a glitch. The first version of a page is always marked as edited by the page owner, regardless of who really wrote it. :) The second version should still be marked to Maedilynn, if I'm not mistaken.

2005-04-16 [xido]: 'tis.

2005-04-17 [Linn Scarlett]: ok peeps this is getting SCARY :P

2005-04-17 [Linn Scarlett]: 2003-05-28 17:22:27 ill be two years here soon O.o ive been here two months longer than you i think xido X_X

2005-04-17 [Panda-monium]: hmmm

2005-04-18 [Raerlas]: .............*keeps silent*

2005-04-19 [Kim_Lundin]: I joined 2003-07-02... time sure flies when you have fun.

2005-04-19 [Linn Scarlett]: yeah :P gonna celebrate my two year stay soon

2005-04-19 [xido]: I looked for my application submission actually... I joined six days after my good buddy [Blood Raven], who joined 2003-08-03  X.o I applied on 2003-08-09. That other date was when I made the actual char page for my first character, after my application had sat on the board with many others for a couple weeks.... then I decided to consume the WFR and spit it back out refined and fulfilled. :) I think it worked. I love this damn place. o.xp

2005-04-19 [Linn Scarlett]: wow iam here longer than you...thats quite scary

2005-04-19 [xido]: So when is everybody to organize into one working mass to get everyone that has wikis they'd like posted on our games list? We've got a lot of freakin members now, and we need a good list of submissions. I've added Linn's Skandinvirr, but what else? We are lacking. I have put far too much effort into posting my own games, that I have not messaged everyone with nominations for the WFR list.... Any other submissions? A tavern? Smithy? Keep? Stronghold? New land? New world? New Realms? Anything will be considered, as long as the wiki is active and moderated or updated in some fashion. PLEASE..... *puppy eyes*

2005-04-19 [Linn Scarlett]: skandinvirr are realms, the realms of skandinvirr, kind of a part of Fearun i created (forgotten realms world)

2005-04-19 [Linn Scarlett]: id be happy to post my wikis (currently only have RuneQuest active, but iam also gonna do a new viking rpg at Skandt

2005-04-20 [Nightshadow]: I'll be on the lookout for other games, xido. ^_^ The one I added a little while ago was just too good to pass up...I'll scout for others like it.

2005-04-20 [Raerlas]: quit the eyes...don't work on me......besides i work with Dae'Vyhir.

2005-04-20 [Ihsahn]: i am a stalker

2005-04-20 [Leara]: O.O Damn right. *hits with a rolled up news paper* Bad!

2005-04-21 [Linn Scarlett]: O.o

2005-04-21 [Raerlas]: ^_^ *Looks the other way*

2005-04-21 [Ihsahn]: lmfao, lets find another wiki hehehehe

2005-04-21 [Leara]: O.O Oh my...I'm being a patroller....corrupted authority. >:O Muhahaa....don't you love it when people talk like we're the bod guys? ^^

2005-04-21 [Linn Scarlett]: aaahhhhhhhhhh *faints and updates her diary*

2005-04-21 [Ihsahn]: yes i am o so corrupt hehehe

2005-04-21 [Leara]: ^^;

2005-04-21 [Linn Scarlett]: sorry was having a bitt of mental fun here :P

2005-04-22 [Ihsahn]: ooooo

2005-04-24 [xido]: You know, Linn, it would be smarter of me to post RuneQuest instead of Skandinvirr... would make more sense to post the cover page..... Didn't realize that your realm had a cover....  Thank you, Ems. Much appreciated. Feel free to add in wikis that you feel are adequate. I trust your judgement.... incase I don't show up another week in a row.

2005-04-24 [xido]: As for the corrupt Authoritah, I have nothing to say about that.... except perhaps that the corrupted should watch their backs, lest the eyes of the truth catch them red-handed in the midst of their corruptivities.........  x.xp

2005-04-24 [Leara]: *cough*

2005-04-24 [xido]: o.O What's that for? Is that hypocritical, do you think? Or just..... Presumptuous? x.Xp

2005-04-24 [Cougar]: ooo... xido used a big word... o.o

2005-04-24 [Leara]: I coughed cause I'm a patroller too. XD I may be one of the corrupted.

2005-04-24 [xido]: hehe, okay I see....  lol :P  Is this something new, with my big words? Am I lacking on my lexiconographic eccentricities? Well, how's abouts a Grammaticum Primeaval

2005-04-25 [Linn Scarlett]: *chuckles* i use skandinvirr for all my rpgs (as you can see, both Runequest, my Tavern and Skandt are located on the map)

2005-04-26 [Ihsahn]: i am o so corrupted, you would be too, if your mom made you watch star trek Next generation as a kid -_-

2005-04-26 [Linn Scarlett]: my dad made me listen to him reading lotr when i was a kid

2005-04-26 [Raerlas]: *silent and still, looking the other way*

2005-04-26 [Kim_Lundin]: I made my dad read Edding's books for me when I was a kid.

2005-05-22 [High Princess of the Seraphim]: *KA-BOOM*

2005-05-22 [Kim_Lundin]: *Suddently finds himself stuck in the ceiling*

2005-05-24 [Firous]: *looks around cautiously* Hi?

2005-06-03 [Raerlas]: *looks arouns suspiciously.*

2005-06-04 [Nightshadow]: Please take random conversation to WFR Chat. It'll probably make for more fun, anyhow. ^^

2005-06-06 [Kim_Lundin]: We have one of those? *heads off to take a look at the chat*

2005-06-07 [Linn Scarlett]: what went wrong :P

2005-06-07 [Kim_Lundin]: Princess of Seraphim went KA-BOOM

2005-06-26 [xido]: and WFR chat was added to the list. Next up is xido's list of (finally) organized roleplays and watched pages.....some day soon.

2005-07-13 [xido]: I also need more people to compile everything they can think of about various creatures, monsters, creepies and crawlies, and add that info to the Creature_List pages. I would prefer that it be semi-reminiscent of D&D, though anything will do at this point. I am linking images for some creatures from the WotC website on my own time, but help would be appreciated..... And tell Angel Dreamer how much you love her.

2005-07-13 [Blood Raven]: Angel Dreamer, my dear, I love you!

2005-07-13 [Blood Raven]: And I'll have a look at the creature list as well :)

2005-07-13 [Linn Scarlett]: spare the trouble, rent the Monster Manual :P

2005-07-13 [Blood Raven]: not everything on the lsit is in the book, strangely ^^"

2005-07-13 [Linn Scarlett]: ive got all three of them ^_^ oh and whats not in it, well then there is always google, my bestest pal :p

2005-07-14 [xido]: ALL THREE MONSTER MANUALS?!?!?! Holy craps, Linn....even I'M not that lucky. I have the 3.5 PHB, DMG, MM, Fiend Folio, Manual of the Planes, Complete Arcane, Book of Exalted Deeds, and Races of the Wild, plus Wraith: The Oblivion as a basis for my Shadow Realm work..... AND not everyone can afford to go and get D&D books just for Elftown.... x.op

2005-07-14 [Blood Raven]: I've got all three 3.5 core rulebooks. and in .pdf files: Complete Warrior, Complete Divine, Complete Arcane, Complete Adventurer, Expanded Psionics Handbook, Deities & Demigods, Manual of the Planes, Magic of Fearun, Races of Fearun, Monsters Manual 2, Libris Mortis, Book of exalted Deeds, Book of Vile Darkness, plus a crapload of 3.0 books... I'm still searching MM3, Arms and Equiptment Guide, Fiend Folio and DMG2

2005-07-14 [Linn Scarlett]: arms en equip en dmg2 hebbe ze hier mieg ^_^ anyhow, i just have what i need ^_^

2005-07-14 [Kim_Lundin]: Heheheh... I have the core books for 3.5... And nothing more.

2005-07-16 [xido]: You have all that on PDF, Rave? No crap.... how big are those files? too big to send in email? o.O I am obsessive about gaming, though, and can never get enough books.... but I use EVERY book or story or image for games..... Everything is a brainstorm to me..... I only just recently got the 3.5 books.

2005-07-16 [Blood Raven]: most of them are 40 to 60 Mb, so that won't fit any e-mail I think

2005-07-16 [Blood Raven]: alot of those books are downloadable. I found almost all those books by searching on KaZaA

2005-07-16 [Linn Scarlett]: ive got atleast a dozen PDF's on drow, and ive got two of the three corebooks in my bookcase ^_^ anyhow iam saving money to buy the drowbooks aswell ^_^ i'm a bookaholic, i love pretty books :P

2005-07-16 [Blood Raven]: it's sucky paperwork though -_-' one drop of water and it's dead, all gone, everything that ever was on that one little spot is forever lsot, unless treated with absolute care... now for bloody 35 euros they could have at least used some decent ink holding paper...

2005-07-16 [Linn Scarlett]: but i charish and love my books, i would never let liquid near them

2005-07-16 [Blood Raven]: I did once, biggest mistake in my DMing carrier -_-'

2005-07-16 [Linn Scarlett]: when i have time some day, iam gonna make each book a satin sack with its name embroided on it *dreamy glance*

2005-07-16 [Kim_Lundin]: Now that would be nifty... but... ehum, shouldn't this discussion take place in the chat? Or am I completely wrong? (which wouldn't be so surprising)

2005-07-16 [Linn Scarlett]: wheres the fun in a chat X_X cause then you cant go off subject :P

2005-07-16 [Kim_Lundin]: Is there a subject in a chat about random things?

2005-07-16 [Linn Scarlett]: no. but its only fun if you can go off subject. because its like: interesting subject -> interesting chat -> sillyness which is fun :)

2005-07-17 [Blood Raven]: try and keep up with the lady's mindflow ^^"

2005-07-17 [Linn Scarlett]: yeah :P

2005-07-29 [Steel Mal'ak]: You guys should check out Rhydin.

2005-08-01 [xido]: looks cool, are you nominating it for WFR guild membership?

2005-08-01 [Steel Mal'ak]: Well, I wasn't intending too...but SURE!!! ^_^ [Emporer Sensi] is the creator.

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