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How to find out who messed up your wiki page

If the page was recently messed up or the page has few versions

The easiest case is when the page was messed up recently or there aren't so many versions of your page. Click on the "previous version" button until you find a "correct" version of the page. When you find it, check who made the first messed up version.

If there are very few versions of the page, you can also start from version 1 and look forward from there. There's a field and button for going directly to a specific version of the page in the Wiki-page data box. Use the "Next version" button to go forward.

If the mess was made several versions ago and there are hundreds of versions of the page

If there are a lot of versions of your page and you don't want to go through them all, you can jump back a number of versions (for example 20), see if the page is still messed up, in that case jump back 20 more versions etc until you find a page that is ok. Then start going forward from the "ok" page until you find the first messed up version.

You can also jump back like 100 versions, and if that version is ok, you jump forward 50 versions to see if that's ok, too. If it isn't, you know that the change was made 50-100 versions ago, and can start looking in that interval.

When you find the first messed up version...

In the Wiki-page data box you can see the author of the page. Make sure that you've found the first messed up version. Then you can take action, for example send an angry message to the villain... Don't be too cruel, because sometimes people mess up wiki pages by accident! Then, report that person to the Guards.


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