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The Dark Seriph inn and Tavern

This tavern is run by Julius

RP Below
The next morning Roan woke up to the sun in her eyes. Now that she had slept on in it, she owed Turan a lot of 'I''m Sorry" However she Held tight to her belief that he stays out of her mind and the rules she laid down. Roan looked down to see if Nadya was awake.

She didn't see Nadya. She heard movement under the bed.

Turan roused himself, breathing heavily as pain came quickly then subsided.

Julius was already awake and at the bar ready to start the day.

"Nadya?" Roan called out as she got out of med. When she heard rusteling under the bed she slowly got on her hands and knees and looked undered. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!." She screamed because Nadya had scared her.

Julius hit his head on the cupboard "Yeow!" he yelled before running up the stairs. Turan barrelled out of his room, to half asleep to see Julius before running right into him with a thud. Julius held his stomach "Roan are you alright?" he looked at Turan "Go put a shirt on! there's lady folk about an i doubt they want to see your scared an battered torso, besides you should be resting anyways" he chided. Turan shook his head to bring himself to.

"I... I'm sorry....Roan.... it's just..... the sun... and.... I'm normally in a good dark tree trunk right now...." said Nadya softly. Juliu and Turan could hear her voice, while Roan can see that Nadya was really sad to have scared Roan.

"Gosh don't worry." Roan laughted as she sat on the floor holding her hand to her chest. "It's actually quite funny. Here let me close the blinds." Roan got up and closed the shades and blind so that Nadya could come out from under the bed. "I just hope I didn't wake anyone. Goodness knows Turan needs the rest and Julius works hard as it is."

"They up..." said Nadya softly, as she crawled out from under the bed.

"I hope that's better?" Roan said as Nadya came out from under the bed.

Nadya smiled and nodded. "Thank you, Roan...and I hear them outside in the hall..."

Roan sighed. "We might as well go greet them. Will you be able to walk aroun the inn?"

"Only if I can walk in shadowed areas..." she replied softly.

"Well then we'll have to be very care ful. I'll make sure I stabd on the brighter side, as to block the light." Roan said as she stretch, showing her stoamach.

"Thank you, Roan... that is very kind..." Nadya said, straightening her dress.

Turan sighed, taking a shirt julius had tossed him and half walked, half stumbled down the stairs into the bar "Julius somthing to drink if you don't mind" Julius sighed "A bit early for gut rot isn't it?" Turan laughed "Yes, which is why i'd prefer somthing different if you have it"

Nadya stepped out of the room. "Turan..." she called.

"Yes Nadya?" Julius slid him what amounted to an irish coffee "You really should be resting" he said softly to him "Julius...i've had worse, and done the same thing, so it should make no difference" Julius just shook his head.

"Am I able to come down stairs?"

Roan peaked her head around the corner. "It looks safe, but I'm worried about someone opening the door on you." When she spotted Turan and Julius she waved. "Good morning. Julius I don't supose you have a dark cloak Nadya can use?"

"Yes i do, so long as she stays away from the door then there shouldn't be a problem....there's stairs to get outside" Julius fetched a coweled cloak for Nadya.

"Life is good today." Roan pronounced as she headed over to sit next to Turan. "So I was kind of a witch yesterday. I am sorry." She swallowed, she wasn't great with apologizes. "So what's the plan for the day, and you mentioned someting about a ball?"

Nadya took the cloak from Julius. "Thank you...." she said softly, pulling it around her. She headed over to a dark corner, sitting down. "This is better then being in a curled up position all day in a tree...."

"You where yanked from one world an cast into this, had two different attempts on your life and you got stuck with me...i don't blame you for being a might cranky" Turan smiled at her, drinking from his mug, coughing alittle "Julius i thought you said no gut rot?" he laughed. Julius smiled at Nadya "I'm sure it is"

Roan smiled at Turan. "Well I think we all should start over, with new introductions." Roan said as she gestured with her hands. "My name is Roan Oaklin. I grew up in a small town with just my mother and cat named Ira. I'm 18."

"My... name is Nadya Nyx...I...don't know how old I am....and I use to have a loving family and a protective big brother....we.... were nobles of this.... kingdom...."

Turan smiled "My name is Turan ecthelion, i don't know who my family is, all i remember about myself is awakening on a river bank in the haunted woods seven hundred years ago" Turan turned to Nadya "Once a noble, always a noble"

"He's right Nadya." Raon said. "Once a nible always a noble. I like that. Any way it's your turn Julius."

Julius laughed "Ahh, well my name is Julius, no last name as i was orphaned before i knew my parents. I grew up in the underworld of society for the last couple hundred years before breaking free and setting this place up"

"Great." Roan felt a lot better than she did yesterday. She was ina cherry mood. "So no what's the game plan Turan. We obviously have to wait till dark before we move, but were are we headed to?

Turan smiled "We don't have to wait for dark, but eventually we'll move out to a island, from there we can move as we please. DOn't worry you won't be staying in a tent...somehow i get the feeling i've lived there but the home is now empty"

"How can we leave before dark?" Roan asked. "And if you even think about leaving Nadya I'll tell everyone you kidnapped me, and she is my daughter."

"Ahhh....'d do that? For me?" Nadya asked softly.

"And in this kingdom it would see you in Chorus' hands in a matter of hours" he turned to Nadya "Which is why we aren't leaving till tonight, unless you want to travel squished up in a box which i doubt"

"I... could...." Nadya said softly.

"I'm not going to stuff you in a box an let you bounce around on a horses arse for an entire day" Turan laughed "Why do i feel like i have a hangover?" Julius eyed him "Maybe because of the gut rot i put in your drink?"

Nadya looked around the area, the pulled the hood of the cloak over her, hiding her completely. Then the cloak just fell, and Turan could see a lump moving around under the cloak.

Turan stared wide eyed "N-N-Nadya?" Julius came back "Where'd she go?"

A soft soft came from under the cloak. "Meow...."

Turan spit the swill he had taken of his drink back into the mug "Julius, did you put that bloat toad crap in here again?" he growled, shaking his head before looking at the cat. Julius eyed his own glass ", not unless it's in mine as well, she's a shapshifter you idiot"

The little black cat meow again. I have the ability to shape shift into this... but I'm no shape shifter... I am a fully born vampire.... Turan and Juilus heard in their heads.

"Are you safe to travel in the sunlight in that form?" Julius and Turan bothe said at the same time.

A box or a pouch.... sunlight is still a danger to me.... The kitten curled in the cloak.

Roan stared at the cute kitten. 'Can I please hold her?" Roan said with puppy dog eyes. She had a soft spot for kittens. "If it's all right With Nadya we could use the cloak as a pillow and let her sleep in my bag." Roan really just didn't want to let go if the cuteness.

I like that, Roan.... Nadya thought to her, rubbing her head against Roan's hand.

"Awww. Yor so adorable." Roan said.

Nadya purred.

Turan laughed "I was half expecting for you to ask if you could keep it"

You are silly Turan... meowed Nadya.

Those not again, why can't i remember? Turan thought to himself, this time a face nearly came but he quickly had to forget it. He tried, but not before the images of mutilated bodies and strange Vampire like creatures preying on those around him flooded his mind.

Roan looked at Turan sheepishly. "I was, but once we got to this island you're talking about. Which now that Nadya has a way to travel we should get going. Not that I don't like you Julius I just have this feeling that we need to leave now."

"Yes, preferably before Evan knows we are here and sends his cronies for us" a note of urgency hit his voice.

Nadya purred.

"Well off se go." Still holding Nadya Roan hugged Julius. "Thank for a place to stay." She then put nadya and the cloak in her bag.

"Until next time old friend" Turan said with a slight nod to Julius. He walked out, two horses awaited them, each with all the stores they'd need.

Julius smiled "You take care of yourself Lassie"

"I will, and I'm sure Turan here plans to shaoe me up." Roan got on one of the horse. "Man I love to ride."

"The brown horse is yours" Turan said casually, getting up on the black Stallion. He had on a deep blue travelers cloak over his usual attire.

"Really?" Roan asked with her wide eyes.

"No, we're using him for food as soon as we get to camp. Of course he's yours silly. I remember you saying you liked to ride so i had a secound horse brought, not to mention means we can travel quicker since we won't have to stop for supplies" he said with a slight laugh.

"Yes!" Roan said with an inner happy dance. "Then lets get going. Roan slightly kicked the horse's side to get moving. "Hmmm What shall I call you." Roan thought. "Turan are you coming?"

"Yeah" Turan eased his horse into a trot "Once we get into the woods it'll be dark enough to let Nadya out, it's completely dark once you get about eight miles in"

"Can I still hold her?" Roan asked.

"If she's fine with that" he leaned down to his horses ear "Orion" The horse raised it's head high with ears turned towards the sound of his voice "Lets ride" with that the horse flew into a full gallop towards the woods.

"I hope she is." Roan said then followed Turan. of to Deidad Island
they went.

I'm fine with it... meowed Nadya.
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