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2009-07-23 23:46:41
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1) I think I should become a crew member because I have a good general knowledge of elftown and elfwood. I don’t mind what job it is as long as I get one because it will be good for me. I can concentrate more on this than my self harming issues, and I can make up for all the bad things I’ve said and done. I would like a fresh start to life, and friendships are the number ones for me, without friends I would be in the gutter. I’m on here 24/7 so I can put in a lot of work and guidance into this. I love to help people and answer questions no matter what they are, I have helped people all my life and I want to continue doing this.

2) I can read and write English well.

3) My goals are to help other people when they need it but also to keep an eye out for any rule breakers.

4) I think I’ve proved myself because if a member on here talks to me nice ill be nice back but if people talk nasty to me I still try to be nice back, I am very strict but I only use my strictness when needed.

5) I’m on elftown 24/7 and I like it a lot. I want to help people understand what elftown is about, but also keep elftown members safe and also know all the rules.

6) I have great patience and try my hardest to get on with everyone

7) its not just fun elftown is great!

8) Although I haven’t been on here long, I have been on a lot of sites e.g. face book, tagged, teen chat for many years and I love getting to know people.

9) I am good with computer technology; I have done my G.C.S.E. in I.C.T.

10) I will help other members if they need help.

11) I am a good talker and listener.

Look at:          
How do I get badges
the badge reward system
Why Rules?
The elftown card service
Help in other languages
Apply to the academy
statistics about online members

I used to be on Elftpack quite a lot till I found Elftown, I was on Elfpack from 2005 till now
I like to help people and give them what they need help with whether its wikis, profiles or even relationship problems as I have been in many unsuccessful ones.

my thoughts about becoming a crew member

I think I should become a crew member because I have helped a lot of people on here and want to carry on with that and I will.

my supporters:

[XxxMoonlight DemonxxX]
[Child of the night - lord of vampires]              
[Tifa Lockhart]
[*Your Beautiful Nightmare*]
[Mrs. No_One]

Username (or number or email):


2009-06-24 [Thunder Cid]: its not just fun elftoen is great!

To name a few.

It should go like: )It's not just fun, Elftown is great!

2009-06-24 [Teufelsweib]: it's great to see that you're so motivated to help ET, but if you really want to help out why not check out how to contribute :)

2009-06-24 [Synthetic Roses]: i no i don't i am takeing myself off

2009-06-24 [XxxMoonlight DemonxxX]: SUPPORT!!!!

2009-06-24 [Child of the night - lord of vampires]: Yeah sure why not :P

2009-06-24 [LinkTurrner]: ill suport

2009-06-25 [Tifa Lockhart]: I so support you, your the best!

2009-06-25 [your naked night]: yay thanks all of you

2009-06-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: Maybe you should make it so people can edit the page so when you're not on they can add their name.

2009-07-01 [Alexi Ice]: Why did you put a bunch of random links on your page?

2009-07-01 [your naked night]: because it helps people more

2009-07-02 [Chimes]: A little tip: Keep your information relevant to your application. :)

2009-07-02 [your naked night]: thanks ill change it when im on a coputer as i am using my phone at the moment lol. x

2009-07-04 [your naked night]: ive changed it

2009-07-04 [Thunder Cid]: List specific objectives.

2009-07-04 [your naked night]: like what

2009-07-04 [nehirwen]: That's for you to figure out. ;)

2009-07-04 [Thunder Cid]: What she said bud. My hands are tied.

2009-07-04 [your naked night]: but but but but grrrrrrrrr ok

2009-07-09 [Mrs. No_One]: Put me down, I'll support you.

2009-07-09 [your naked night]: click edit and do it lol

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