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2007-03-28 05:25:15
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Username: [shadow of darkness]

Name: Forgal MacRoig

Alias: Sea Serpent

Age: 246 1/2

C.O.S(Career Off the Streets): N/A

Signature: serpent scale on what remains of dead body


P.A(Panic Area): Los Angeles

Powers: super strength, super speed in water

Abilities: control over reptiles within a range of 50 yards

Weakness: cold blooded

Family: N/A

S.S(Social Status): N/A

A.O.P(Appearance Off Patrol): N/A

A.P (Appearance on Patrol): reptilian. long fangs, two large red eyes, scales, long blade-like talons, 8' tail, stands 11' 7" on tip of tail, no legs, whipping snake-like tongue

S.T(Special Traits):

Enemy: Blazing Lion

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