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Salad Fingers is a peculiar green ‘man’ with a hunch on his back. He is single, and an extremely odd person. His long, green fingers are sensitive to rough surfaces. Salad Fingers will stimulate himself by rubbing his fingers on such objects as rusty nails, rusty tea kettles, metal jail-cell bars and nettles, which he uses for self-urtication. Salad Fingers is often heedless to the mortality of creatures / things and appears unable to tell whether something is alive or not. Salad Fingers lives alone in a small house / shack with the number 22 on the door and a working oven. He also has some ability in playing the flute and speaking French.
Salad Fingers has a strange habit of providing narration for other characters rather than engaging in actual conversation, even if the characters are living beings capable of speech. The names he attributes to different "characters" often appear to be thought up on the spot or simply applied to non-existent characters.
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Definitions of salad fingers on the Web:
- Salad Fingers is a series of Flash cartoons created by director David Firth (who is also notable, under the name "Locust Toybox", as a composer of Intelligent Dance Music). They have been recognized as being some of the most peculiar of their type.




salad fingers members


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salad fingers fanart

For all you children who have created salad fingers or David Firth related fan art.

Salad Fingers Characters

An awesome account on the main characters in the salad fingers episodes.



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2006-12-10 [Corazie]: Lmfao xD

2006-12-10 [Metalelf]: How exactly did Salad Fingers end up eating his own head? Opinions seem to be divided...

2006-12-10 [iippo]: I'd also like to hear people's views on that (since I don't have one of my own :P)

2006-12-10 [Metalelf]: Two possible views are a) time travel, and b) evil spirits that he flushed down the toilet.

2006-12-10 [\..katie../]: I havent been on here for ages. How is everyone? anything new on fat-pie?

2006-12-13 [your mom goes to college24]: i never said i was nice!

2006-12-13 [\..katie../]: o...kay.

2006-12-27 [Kah]: uu, the new episode was long!!

2006-12-27 [\..katie../]: reazlly?

2007-01-03 [your mom goes to college24]: o for shiz? i didn't know there was a new episode!

2007-01-05 [\..katie../]: wow

2007-01-05 [your mom goes to college24]: tee hee.....<img:44166_1164903263.gif>

2007-01-11 [toycar]: There isn't really...unless you consider ep.7 to be new >.>
Otherwise, he has flashed up each page so you can clicky onto previous and new eps whilst on the current one. nyeah.

2007-01-11 [\..katie../]: cool.

2007-01-16 [your mom goes to college24]: *sigh*

2007-04-12 [Lady Chaos]: Aaaah!!! This is so brilliant, I love Salad Fingers, I had no idea there was a fan page here on ET. :D

2007-04-12 [\..katie../]: lol yea thrs a fan page for eveything =]

2008-05-11 [Piercedskull]: Random message:
They made a salad fingers 8!

2008-05-12 [iippo]: It is getting... something-er by the episode indeed. o.O Thanks for the link.

2008-05-18 [Piercedskull]: np

2008-05-28 [\..katie../]: OMG it is amazing. I miss watching weekly rituals of Salad fingers xDDD

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