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I want to make this as easy, fast, and clear as possible; so please bear with me.

1) You must first go to any wiki page at all (even the main, but I prefer a playground myself).

2) Click on the "Edit This Page" button at the bottom of the page.

3) Think of a title that has NOT been used, for example (this one is mine): strangeworld

4) Now type this in the text box (Please know how to use the wiki COMPLETELY AND ACCURATELY before attempting this!!!); Example: [strangeworld@wiki]

4) Click the "Submit" button.

5) Your newly-entered text should look something like this: strangeworld
Remember, strangeworld has already been used by yours truly.

6) Click on the link to your new wiki page...

7) Pat yourself on the back, because you now have a wiki page of your very own. Figure out how to decorate it on your own, or bribe me to post another forum to tell you how to decorate your wiki page.

/Text by [Somebody Else]

I just want to go through a quick run through on how to work the text,

1) To enlarge text

To make the text bigger you put in <h1> to start the tag and when you want the text to go back to normal size them you put in </h1>. You can put in numbers up to 2 at the moment but the bigger fonts are coming.

2) To italic text

To start the tag <i> and </i> to end it.

3) To bold text

To start the tag <b> without the spaces and </b> to end it

4) To make a line

Just type in <hr> and a line will come up on your wiki page

5) To make a link to your house

Basically type your username in the square brackets: [Sarah Scissorhands.]

6) Make a link to another wiki page

Well you put it in the same square brackets, and the type [name of the wiki page @wiki]

7) To bring an image up from another site, e.g. your elfwood site. Basically type in <img:url> without the spaces, the url for a picture for those that don't know is when you right click on a picture, go to the properties and then to the' address' or 'url' then that's what you need.
Well I hope that helped some people. [Bradahir`]

How to make the tags void :)
1. For the wikis to make them void you have to add a like this [FAQ@!uQt!wiki] it will appear like this [FAQ@wiki]
and to make the Bold tags void add the !uQt! and it will void it, like so
<!uQt!b> and <!uQt!/b> and it will appear like this <b> and </b>
this was done by [Ihsahn]


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