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2007-08-23 21:23:25
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Omnia: Neo-Pagan Folk Band


This is an add for Omnia. Not just a spectacular Pagan-folk band from the Netherlands, but also some of the most respectable Pagans of around the world.

We, the fans of Omnia, are allowed to spread a limited number of MP3's over the web for their promotion. Go listen!
If you like it: WONDERFUL! Buy a CD, a T-shirt, anything at all, and spread the word!
If not: HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT POSSIBLE!?!?!?!&%^@_*_!?!? xD

CD Alive!

Witches Brew:!_witchesbrew.mp3


CD Cyber Shaman:

Dil Gaya Remix:

CD Paganfolk

Tine Bealtaine

The Well

CD Live Religion

Etrezomp Ni-Kelted

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2007-08-30 [Melocrie]: Don't know The Moon... But Nightspirit is cool ^^
I'm not so fond of Rapalje, though... Some of their songs are great, I think, really energetic. But I dislike others because there's hardly any meaning in it...

2007-08-30 [Jitter]: No :(( I haven't heard either. But I like koenigin and November a lot :)

2007-09-01 [..majo..]: Everyone who doesnt know Omnia should be fucking ashamed of themselfs :P OMNIA ROELT DE WERELD!

2007-09-01 [Melocrie]: ZEKER! xD

2007-09-06 [Kuruni]: ahahaha, Konigin is my favorite by Faun, also Von den Elben and Tagelied.  And there is a band called "The Moon and the Nighspirit", from Hungary, go listen to them NOW NOW NOW

They are great, nice, and Agnes voice is like a mermaid's and Mihaly is a cutie ;)

I'm trying to do something so they can play at Castlefest next year. Wish me luck!

2007-09-06 [Melocrie]: Good luck! :D
A bummer I don't have sound on this pc... When I can I wil hear them!

2007-09-06 [Jitter]: Oooh they sound so folk! I love music that's from other countries in Europe! I'm really bored of Western music xD

ps- By the way they have AWESOME artwork for their albums :O

2007-09-07 [Melocrie]: Uhuh 0_o

2007-09-13 [Kuruni]: yes! Agnes is such a nice artist, she makes the art herself. 

Is there any other bands someone could recommend?

2007-09-16 [Melocrie]: It's a little louder, but "Trollfest" is a funny one. It's technically mostly screaming the word 'beer' or 'mead', but with hilarious banjo lines in between xD
Or else you could try Medieval Baebes, but I'm sure you saw them too.

2007-09-21 [Kuruni]: yes yes Medieval Baebes are great but not my kind of thing really. but they are nice yesh yesh.

Trollfest? i'll look for it!

2007-09-22 [Jitter]: Maybe Korpiklaani... They're finnish folk metal but all their songs revolve around drinking x) They're fun!

Trollfest was kinda loud even for me :p x_x

2007-09-22 [Melocrie]: Yeah, they are indeed loud. I only really like some songs of them, though. The rest is just funny :P

At Castlefest, my friends truly hated the Medieval Baebes... I dunno, they just do something to me.. I love the way they sing and chant together.

2007-09-22 [Jitter]: Medieval Baebes sound nice and I like their artwork :O *clicks googled links*

Truth is I'm not mmuch into female vocals but some bands are worth it :)

2007-09-23 [Decla]: omnia ruleeeeezzzz :D

2007-09-24 [Melocrie]: Yesssss! But I know you love Rapalje more :P Or am I wrong? xD

2007-09-30 [Kuruni]: Well, i like Medieval Baebes, but they are now just too commercial for my liking i think.... there's something "fake" that was not there before..... i don't know....

2007-10-02 [Melocrie]: And besides that, they're kinda witless.. xD I was with a friend in her hotel and the baebes were staying there too. The elevator door wouldn't open (it was under way) and a blonde baebe came up to us and started banging against the door, holding a glass of wine in one hand, yelling; is it broken?? can we fix it?? Why won't it open??

2007-10-09 [Jitter]: LOL :P

There's one song in the last Nightwish album that reminds me of Omnia:
Go to: and click where it says "Nightwish - The Islander"

2007-10-27 [Melocrie]: Lookie look!! =D

2008-11-17 [Kuruni]: someone got the DVD already??

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