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2009-06-24 14:03:47
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my life in a bottle
my name is matthew, im 17 years old and i have been in care for 14 years. i was beaten within an inch of my life when i was 2, i was put into care when i was 3, i was bullyed in nursery, at the age of six i was sexuelly assaulted by my grandad, at the age of 10 i left foster care and went into childrens homes. at the age of 14, i found my first true love at the age of 15 i was sexuelly assaulted by a man in a train station, at the age of 16 and a half i fell out with my true love and started self harming, at the age of 17 i have my own house but i still self harm and im single.

what i look like:

i have blondie brown hair
blue eyes
big lips
im slim
5:7 ft
size nine feet

about me ]#
im easy going but if someones nasty ill do heavy damege lol.
i love to show my love and care for people
<img:stuff/aj/187724/1244718922.jpg> i am looking for a sweet, loving,
intelligent girlfriend to love for the rest of my life. im sweet and intellegent come chat to me tell me what you think                  i love to joke around and party,i love the out doors and rock climbing, my faverate activity is ice skating.

im always on the computer im a bit of a geek lol.

this is my ex girlfriend stacey who i was with for 4 years im always trying to get back with her but her family wont let it happen because i upset them. she is 17 and she is not even aloud out of her house on her own wich is just stupid.

this is my mums house its got 7 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 1 big living room 2 kitchens, a playroom and a dining room. thats just in the house lol they also have a very big garden and a garege.they have 2 mazda mx5's a van a toyota hilux a toyota corrola and a jcb

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What is your usual mood????
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my other difficult ex girlfriend who cheated on me 10 times is [BabyKays123] i cant stop thinking of her though but i dont know if she still loves me or not

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2009-06-11 [Eldunarí]: I agree with Froda. it´s amazing how you live know and are so open for love after what you been through

2009-06-11 [Flisky]: Hmmm....My feelings on self harm aside, you've been through alot.

2009-06-11 [*BabiGurl09*]: wow that's horrible...i hope that your journey ahead bring light into your life,and that you get better help that before. i hope that you find love and that you make new friends that like you for you, no matter what happend in your past...

2009-06-11 [Rook.]: I'm sorry you had to go through all that, Matt. Congratlations you were able to make a life for yourself! I'm so happy for you!

2009-06-11 [Aquariuscelesti a]: yea...i dont even know what to say...youve been through alot and im really sorry for that=/

2009-06-11 [XxTsomexX]: Same as [Flisky]'s answer, dude. Aside from my personal feelings on self-harm, I can see what you've been through. I hope you find the right someone, that won't put you through shit like that.

2009-06-11 [Iruvielle]: You've had a hard life, and it's tough to put it behind you, but it's in the past. You're doing great now, and keep doing great! :) Always look forward to the future.

2009-06-11 [NuclearHobbit]: Damn, sounds like a pretty tough life. Sorry you had to go through that.

2009-06-12 [¡Soy Bekah!]: Hm. Everyone's been through a tough time in their life. Maybe not like this, but still. Im impressed that you can actually let people read this. Its inspiring. But still self harm isnt cool. <3 Bekah

2009-06-12 [Duke Devlin]: Self harm is bad. :( Please stop it. I know that it released endorphins (or however it's spelt), making you feel good for a while, but overall it's terribly unhealthy. :(

2009-06-12 [Bridiewoo]: Just want to say you've been through alot and it's a positive thing that you now can share what you've been through with other people. Also you could probably help people who are going through what you have been through now. To me you seem like a strong person.

2009-06-13 [The Squirrel]: i'm sorry you had to go through all of that
and i hope everything works out for you and you live a long happy life

2009-06-13 [Synthetic Roses]: u are hottt^^ aww me sorry what u had to go throuth that mest be hard

2009-06-14 [loonygirl2005]: Wow such blunt honesty. Seems that you have had your fair share of trials and trbulations. Here you are concerned about my well being. Glad to see you are defining yourself and standing your ground.

2009-06-14 [lavenderhaze69]: glad that everything is doing alot better for you. since everybody is entitled to somehappiness in there lives seems your next in line

2009-06-15 [LinkTurrner]: wow sounds l;ike you had a hard time

2009-06-15 [your naked night]: thanks for your comments its hard for me, im stillself harmibg and i have tryed killing myself 4 times each time ive been stopped

2009-06-15 [LinkTurrner]: I tried once but a friend made me stop

2009-06-15 [your naked night]: dont try again for me baby please. xx messege me normally please xxx

2009-06-16 [Synthetic Roses]: hehe xoxox

2009-06-21 [your naked night]: im so boredddd

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