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Tutorials and Lessons.



Welcome to Musics!

This is for those who love music, whether they play it or not!
- [Eyden13]



- [Eyden13]
- [Nite_Owl]
- [NightTheOwl]



- Beginners Piano by [Nite_Owl]
- Classical Piano by [Nite_Owl]
- Guitar For Beginners by ???
- Instrument Playing Class by [NightTheOwl]
- Musical History by [Eyden13]
- percussion. by ???



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2005-03-25 [Dulce Vita]: Yea, but, do you know how to transpose music, Sinquana?

2005-04-05 [Bookwyrm]: I love music, and I am intolerable to those who have no taste in music nor any toleration toward the many styles and moods of music.

2005-04-21 [pandora33]: Anyone need a flue, piccolo, guitar, or percussion?

2005-04-27 [Dulce Vita]: ?A flue?

2005-04-27 [Bookwyrm]: I'm betting that's a flute ^_~

2005-04-28 [Dulce Vita]: Yeah, that's what I figured.

2005-04-28 [Tyrana]: I hope so. ^_^

2005-04-28 [Dulce Vita]: I was being sarcastic earlier

2005-04-28 [Tyrana]: Quite.

2005-04-29 [Bookwyrm]: As was I ^_~, very true.

2005-05-15 [Sumin15]: Hi im new here and have no idea how to do much of anything. So if someone could please tell me how to enter a class, id be grateful. Thanks

2005-05-17 [Bookwyrm]: To join classes you go to their "students" page, if they have one. Then go to edit and just add your name with [] around it. You may also add a small comment after your name. If they do not have a students page, ask them about it in the comments. If they have a password protected students page, read their wiki and then if they do not give any information on how to join their wiki, ask them in the comments.

2005-08-01 [River of Dreams]: O.O no flutes?!?! whats up with that?!

2005-09-24 [NightTheOwl]: I got Approved by [Melody_Rain] But I don't know how to make a class

2005-09-24 [NightTheOwl]: Hey Hows this class I made instrument playing class

2005-09-27 [NightTheOwl]: Hey what about my reply

2005-09-27 [NightTheOwl]: Ok thanks a lot

2005-09-28 [NightTheOwl]: So when might it get approved

2005-09-29 [NightTheOwl]: ok

2005-10-29 [NightTheOwl]: Graggh Must finish flute class And then I'm DONE

2009-02-22 [Imperator]: [Tyrana], if you don't want to teach your classes anymore, you can leave them up but just remove your name as a teacher and perhaps a new person would like to teach your classrooms.

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