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2008-03-07 10:12:13
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Mundagiller - A creature that looks like a crossing of a cat and a monkey. Slim and very flexible, color varies, usually black. Is cousin to the Boggart, it is a parasiticle being that it curses and kills all those who disturb it, it can work both mentally and physically. It has a very distinctive (read, awful) smell. It does not interbreed with normal cats. It hates People, but if left alone, is harmless. Soft part tail, but it's not physically invincible, for it's main weapon is it's psychic abilities. It can read minds or pursuade its victim to do something.

First sighting (=wher eit was invented) Hogwarts Express, in the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry, where this nasty creature killed two students.


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