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[Merlin Mab] House Version

All who wish to Learn and Be Elf friends Welcome And Join In As The Building of The New Is 
Celebrated... Varda's Blessings To All.


(No afterlife insurance sold here)

I do not anger nor do I hate... seeking only enjoyment, knowledge, and skillful development of life's finer attributes in all and a few in myself.

A Romantic and a Poet, Executive Chef, Private Chef, Exclusive Catering Worldwide, Musical Instrument Maker, Composer, Musician. Magic and Minds and their Arts are my interests.

Master of Arcane Arts... "Old Ways" and "New Science" blend here: from Runes, Astrology, Tarot, The Craft, High Magic, Alchemy, etc to Physics, Chemistry, Architecture, Sculpting and designing...

This is a wonderful site, it is educational to spend time using view random member button... I am in Awe of all the creative talent abounding in all quarters, from names to art; prose, poetry, photography... There is quite a representation here to all greetings... and if my name comes up on your lists, it's the random button doing its work... cheers to all!

If you chose to be rude, at least have humor and some creativity about it... otherwise improve your 
vocabulary or read everything (including the books and authors suggested here) before you engage in 
any debate...

If you wish to cyber  do it someplace else. 

If you wish to communicate do so...


♪Fresh Elf and Dwarf Music: ♪ , under name: merlin mab morgereth


The music files uploaded there are limited to six. Feel free to add link, download etc.




<img:> Merlin Mab's Poetry <img:>


<img:> Merlin Mab's Photography <img:>

Lists to check if you're bored -> Merlin Mab's Lists


House redesigned by [Chrysilla]. If you need her services, go to house redesigner

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