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Well.... that had been entertaining. Lire walked through an alley way surprisingly calm for the fact that she had blood splatter on her face and one of her hands had blood smeared on it; in fact it looked like she'd just tried to wipe it on her clothes. Ok, not really.... the target had been pathetically easy to find and she had barely put any effort into getting close enough to kill him. Did he not know she'd been hunting him or did he think a gun was honestly going to stop her? Frankly she was insulted over his assumptions and had taken the liberty of decorating his living room in her own gruesome style. Hmmm... ok this was it. She stopped in front of an old looking door and knocked twice and then once. It was opened by a hulking man and she barely spared him a glance as she stepped inside. She just wanted to get inside and get washed off... maybe she'd take a night and do something before she went back to Honduras. She automatically glanced around at the people in the room, the goon was standing there in silence and she could see someone from the doorway, a young looking guy. Hmmmm... he could be fun. She mused quietly to herself as she started to climb the stairs towards the room she'd been given for her use.

This night was turning out to be a drag. Roach had promised Caleb that these guys knew how to throw a party, that there would be something to fucking do. So far it was just a bunch of spanish-speaking sons of bitches who smelled like they bathed in cheap cologne and aired out in a smoke house. Growling to himself as he tipped his head back to down the rest of his beer, Caleb decided he was gonna go home. Nothing was happening and if he wanted to sit on the couch, watch TV, and drink he could have done so at home and gotten laid on top of it. Just as he turned to Roach, the stick-thin twenty-seven year old with slicked back, greasy black hair sprawled out beside him, his dull blue eyes fixated on the screen in front of them, to tell him that they were leaving someone caught his attention from the corner of his eye. He turned his head just in time to see a slender beauty with dark skin and hair walk past the room up the narrow stairs to the second floor. An appreciative smile crossed his face,and he set the now empty bottle on the stained carpet in front of the couch and stood, stretching before he moved to follow the path she'd taken.

As he crossed in front of Roach, the man snapped out of his prime time daze and shook his head, looking up to Caleb with a frown. "Where you going?" He asked, sitting up and stretching a bit before falling back into the worn couch cushions.

"No where, I'll be right back." Caleb replied dismissively before bypassing the over sized gorilla standing in the hall and quickly making his way up the steps. The corridor was badly lit and dirty, the walls cracked with entire chunks of plaster missing and the doors lining the hall were all shut. He wondered which one she'd disappeared into and decided that, for a little while at least, he could wait, leaning against the wall at the top of the stairs while planning what he was going to do once she came out.

Lire reached the top of the stairs and glanced at the row of doors before walking to one half way down the hall and stepping inside. She closed it firmly behind her but soon realized the lock was not working. "Fucking ass." She cursed. God, this fucking place was horribly pathetic; she'd be sure to tell her Father the situation of his branch here; hell that mark had been so easy it was a testament to their laziness and ineptitude that she'd been called in to deal with the old bastard. She was in a foul mood as she removed her knives, placing them in easy grabbing distance, and slide out of her bloodied clothes. She left them in heap of sticky cloth as she walked, completely naked, to the bed and grabbed a towel. She paused and hit the radio so the boombox started blasting heavy metal before scooping up her knives and carrying them, along with the towel, through another doorway. After a few seconds water could be heard running as she stepped into the shower. After a few minutes the water shut off and she emerged back into the bedroom, this time wrapped in a towel. She quickly dried off and changed into a tiny loose black skirt and a halter top that bared her muscular abdomen and was held together by 2 tiny straps that showed off the snake tattoo on her back that only had about half the scales filled in; though that was still at least 60 or 80. She slipped into a pair of tall, black stilettos, glad she'd had the foresight to bring the shoes. After towel drying her hair she wound it up and twisted it before stick in a sharped hair pin, more like a dagger than accessory, to hold it into place. Several more knives followed, most of them hidden under the little fabric the skirt had to offer. She then applied a bit of makeup and turned off the music right before stepping back into the hall way. Well damn... that guy was right there; sitting there just like a christmas present all ready to be unwrapped, but she just wasn't quite in the mood, she was more in the mood to start a fight than get laid but she figured she could satisfy both those urges at the nearest club.

Caleb licked his lips when the girl reappeared dressed to kill and all dolled up, as she approached him he moved, his large frame blocking the stairs as he leaned in to her. His gaze moved up her body slowly, the expression on his face and the posture he took overtly predatory. "Hello, I don't believe we've met before." He said smoothly, his eyes seeking hers, ready to use his gift on this gorgeous woman and get her to trust him. "I'm Caleb."

Wow.... Lire couldn't quite believe what was happening when she found her way blocked by this hunk of man flesh. Were they really so far gone that this blatant disrespect was normal? She thought incredulously as she wrongfully assumed Caleb was part of her father's group. Well... He was hot... But first she would have to teach him a lesson... She wasn't going to let underlings think they could just have her, much less get in her way. She smiled at the thought of the fun she could have with this sexy specimen as she returned the gesture and let her eyes boldly run over his body, her expression equally predatory, paying particular attention to his crotch before lifting her gaze and meeting his eyes. "Yes... I believe there is a reason for that." Lire answered as she smiled while still staring directly into his eyes, "My name is Viper." She purred pleasantly; fully aware that any goon of her fathers would recognize the name. Her voice had a moderate Spanish accent to it but was still smooth and sure of herself.

Caleb watched as this sexy, slender woman look him over like a prime piece of meat she was considering buying and smirked. She was confident, cocky even, with an air of danger and death lingering all over her, but that wasn't a deterrent to him. The moment her eyes met his Caleb exerted his power: You like me, you trust me. Her pupils were slitted, like a snake, he wondered as he continued holding her gaze if those were contacts or if she was the real deal. "I'm Caleb," He replied, showing no signs of recognizing hers and offering her his hand, then adding with a coy smile: "I like your eyes. Are they real?"

Lire's raised and eyebrow and narrowed her eyes as she folded her arms against her chest, what the hell? Why wasn't it working? She was startled but there was no way she was going to give that away to this man, but now she had a more serious incentive to find out about this man. She was completely oblivious to Caleb's persuasions and when he offered his hand to her she didn't take it, instead staring into his eyes as if her power would suddenly start working." "Of course they're real." Lire purred and tilted her head curiously as she took a step forward, he must be a mutant... there was no other reason she could think of that her abilities wouldn't work on someone. He was still admiring her and she smiled at him and threw one arm around his neck and pressed her body full length against his. "Now why don't you tell me what type of mutant you are." She murmured quietly into his ear before nipping at his earlobe.

Caleb watched the woman's face, waiting for that tell-tale change of expression that indicated his power over them. A slight blush, a softened gaze, a smile creeping up on their lips as they talked to him; when he saw none of these he frowned. His hand dropped, brows furrowing as she came closer and then rising when she pressed herself against him and leaned in the whisper in her ear. He looped an arm around her waist without a second thought and pulled her tighter again him, enough that she could no doubt feel his response to her lithe form rubbing up on him through the crotch of his jeans. "I could ask you the same thing, Viper." He retorted, quickly overcoming his surprise. A light shudder ran through him as she teased him with her teeth on his ear, accompanied by a low, masculine growl. It didn't matter to him really what she was, all he knew was that he wanted her.

Well.... she was going to have this branch eliminated when she got home. Lire thought to herself sourly when Caleb answered her with a question. She briefly considered just killing him now but disregarded the idea when she felt him against her thighs. Hmmmm.... he was worth letting live for a while. She mused thoughtfully and let her hand drop to rub the hardness before she released him. "Well then, Caleb," she said as she smiled at him, "I will see you around." She made to step away. It was a game she often played to see how bad a target wanted her, and frankly she still wanted a couple of drinks. She ducked under his arm and tried to slide past him, making sure to give him an opening just in case he turned out to be the type of aggressive man that peaked her interest.

Caleb didn't take rejection well, wholly unused to woman just walking away from him before he was through with them. Hen turned quickly, his arm shooting out in front of her as, stopping her from continuing forward as he used his other hand to grab her shoulder and make her face him, his body pressing forward at the same time, quickly pushing her back up against the wall. "I don't think so." He said. There was the threat of violence in his voice as he placed a hand on either side of her head and leaned in close enough that their faces were mere inches apart. "Come back to my place."

Good. He was going to be fun. Lire thought to herself in delight and surprise at his reaction, just who did he think he was? When he'd whirled her around she'd drawn one of her knives and even now held it at her side as she stared wide-eyed into his eyes, her own expression filled with false innocence. He obviously didn't know who she was and she was debating on whether she should let him continue without telling him. It would be so much fun to mess with him and she'd been so bored. Well shit, seemed he was the type of man to force a woman, Lire thought to herself ruefully as she struggled to keep a straight face. When he put his face right up to hers she blinked in surprise, just how far would he go? She looked up at him and managed to look just a little bit frightened as she played along with him, "And if I say no?" She asked, letting her voice have just the faintest of tremors.

She was faking it. He'd seen enough real fear, and been the cause of it, to know that for a fact. He shifted and eased closer yet, dipping his head down to place his lips at her ear. "You don't fool me little serpent. We both know you want this." He purred before pressing his lips to her neck and kissing his way down her shoulder, one hand dropping to her waist as he pressed his body against her. "I can keep this up if you want and you can pretend to fight me when I pull up your skirt and fuck you right here," His hand moved to her ass and he lifted her, pinning her there with his body, emphasizing each syllable with an imaginary thrust- "right now, up against this wall-" he continued grinding into her, letting her feel every inch of him pressed against her crotch before suddenly releasing her. "Or..." He chuckled, pulling away to stare down at the sexy little bitch with a smirk on his face. "We drop the pretenses and go to my place, then spend the rest of the night fucking."

Damn... Ok, she wanted him, there was something about a guy who knew what he wanted that drew Lire in, but by god she wasn't ready to let him see how turned on she was and lets face it... that first option wouldn't really bother her if it weren't for the fact she had to look professional in front of her father's group and wouldn't risk getting caught. It didn't matter how many people a girl killed; once a man saw her with her ass in the air that was all he would think about... a fact Lire found horribly frustrating. She pushed Caleb away, pushing her hand against his chest, "Now don't get carried away." She scolded him as she stared slyly up into his eyes, "I don't remember saying yes." She said with a raised eyebrow, and clicked her tongue sympathetically as she leaned forward to plant a kiss on his throat. "I don't think you understand what is going to happen. You're going to buy me a drink and you might get lucky enough to get me in your bed." She kissed a path down his chest with each word until she was almost kneeling in front of him and then stood up. She then pulled away, and crossed her arms. It was a bad habit that she had.... Playing with fire. But the violence that could be had in a simple act was intoxicating especially after such a disappointing mission, she needed a good fight to get her blood going.

"Mmm.... You keep telling yourself that sweetheart." He replied in a low, husky groan as she kissed her way down his body. Caleb liked this woman, enough that he was willing to hold off just a little longer to find out what others games she liked to play. "I know a place, just a few blocks down the road." He commented as he watched her go lower, feeling his jeans become uncomfortably tight as she neared his crotch. She would have looked damn good on her knees, but she disappointed him by coming back up, the only sign that he felt this being the momentary grimace on his face. With her standing before him again he offered her his arm in an uncharacteristic act of chivalry. "So, lets go then."

Lire grinned as she caught his grimace. Mmmm definitely going to be fun to play with. "Sounds good to me." She answered him as she placed one slender hand delicately on his arm in acknowledgement of his gesture. Hmmm he was full of surprises and she was curious to see how the night would go. It'd been forever since she'd had some decent sex... I mean she'd had sex... just not any good stuff. As they descended the stairs she shot a glance at the men who were they, almost daring them to interfere with her new toy as she smiled sweetly up at Caleb.

Caleb lead Lire out, giving Roach a dismissive wave as they exited the building, and a few blocks down the street, into a Thai restaurant and to the back, then up a slight of narrow stairs. Heavy bass could be heard and felt as it reverberated through the floor and the walls, and at the top of the stairs was a plain door with the eye of Horus branded into it. He looked down at the woman on his arm and smirked. "Have you ever been to an M.O. club before?" He asked while it was still quiet enough to be heard.

Lire looked intrigued, smiling as she studied the door. "No, I can't say I have." She chuckled and traced the horus sign with her finger. "Shall we?" She asked as she moved his arm and placed it firmly around her own waist. Mmmm she loved the heat on her skin as she waited for him to open the door. This was his territory and so she would allow him to lead.

With a smirk, Caleb opened the door and let out the heavy bass as if it were a trapped animal. the room was packed to the brim and, while it wasn't a very large bar, it was certainly a nice one. "Welcome to Rumors." He said to her as he lead her inside. All over there were people dancing and laughing and having a good time, many of which were clearly mutants like them. This was the place where they could proudly display it. With his arm looped possessively around her waist he lead her to to the bar manned by an older red-head and a young woman who looked too young to be there, and had light brown skin and a plethora of piercings. "what can I get you?" He yelled over the music.

"Whiskey and a water." Lire answered with a smirk. She quickly scanned the bar, you never could be to careful, and allowed Caleb to keep his hand on her waist. It was possible, if he showed her a good enough time, that she wouldn't have the branch cleansed. Of course that all depended on how good he was in bed.

He rapped smartly against the counter, drawing an eyebrow raise from both women, though the red head then approached. "What can I get for you?"

"A whiskey and water, and a beer please." He said, talking over the crowd again, then turned with a smirk to Lire. "So what brings you to Chicago? Business or pleasure?"

Lire thought for a second and then grinned coldly, "Well it was supposed to be both but my prospect of pleasure was sadly disappointing." She shrugged as she sat on one of the bar stools and delicately crossed her legs in a way she knew made them seem a mile long. She was studying her surroundings, her eye automatically sweeping through the room every few moments as she made sure that she was still safe. Suddenly her gaze flicked back to him, "So will you tell me what type of mutant you are?" She cooed with the confident grin of someone who was used to getting what she wanted with a snap of her fingers.

"Shame." He commented, almost nonchalantly. Their drinks arrived and he passed the whiskey to her with a grin, then took a long drink of his beer. "Maybe I'll show you later." Caleb replied, his eyes travel ling along her body approvingly. She's spoiled. He thought, that smile still stretched across his face. I bet she's looking for a thrill, a real man. He placed his hand on her knee and started moving it up her leg, maintaining eye contact the entire time.

This guy was fun. Stupid, but fun. Lire thought to herself as she raised an eyebrow and looked pointed down at his leg. "Do you plan on keeping that hand?" She purred confidently with just a hint of menace to make him realize that she was calling the shots in this situation. She was enjoying herself, most men were scared of her and it was nice, if slightly annoying, to go out with a man who apparently didn't know who she was. She could feel the weight of her knives hidden along her waist but she didn't feel the need to reach for them. This man was a predator, even if he was trying to hide it now he couldn't use his powers, she was determined to draw him out before deciding if he was worth keeping alive. She had said she wanted a fight. She uncrossed her legs and stood up to press her body full-length against his as she brushed her lips against his ear. "I am unimpressed." She whispered softly and then smiled as she turned away to leave. If she was right then he wouldn't take rejection well; if she was wrong...? Well she'd just lost her toy for the night.

Grinning, Caleb squeezed her leg,then sat back to take another drink, eying her up the whole time. she was fascinating to him, the way she spoke and moved, living up to her name, acting like a little ice queen when not all that long ago he'd had her pressed up against the wall and wet for him. Let her make her idle threats and pretend she was in control, he doubted she could back it up and, even if she could, he could tell she wanted him to play this game with her. It was nice; he'd gotten so used to the submissive fear his plaything at home that there wasn't much of a thrill in it anymore. So when she stood and made her taunt, then sauntered out, Caleb just threw a twenty down on the bar and followed after. He caught up to her outside in the back ally and didn't waste anytime. He grabbed her and threw her up against the wall. "I don't give a shit." He said in reply, his voice low and his smile and eyes filled with the promise of violence and sex.

Mmmm... this was perfect. Lire could tell he was following her and she allowed him to catch up, even choosing to do nothing as he grabbed her shoulder. She was caught slightly off guard when she was thrown against the wall but it didn't hurt her, instead she grinned as her eyes seemed to shine with feral excitement. Her chest rose with each excited breath she took as she stared up at him. "I'm not yours to throw around." She said warningly. She was waiting to fight back, debating whether she should let him have what he wanted or make him fight for it. Either way the girl knew what she wanted and she was ready to have it.

He felt it, as he threw her up against the wall, how she moved with him to soften the blow. He scoffed, shaking his head and stepping closer. "I bet you aren't used to a man that can handle you." Caleb growled, then pressed himself against her like he had back in that shit-hole he met her in. "You like being thrown around, you want it rough." His hands found her wrists and slowly moved them up, pinning them, almost gently, above her head. Still chuckling softly he dipped down and captured hers lips with his.

Lire grinned. Her entire body was tense, coiled and giving every appearance of a snake readying it's self for a strike. Even with her hands held above her head, she didn't worry and instead raised her lips to meet his for a brief moment before biting down, hard. Seeing him like this was exciting; it was downright arousing but it also awakened her own stubbornness and caused the violence that lay seething underneath to rear it's own head.

Caleb gritted his teeth and hissed through them, his face contorting with anger and pain. Keeping her wrists still with one hand, he quickly reached between them and dug his fingers into her cheeks, pressing hard so that he forced them between her teeth. "You little cunt." He snapped, but instead of lashing out at her he slipped his hand to her throat and buried his face into her neck. "I'm gonna fuck you raw and make you scream my name." He growled, then bit her back, just as hard and forced his knee between her legs.

It was strange. Lire was almost allowing him to rape her, in fact she was purposely goading him into more violence. A stab of irritation surged through her for a brief moment as he grabbed her face and forced her to look at him and for a moment she glared into his eyes, pissed that she couldn't freeze him in place. Then he bit her and she gasped as a ripple of arousal spread through her body. She wasn't ready to let him have her though and she moved her leg to the side, for a moment granting him access before she brought her heels down in an attempt to hit the back of his knee, a blow that wouldn't be incredibly painful but would make him release her unless he planned to drag her down to the ground with him.

Feeling the pain of her foot jabbing into the open, soft spots behind his knees, Caleb grunted with surprise and pain and fell, but not without pulling her down with him. The hand gripping her throat slid around and tangled itself in her hair, jerking her head back, the fingers of his other digging into her wrist as he came down and then rolled so that she was beneath him. Snarling like a beast, he let go of her hands and slapped her smartly across her pretty face, even while he was pressing his hips down against her, grinding against her. He smiled before kissing her again, and the hand that had smacked her slipped in between them, moving down between her legs.

Well that had backfired pretty badly. Lire was dragged down to the ground and soon she felt him roughly climb on top of her. He was hurting her but not hard enough for her to want to make it stop, if anything she was excited and her eyes gave it away as she grinned harshly. She arched her back when he pulled her hair back, though she knew he would find the sharpened hair pin, possibly even pricking his hand on the hard point. She bucked her hips against him in response and let out a small gasp as she felt his hands moved down her body. He would be finding the knives right about now, playing around in her clothes. It would be easy, now that her hands were released, to secure one and stop this, a quick thrust into his side would end it all. No, she wanted him and her body tingled as she remembered his promise to make her scream his name.

He felt her smile against his lips and grinned fiercely. He’d pinged her right for sure. Her body was moving with his, pressing upwards in encouragement, and he was more than willing to push her a little further. As he pulling at her hair he felt a sharp prick on his hand and cursed, letting it go only to find, as his other was traveling down the length of her body, that she had come surprisingly armed for how she was dressed. A brow cocked as he sat back on his haunches, his eyes flashing. “Why don’t you just take all that off so I can fuck you?” It was more of an order than a request as he placed his hands on her exposed upper thighs and began moving them up and inwards slowly, wary of anymore sharp instruments she might have on her person. He’d mistaken her for the overly sexed up daughter of some big name in the business, flaunting herself in front of his men, thinking herself untouchable; but he was starting to suspect that he was wrong. The look in her eyes, the way she moved, the small arsenal of knives on her body- I’d be damned. I think she’s a fucking assassin. and he was gonna tap that anyway.

Lire grinned and watched him from beneath dark lashes. It seemed he finally realized what he'd gotten in to and she'd be damned if he didn't look excited. She shivered as she felt his hands trace over her thighs and she suddenly sat up so that her face was inches from his. "Don't you like knives?" She purred as she slowly reached to her waist and pulled out one of the weapons and let it fall to the floor. "You should see the things I can do with a knife... I can teach you to love them." She didn't have a bunch of knives hiding on her, she was pretty scantily dressed, but she pulled one of the remaining knives out and lifted it with the intention of pressing the point against his neck and dragged it lightly down, not hard enough to cut.

Caleb felt the shudder run through her as he stroked his way up her legs, but paused the movement when she sat up to face him. "No," He replied, his voice coming out as a low growl. "I prefer to use my own bare hands." To drive his point home he squeezed her thighs, hard, but not so much that it hurt, only to be rewarded with a knife tracing his throat. Caleb stilled, not showing any sign of backing down at the subtle threat, but instead grinned. "but I think I can teach you a thing or two." With the knife still pressed again his throat he leaned into her, placing a hand on the grown beside her and another on her back as he slowly guided her back down to the ground, until they were both horizontal. The hand on her back came around again, back to her thigh, then upwards more quickly now until he was up her skirt and stroking between her legs.

"Oh?" Lire blinked and then a cool smile spread on her face as she expertly twirled her knife so the blade was facing away from his neck before she let it drop to the ground beside her. "And what can you teach me?" She asked smoothly as she was lowered to the ground and then shivered as she felt his hand between her legs. "You're going to have to better than that.... weren't you going to make me scream your name?" She goaded as she smirked up at him. She wanted the anger and violence she'd seen in him earlier, enough that she was lifted her head up as if to nuzzle his neck. She opened her mouth with the intention of delivering sharp bite to the tender flesh.

Lire received exactly what she had been asking for with the little stunt she pulled. Caleb growled, penetrating her roughly with his fingers while he used his other hand to disengage her teeth the same way as before. She'd wanted violence, and he was going to give it to her. He ripped her panties yanking them off of her, shoved her skirt up, had his pants undone, and her legs folded over her in under ten seconds, then rammed himself inside of her in one hard thrust. He didn't give her time to adjust as he began brutally pounding in and out of her, yanking on her hair with one hand while the fingers of his other dug into her hip until they left clear bruises. He leaned in, kissed and nipped at her lips, then her breasts through the thin fabric of her halter top and she replied by biting and scratching him back. It was rough, violent fucking right there in the ally, though they were never disturbed, and as frequently sexed up as Caleb was he had plenty of stamina to fuck her raw, which seemed to be his only goal. As he started coming closer to his own climax his hips picked up speed and his free hand found her throat, squeezing just enough to make it harder to breath, a hungry, viscous look in his eyes as he glared down at her. "Scream fro me bitch." He commanded with a growl, determined to get that much out of her or else.

You couldn't rape the willing and Lire was definitely willing. She grinned after her jaws were forced open and he ripped the clothes from her body. She was just as wild and crazed as he was, joyfully bucking her hips to take him in deeper and grateful that she'd already been well lubricated. The abuse he supplied her was delicious and she gladly returned the favor as she buried her nails into his back and shoulders. She was panting for breath with each brutal thrust and she thought admiringly of the stamina this man obviously had. She was close to achieving her own climax when she felt him speed up and suddenly his hand was on her throat, pressing down hard enough for her to have to fight struggle for breath. She wanted to refuse him, to smirk up at him and tell him to make her but he already had. There was something about having it rough, about feeling someone else violently gain control to the point that when he wrapped his hand around her throat, he discovered a guilty pleasure, one even she hadn't known existed until the moment she arched up and cried out under one of the most powerful orgasms she'd had in her life.

Caleb waited her out before finally letting himself finish inside of her, grunting with satisfaction as he pulled out of her and sat back on his heels for a second while he caught his breath. “Looks like I win.” He commented after a few quiet moments, a smirk plastered on his face. Rising to his feet he tucked himself away and zipped up, then bent slightly and offered her his hand to help her up. She was an absolute mess, albeit a sexy one, and, in an act of uncharacteristic kindness, slipped off his jacket to offer it as well before slipping a smoke out of his pocket with the other hand. “My place then?” He asked with raised brows as he put the cigarette between his teeth and pulled out a lighter to light it.

Hmmm. That had been... delicious. Though, Lire was not exactly pleased that he'd finished inside of her. Pregnancy was not a worry; she was on birth control and had been for years. She sat up and then stood, ignoring his hand as she gained her feet and unsteadily leaned against a wall. The strength was slowly leaking back into her legs and she bent down to scoop up the knives and hair pin she'd dropped. "Why would I go to your place?" Lire, ran her fingers through her messy hair and then expertly twirled it and arranged it on her head before sticking the sharped pin through it once more. She smoothed her clothing, a bit irritated with the dirt on her outfit, and waited for a response.

Seeing that she’d refused his offer to help, Caleb merely shrugged and stepped back, taking a drag from his cigarette and exhaling the smoke into the night air. He wondered, what with the way she acted and how she was armed, if she might not be able to enjoy his little house pet. The idea of going back to the house, having a few more drinks and then fucking the rest of the night away was fantastic, but another idea was starting to take root beneath the now messy shock of copper hair on his head. “Well for one, you’re a fucking mess, and I doubt you want to go back looking like you just got fucked in an alleyway,” which was exactly what had happened, “and two, I think I have something there that might interest you.” He said with a growing smirk as he watched her try to tidy herself up.

"Oh really now?" Lire seemed to perk up as she glanced in his direction. "And what might that be?" She purred curiously. She was now slipping her knives back in place, twirling them through her fingers absently before making them vanish out of sight until they'd been hidden with hardly a trace that they'd existed. The mess she wasn't worried about. It wouldn't be hard to sneak into the safe house considering how lax the branch was and she silently reminded herself to make sure she reported them when she got home.

"A pet, of sorts." Caleb replied, careful with his words now as he continued eying her up, his eyes glinting in the dim light. "I guess you could refer to her as my unwilling house guest." He took a step closer, taking another hit before holding the smoke out to her in offering. "You interested?"

Hmmmm.... Lire paused thoughtfully before she smirked coldly. "Lead the way." She grinned as she accepted the cigarette and took a long drag. "Its been a while since I've had two new toys in one night."

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2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: so we talked before about how they met but I dont recall the specs, who was how old? also, depending on the time frame Sasaiya would have been at his house 0_o

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: Hmmmm well I think we'd decided on Lire having met him when she was in Chicago on "business" (Right before she basically betrayed her group.) We could do Lire never actually went into Caleb's house and Sasaiya only saw her from afar... it'd give Sasaiya the chance to recognize her and have an excuse for not recognizing her right off the bat

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: oh by all means they could end up at his place, caleb had sasaiya take wolfdog form when he had company over,so maybe lire looks familiar to her but she probably wouldn't remember her out of all the other girls caleb brought over, and if lire ever see's her in wolf form she might remember the strange red eyed dog at calebs house

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: OK! Want me to start?

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: yes, but how many years ago would this have been?

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: about 2 and half? So... Lire is just about ready to turn 18 ^_^

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: cool

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: sry it took me so long :/

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: no big, the guys there are just kind of loitering right? hanging out and drinking beer?

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: Yup pretty much :) Add to surroundings as you see fit

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: Hope the posts works for you; I figured Caleb might enjoy the chance of finding a woman in the shower

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: I dunno, won't she kill him for finding him in her room?

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: No, but she'll draw a knife on him lol

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: I can change it if you want

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: might have to, he's bold, but not that bold lol and even if she wasnt capable of killing him there would have been a good chance that a regular woman would have screamed and drawn attention to what was happening before he could silence her

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: better? ^_^

2013-08-18 [The Black Goat]: yes ^^ I'm goign to post in the am, I have cleaning to do now lol

2013-08-18 [Lirerial]: kk :)

2013-08-20 [Lirerial]: Poooooooooooooke

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: I will post, just having a really rough night sot most likely tomorrow

2013-08-20 [Lirerial]: hope you feel better !!

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: its the baby actually, she's already up too, 6am =P kept me up to midnight last night

2013-08-20 [Lirerial]: Ack I know that feeling :/ definitely don't miss those days

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: she normally goes to bed just fine but her ten year old step brother tried picking her up by her hands and sprained her wrist

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: Caleb watched as this sexy, slender woman look him over like a prime piece of meat she was considering buying and smirked. She was confident, cocky even, with an air of danger and death lingering all over her, but that wasn't a detterant to him. The moment her eyes met his Caleb exerted his power: You like me, you trust me. Her pupils were slitted, like a snake, he wondered as he continued holding her gaze if those were contacts or if she was the real deal. "I'm Caleb," He replied, showing no signs of recognizing hers and offering her his hand, then adding with a coy smile: "I like your eyes. Are they real?"

2013-08-20 [Lirerial]: Oh damn, poor baby :( hope she her wrist feels better

2013-08-20 [Lirerial]: Do their eyes cancel out?

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: I think we decided his would work on her at the same time she uses hers on him. I forget though, is hers automatic or does she have to purosefully do it?

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: If hers is automatic then, thinking about it, it would be cool to have them cancel each others out

2013-08-20 [Lirerial]: Ok :-) hers is automatic

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: Are we going to link this to plottage?

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: then she could be shocked hers isnt working on him

2013-08-20 [Lirerial]: Heh sry I took a nap when my baby took one. Yea, she will. I'll post in a few mins. We could, doesn't matter to me

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: I believe the rules are we can but we have to password protect it if it has sexy stuff in it, which is the direction I'm assuming this is heading ;)

2013-08-20 [Lirerial]: Lol yea...

2013-08-20 [The Black Goat]: since it's just us I'm not bothering with the name bold thing,is that okay?

2013-08-20 [Lirerial]: Yea, its fine. I just have the habit. I don't even realize it

2013-08-21 [Lirerial]: damn it, I was just gonna change it again lol

2013-08-21 [The Black Goat]: oh sorry I keep bringing it up to work on it and then am reminded that i'm supposed to be doing dishes

2013-08-21 [Lirerial]: lol it's fine :)

2013-08-21 [The Black Goat]: done yet?

2013-08-21 [Lirerial]: yea, sorry :/ couldn't decide which one :p

2013-08-21 [The Black Goat]: lol I liked this one a bit better than the first

2013-08-21 [Lirerial]: lol ok good, I was worried you wouldn't have enough to react to

2013-08-21 [The Black Goat]: hows that?

2013-08-21 [Lirerial]: good :)

2013-08-25 [The Black Goat]: "Mmm.... You keep telling yourself that sweetheart." He replied in a low, husky groan as she kissed her way down his body. Caleb liked this woman, enough that he was willing to hold off just a little longer to find out what others games she liked to play. "I know a place, just a few blocks down the road." He commented as he watched her go lower, feeling his jeans become uncomfortably tight as she neared his crotch. She would have looked damn good on her knees, but she dissapointed him by coming back up, the only sign that he felt this being the momentary grimance on his face. With her standing before him again he offeredd her his arm in an uncharacteristic act of chivalry. "So, lets go then."

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: ha ha, he took her to rumors ^^

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: we should list this on the page page for funnsies ;)

also, damn I miss caleb ^^

2014-05-18 [Lirerial]: Yes, yes we should. We should also finish it ^_^

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: I'm getting there, it takes alot to get into calebs head, not my natural state you know?

2014-05-18 [Lirerial]: hahahaha I love playing Lire against Caleb. He was like her soul mate

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: too bad i had to kill him ^^

I had been really looking forward to the whole Sai attacks him and rips his eyes out and then lire finishes him off and leaves him in a ditch ^^

2014-05-18 [Lirerial]: hahahaha yea me too! Although I think even Lire would've been a bit sad at his passing. *sigh* they really were perfect together. We should do some side pages with them working missions together

2014-05-18 [Lirerial]: pooooke

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: Can't post, on phone

2014-05-18 [Lirerial]: awww ok lol Do you want me to post this on the plottage page?

2014-05-18 [The Black Goat]: Sure, why not ^^

2014-05-25 [Lirerial]: Ok, that's a better post

2014-05-25 [The Black Goat]: lol Caleb loves a good chase

2014-05-25 [Lirerial]: XD Lire apparently enjoys being chased

2014-05-29 [Lirerial]: I think Lire would enjoy cutting his shirt off his body before letting him go crazy with her lol

2014-06-18 [Lirerial]: pooooke

2014-06-24 [Lirerial]: Same rp just further along. Wrong link I think

2014-06-24 [The Black Goat]: Bhhaa

How did that happen?

We need to fix the link

2014-06-24 [Lirerial]: lol ok

2014-06-30 [The Black Goat]: Hey chica, you mind if I summarize the rest in a block post? I'm not really in the mood for sexi stuff of late and I know it'll take me longer to write the posts as a result

2014-06-30 [Lirerial]: Yea sure, go ahead:)

2014-06-30 [Lirerial]: Lire's kinda a freak in bed :p

2014-06-30 [The Black Goat]: bahaha XD

2014-07-23 [The Black Goat]: Caleb waited her out before finally letting himself finish inside of her, grunting with satisfaction as he pulled out of her and sat back on his heels for a second while he caught his breath. “Looks like I win.” He commented after a few quiet moments, a smirk plastered on his face. Rising to his feet he tucked himself away and zipped up, then bent slightly and offered her his hand to help her up. She was an absolute mess, albeit a sexy one, and, in an act of uncharacteristic kindness, slipped off his jacket to offer it as well before slipping a smoke out of his pocket with the other hand. “My place then?” He asked with raised brows as he put the cigarette between his teeth and pulled out a lighter to light it.

2014-07-25 [The Black Goat]: When he move them back to Caleb's house and get Sai involved we should probably move it to a new password protected page under complications if that's okay with you

2014-07-25 [Lirerial]: kk :)

2014-07-27 [The Black Goat]: should we move to the new page now?

2014-07-27 [Lirerial]: Yea, I think this is good stopping point

2014-07-27 [The Black Goat]: Cool, I'll make the new page tomorrow and do a write up for the intro

2014-07-27 [Lirerial]: kk ^_^

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