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Image Help


A tutorial and informational wiki that is completely about how to use images on Elftown.

Image By: [tankerman], listed in Elftown Logos will be used for demonstration.

Firstly to insert an image on a page you use the following code:
For example the code for the image above is as follows:


Showing the Code using !uQt!

To show the code as I have above use !uQt! inserted just before 'img'
For example to make the code <IMG:img/new/sloakumElftown3.gif.256.0.jpg> Show up one should use the following code:

!uQt! can be used to render any code nonfunctional if entered in the right place. For example you can show the code for the link help by inserting !uQt! after the '@' symbol: [help@!uQt!wiki].


Resizing with links or thumbnails

Moving right along we now come to the sizing of images.

The following produce an image that has an altered size and links to the original image. This feature is useful for use as thumbnailing.

As you can see, the width of the image has been changed to 100 pixels wide.

making both the width and height equal to 100 pixels.

To change only the height of the image, leaving the width proportional to the height use the following:
Making the image have a height of 100 and a proportional width.


Resizing without links

From time to time one may wish to resize an image without making it a link. Such as altering the size of a graphic devider. There is no reason to make a link to the original image in such a case. [Unfortunately this doesn't appear to work for images that are not hosted on Elftown.]

As you can see the width has been changed to 100 pixels by the ?X=100 placed after the image location and also note that it is not a link.

This changes the height of the image to 100 pixels.

To change both at the same time use the following:
That changes the width and the height. Make sure to seperate the two values with the '&' symbol: x=100&y=100

x=width, y=height


I hope this has helped you better understand how to use images on Elftown.


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