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2004-08-20 07:02:00
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HI EVERYBODY  and welcome to hitchikers guide to the world

made by [Drakintana]

well i guess i should start off by welcoming everbody to my first wiki page. This place is for people to put tips and info about traveling to places around the world. note:before you go any further i will apologise in advance for my spelling.

if you would like to place any tips and info please place it under the proper region of the world( in the future ill try to place the names of all the countries in their corresponding region of the world). also if you see any mistakes i or any body else makes please try and correct them. and if you would like to suggest a major change just message me and ask ( im quite sure there will be many of them).

RULES:dont put crap in here that you know people probably wont use. If you have really specific stuff just let some one who wants to know more contact you. And just like everywhere else on ET DONT BE AN ASSHOLE. Thank you all very much.


North america
South america
Middle east

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2005-01-05 [barutha]: ah what a brilliant idea. ive alwyas fancied making somethign simlar but have never gotten round to it.

2005-01-10 [Union Jack]: Great idea!

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