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(WebArt by [Ittai])

This is where you can learn about the Great Workers and Orders of Elftown.

Elftownization of the world ->


The Workers

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The Orders

Great Order of the Builders

Builder -> Master Builder -> Great Master Builder -> Great Grand Master Builder ->
Great Grandest Master Builder -> Greatest Grandest Master Builder

Great Order of the Inspectors

Master Inspector -> Great Master Inspector -> Great Grand Master Inspector ->
Great Grandest Master Inspector -> Greatest Grandest Master Inspector

Fellowship of the Town Guards

Town Patrollers -> Master Patrollers -> Town Guards -> Town Guard Sergeants -> Town Guard Lieutenants ->
Town Guard Captains



Fool's_Day_In_Elftown (2003)
Fool's Day In Elftown 2 (2004)
Fool's Day In Elftown 3 (2005)
No April Fool's Day in 2006: <news:CRASH!>
A Daily Poem prank <URL:poems.html?nrs=745> (2007)
Fool's Day In Elftown 4 (2008)
Fool's Day in Elftown 5 (2009)
Fool's Day in Elftown 6 (2010)
<news:Spell Properly or be Banned!> (2011)

Where our beloved Fools for a Day citizens gave opinions about a tiny joke.
Remember you are only given permission to laugh with them, not at them :)

You can also laugh now with Fame Humour


Also see The Badge Reward System for an extensive explanation on how to earn each existing official badge.


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2004-08-27 [Ilivethelushlife]: im so bored thers nuthin to do here

2004-08-28 [Arctik]: No, there usually isn't much to do in the Hall of Fame. Try inserting a pair of scissors into a power outlet, that's fun.

2004-09-02 [blackenedrose*]: + wat get a shock? cum 2 think of is actually fun

2004-09-03 [Elenaia]: Hi I'm new! Anything to recommend I do here?

2004-09-06 [Za0 Zejala]: same here ^ wats up with this?

2004-09-07 [Morganath]: hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

2004-09-07 [cute_eyez]: i no am new ere but am deeply lost ne 1 else feel the same?

2004-09-08 [Property Of Teddybear]: must go to Gir lovers united@wiki

2008-05-11 [Teufelsweib]: (first, this is the first comment in about 3,5 years =D yay!)
the april fool's section, shouldn't it be updated..? or at least a link to the Mainstreet News Item, or something. *dunno*

2008-05-12 [iippo]: Do it. :)

2008-05-12 [Teufelsweib]: Making a whole new wiki page?
to be honest, I barely remember what the whole april 1st thing was about, having skipped half of those forum posts =/

2008-05-12 [SilverFire]: Don't need to really, from what I can tell of the other wiki's, they just copied and pasted teh news article, which should be easy enough to find.

2008-05-13 [Teufelsweib]: ooohhhh ok, will do then :)

2008-06-07 [iippo]: Maybe the april fools section should be moved to the museum, or the history pages...?

2008-06-07 [SilverFire]: I agree. And If I hadn't added it to our faff page, then I meant to. :P

2009-07-24 [Imperator]: The link to "Town Guard Captain" goes to a dead page.

2009-07-24 [Duke Devlin]: Probably because of the lack of one? XD Maybe? oO

2009-07-24 [SilverFire]: Eh, no. [True, plain and simple] is Guard Captain. The page linked to here isn't an official page at all. I'll see if I can find the real page.

2009-07-24 [SilverFire]: Fixed.

2011-06-21 [Cillamoon]: Was there a Fools Day for 2011 to post here too?

2011-06-21 [SilverFire]: yup. The news item about it should be in News Archives - 2011... for the first of April. :P

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