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<img:>Dragon Pride<img:>

Welcome to dragon pride, where dedicated dragon lovers reside.
Heres the banner, copy and paste it in your house description.


Picture donated by [spider]


1. Must love dragons
2. Must be cooperative with others
3. Must have fun ^_^


1. [WVhillbilly] founder
2. [yuki undefined] editor
3. [Yumi Hikari] I LOVE DRAGONS   
4. [SKULLHEAD] (Co editor)Dragons are mythological creatures and I love mythology ^_^!
5. [*~`Lady of Avalon`~*]~Dragons are said to control the world and me as well~
6. [Zere] Ooooohhh... I hava pet dragon!
Or maybe he owns me. *shrugs*
7. [Latex_sex] i just love dragons... ever so much.. hehehe DRAGONS ROK!!!
8. [~twilight pheonix~]
9. [bigboiy954]aww dude man i love flames that dragons do it naws
10. [star_warrior20] *loves dragons lots*
11. [The night stalker] dragons kick
12. [~Galadriel~] - Dragon's are the shit
13. [take me home and feed me]dragons kick ass
14. [Larien Ar-Feiniel] DRAGNS RULE!!!
15. [Zelrondidi-ji]
16. [drakkar] stuck in this human body really sucks
17. [Cati Stormweaver] I dont remember bot even liking dragons, Im a follower of the Draconic Wicca religion, and i worship dragons, and i also have a guardian dragon that i have seen in the dreamworld, she is a beatiful red dragon who gave me no fear over fire, and her name is Sylvia. ^^
18. [Twilight Killer Reborn] Lover of dragons...-no duh-. Mommy of dragon sons and daughters. ;)
19. [Property Of Teddybear] I love Mushu!!
20. [silvermoon dragon] i own well you cant own a dragon but on abides in my house well she sleeps outside she is to big to fit through the door
21. [Eloura]: [SKULLHEAD]'s pet dragon [Dragon name Lylu]
22. [Sweet 6 6 6--H.I.M.]:
23. [dimmu_borgir3212] lover of dragons and there ways
24. [Death_upon_u 6]I love dragons
25. [~*~bricklor~*~] dragons rule
26. [Penguinlord] visit dracology... I made the banners!
27. [ArchangelGabriel] master in Dracology (also able to prove dragons exist)
28. [Fire Hunter] my friend is a dragon and I'm half dragon myself
29. [Goodbye Forever] Dragons shall reawaken and *rule* the world!!!! mwhahahahahahahaha!!
30. [khjrikdurterk]
31. [~twilight falcon~]dragons kick ass!
32. [Eugenidies] Dragons - I LOVE! I collect anything I can get my hands on if it even comes close to resembling a dragon.
33. [Snowflame] DWAGONZ!!!!!!!!!^^
34. [Firelord] Dragons are my life and my death, I will love them FOREVER!!!!!!
35. [Elvish Dragon Fire] i have the soul of a dragon and they luv me 4 it!
36. [Erutan] I have the blood of the Ancient Elemental Dragons coursing through my veins. I am the Reincarnation of the Dragon of Nature.
37. [angelic damnation] ........
38. [suducing rayne]
39. [got r did]
40. [Ukia] I am a dragon trapped in a human body.
41. [Stupidhead] Hi!
42. [DarkShadowZ] ........
43. [Boogaman9891] In the end I will become one.....
44. [Squeaks]
45. [I dribble on people] Go my army, GOOOOO!!!
46. [Fireheart2233] I am Fireheart, Protector and Wielder of the Flame That Created Us All and the Dragon Goddess of Fire. I am doomed to die at the hands of the Great Goddess Rhapsody and her Dark Puppets when I have recreated the Universes for the last time. 
47. [demonsky] ive loved dragons for the longest mysterious and wise
48. [Draconica] a powerful and kind astral-sky dragonesses whith the power of evocation and magic.
49. [Cheshire Wolf] I know I dont seem like someone who would love dragons but I am an obsessent of them I know I know its werid and all but still I love the great and Noble Dragons for what they are
50. [Dragonite] Dragons are the coolest creatures, I don't think I'm going to heaven, I think I'm gonna become a dragon
51. [Witchyra] My biggest wish is to have a dragon, or alleast see one =)
52. [~Black Angel~]I collect dragon statues and i basically have a shrine in my room for them. I wish i could see them but alas they are to powerful for humans to see :(
53. [wolf-pack_NL]i love to drow dragons take a look in my hous and look at them
54. [blackwitch]I have an dragon his name is blacky and I love him very much!
55. [Lycanthrope Heart] dragons rock dude!\m/
56. [sealaryn] I am a reincarnated elf with a dragon guide her name is amytra and I adore her and she adores me I hope ye all accept me for what i am Kyela and goddess bless and I play a red green elf dragon magic deck and it took 5th place at the darksteel release tournement in Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City Im proud of my dragons theyre so Powerful Roawr
57. [The UnBlissed]the best thing about Dragons is their Dragon Hoard...
58. [icarii] flight through clouds among the majesty that we call dragons
59. [katagasaki] Dragons: Elegant, graceful, powerful, beautiful.
60. [Spirit Eclipse] Who wouldnt like the great power and the Beauty Of dragons?
61. [Gone!]
62. [Darth Wobble] Dragons, yay!
63. [Prettyinpink2] Dragons rox my sox....
64. [Arira] I really love dragons. I'm more into the intelectual dragon then the killer one.
65. [Denny Jojomojolojo]
66. [Sirfy] I have a special thing with dragons...and it started with Sakuryoko...thank you Sakuryoko :)
67. [The Assassin]Always loved em always will....
68. [Pedito]I was born in the year of the Dragon. I love em..
69. [Dwarf Ronin] I love dragons, I'm the best draong lover around.
70. [Malfunction] Dont know mutch about dragons but I love them!!!
71. [wolf_dragon] i love dragons. dragons rule.
72. [GriffinDWolf]Dragon's take flight
73. [Living to please Elizabeth]
74. [Frivalicious]
75. [I no longer come here]
76. [earthkynd]
77. [Anarchist Slut]
78. [Divinedragoon Dart]
79. [rabidbunny] *the dragon inside roars with pride*
80. [SpiralDragon]~love dragons with all my heart!my art!Pauls art
81. [orchidflame]
82. [werewolf grrrrl]
83. [Middnight0star]
84. [R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r] dragons are fierce, powerful, beautiful... and they can fly you anywhere!
85. [soul_collecter]
86. [Lady of Lore] Lover and drawer of dragons! Check them out on my art wiki!
87. [Demon Epona]
88. []
89. [I have left]flying AND fire? Damn what a rush!
90. [Erubeus] - There a more to dragons then just fire and flying and elemental control..I love dragons so much that I actually put my nose in a book and started reading about them :D

What good Dragon movie have you seen? [Pleas don't repeat]

1.Dragon heart
2.Reign of fire
3.Dragon Slayer (although the dragon dies at the end to a slayer *cries*
4.Dragon Fighter
5.Flight of Dragons
6.Dragonheart II
8.Dungeons and Dragons

What good Dragon cartoon have you seen? [Pleas don't repeat]

1.dragon tales
4.Dave the Barbarian
5. DragonBallZ (shenron the dragon in it)
6. Legend of the Dragoon (True, not a cartoon, but close enough)
7. Sonic Satam (Dulcey)
8. Dragon Booster
9. Pete's Dragon (huh-yeah-good movie huh? i luv musicals!)
10. The American Dragon (Disney)


Dragon Pride is sponsored by:



Viva La Revolution

Magic: The Gathering

Dragons United


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2005-08-23 [wolf-pack_NL]: the wat

2005-11-05 [CrystalBlaze]: ???????????????????? huh????????????????

2005-11-27 [pixietrick55]: danboo lost me, adios amigos

2005-11-29 [wolf-pack_NL]: oke

2005-11-30 [WVhillbilly]: hahah whats up im glade you all are like the word of dragons to all who love dragons as much as me thanks for everthing for you i am working on a new banner

2006-04-07 [sgarcia03]: dragons rock!!!

2006-04-10 [SKULLHEAD]: yes they do

2006-07-03 [CrystalBlaze]: Dragons forever

2006-08-19 [Lhung Eruva]: yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-08-21 [wolf-pack_NL]: a dragon in soul but wolfs blood runs trow my fines combinate the two and you go insain

2006-08-22 [CrystalBlaze]: what I said above *points up*

2006-08-22 [Lhung Eruva]: ok then

2006-10-14 [CrystalBlaze]: ROAR

2007-02-07 [CrystalBlaze]: hey its so neat me mom got me a flying serpent from the ikea store its green and so cute

2007-08-22 [Ukia]: I've seen it and can testify to its cuteness. 

2007-08-31 [CrystalBlaze]: Me name is BB at camp

2007-08-31 [Ukia]: BlueBlaze, you mean.

2007-08-31 [CrystalBlaze]: corse BB is me nickname

2007-08-31 [Ukia]: *sighs*

2007-08-31 [CrystalBlaze]: *sigh* y sigh

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