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Here are links to various un-official sections of Elftown where you can contribute. There are many different ways that you can become a contributing Elftown member, so we hope that there is one that is right for you. For official ways to contribute, see: Elftown - Contribution


Art Contests
A huge collection of art competitions by Elftown members, for Elftown members.

Photo Contests
A collection of Photography contests hosted by Elftown members, for Elftown members.

Writing Contests
Writing contests (both poetry and prose) run by Elftowners for other Elftowners.

Here you can make and list your own forum to discuss something you're interested in (don't forget to check that there isn't a forum for it already!)

Elftown Archives
Looking for a place to expose your written works or to read stories, poems, essays, and more by other Elftowners? Then the Archives is the place to be; come check it out!

Reference Pictures
Find free to use art created by other Elftowners ranging from animals to backgrounds to objects. Donate your own creations to the collection!

Digital Art Resources
Find free to use digital art resources such as brush styles and gradients. Donate your own digital creations to the collection!


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2003-08-05 [Komodo]: the wiki page should be easier to use

2003-08-05 [STARCUTTIE]: There should be a chat in here for people that want to join groups..... so we dont always have to wait for the news.

2003-08-07 [Emetry]: anyone i can contact about a job with the herald?

2003-08-08 [Nita]: Go to The Town Herald and read it :)

2003-08-16 [DaisyRowan]: anyone know exactly how, to upload apoem?

2003-08-16 [STARCUTTIE]: i dont know how to up load a poem...........but want to :(

2003-09-05 [DrakeRivenworth]: I'd like to be an inspector or something along the lines of doing something ^.^

2003-09-08 [STARCUTTIE]: ya so would i but i dont know were to go

2003-09-08 [Nita]: Where do you want to go? You don't need to be in a special place to do something useful ;)

2003-09-09 [STARCUTTIE]: be an inspector and stuff....and even if i wanted to go somewhere um i wouldnt have the money....hahaha

2003-09-09 [Nita]: If you notice a bug, report it. That's what Inspectors do ;)

2003-09-12 [STARCUTTIE]: oh...ok...wooh wooh thats a big job...haha

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