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I do not like the long url that goes with this page: Contact: *Artsie_ladie*/Sharon Donnelly, so I changed the title to: Contact-About_Artsie_ladie-Sharon_Donnelly. It's much better now as an url.

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2009-02-02 [moira hawthorne]: new and different

2009-02-02 [Artsieladie]: Actually, when I sign up on other sites, I always put the link back to my house in regards to myself (for my webpage url), but I just joined another site and it came up as a 'contact me'. So, I thought, but people can't really contact me by clicking on my house's link. This is when I realised that [Hedda]'s latest idea is a good one (<diary:1065182>). I'm not always comfortable in giving out any of my email addresses, so I thought that if I set up a contact page here on Elftown, make the page open to outside comments, it can offer me a little more security perhaps? Still no guarantees, of course, but who knows. They can leave a comment as to what they want or are interested in speaking to me about or they can even ask questions about Elftown. It will be a page that will have a lot on it about me, whereas I don't really use my house for. Not only this, but maybe a few will go on to check out some other links that I will be placing on the page as well, ...and who knows, maybe some will join. I have a ways to go yet with this page, though. :P I still want my house though, because I think the houses are a major part of Elftown's charm, which sets Elftown apart from any other site. :)

2009-02-05 [Alexi Ice]: You are always making Wiki's aren't you ^^ *Smile*

2009-02-05 [moira hawthorne]: My Latest Art:
~ "The Unicorn Watching Her King" ~
this is reallllly beautiful! but than all your horses are!

2009-02-05 [Artsieladie]: Yeah, Mitsuki, I love to make wikis. Actually, I'm in looooove with Elftown! *squeezles Elftown and squeezles some more!* Actually, this wiki is to play a significant role in my endeavor to make money, which I need desperately and this is the major portion of my time lately for I need to be able to pay those inevitable bills! ...And I don't do much of anything without bringing Elftown right along with me, because if and when I am able to open that proverbial door, [Hedda] can count on he and Elftown reaping a major part of the rewards of such. I've made this promise to him and I fully intend to keep it. :)

Thanks, Moira! The beauty of a horse is what I always try to portray. They are such magnificent creatures! :)

2009-02-08 [dragonspirit]: Hey Artsie_ladie, I was just checking out your new contact page, very impressive. You are very talented and I look forward to visitinr more of your sites and others. I think Elftown has a great array of talented members, but I really like your art and your poetry. I am at work right now , but I will be back when I get a break

2009-02-08 [Artsieladie]: Well, thank you! :D

Oh, wait a minute. Aren't you a new member? I watch the new members, because I want to see about bringing something together to help new members get acquainted with Elftown and its members more easily. *goes and looks*

Ahh, so you are! Welcome to Elftown! I am always glad to help anytime I can. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

2009-03-12 [Sir_Hans]: Hi, love! This is a very good page you have set up. I know you won't toot your own horn as you put it, but I will toot it for you. You are an amazing person, an amazing lady. Nowadays, you are a rare find and I find your prudeness (I prefer modesty) to be refreshing. Sex and sexually based people are everywhere. They are as you say, a dime a dozen, but you are a mint among the dimes, a true diamond in the rough.


2009-03-12 [Artsieladie]: Hans you are such a sweet fellow yourself. I know you are trying to boost my spirits. If all the men in the world were like you, kind and a stand up guy, it would be a much better place. *hugs back* :)

2009-04-08 @Not logged in user@: Thank you, my dear Hans. *cries* If it weren't for people like you that really know me and believe in me and know that I speak the truth, because you have seen the proof, it's people like you that sustain me. Yet, here I am still, trying to do something more for what I believe in. I only wish that I could love you the way you deserve to be loved, but I do love you! Please don't lose faith in me! Please don't give up on me! The day will come when I've been hurt enough, because you can't get blood out of a stone. *huge hugs*

2009-04-10 @Not logged in user@: PS... Hurry back from Sweden, Hans! Thank you for the flowers and the photos. I was wondering who could be sending me a package FedEx! You know I cried, but they were tears of a much different nature this time. *huge hugs* Gosh, I could kiss you right now and you know how I am about kissing! hehe Me, bad! I'm working on my own website finally, but it's brutal trying to learn. Google tells you what to put in, but they don't really do too well, explaining how. There's no point in setting it up for the purpose mainly to promote Elftown, if I can't get the right html in for Google Analytics, for example. I'm designing it in no other colour than GREEN, of course! I'm looking for an administrator to help me, someone I can explicitly trust. If any of my friends want an invite, just pop me an email at and if you know about websites, please let me know this, too.

*My warmest hugest huggles to all my friends!*

For those of you that believe in God and the blood of Jesus Christ and that He died for all of us, and even those who don't, a most Blessed Good Friday and a Blessed Easter.

2009-04-10 [Alexi Ice]: Hey Artsie, Send me an invite of course!

2009-04-21 [Sir_Hans]: Hi, love. I try. Don't worry, love. I will never lose faith in you. I have to agree with your sister. There are some that aren't worthy to even shine your shoes. I know what you have been put through here for I have witnessed much. Let those that think you are paranoid and crazy, let them. Won't they be in for a shocker one day? *winks*


Akane: Hi My Artsie must invite me first! I want to be her first knight in her castle, but this is all I will say because she has a magnificent idea and I don't want to reveal it. I hope I have not said too much already.


2009-04-22 [Alexi Ice]: ! Well if you are a knight I want to be a dragon! Or something.

2009-04-26 Galadriël: Hmm... What no likey vampires anymo!!?! hehe The dragon slot is already spoken for. Galadriël must decide whether or not she wants the dragon there in her castle. ;) Me thinks the unicorn might be better off without the dragon for she's at peace now. ;) But a certain Knight already in her castle is about to realise the wonder of her magic. What are houses compared to castles!? "My dear Mitsuki, you are most certainly welcome in my castle, regardless of what you choose to be." *hugs of magic* ;)

2009-04-26 [Alexi Ice]: ! Well I was not aware we could be evil creatures, if I had known that I would have picked vampire all along!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

2009-04-28 Galadriël: Ahh, I thought so. :) Even in fantasy, there's good and evil. ;) Ze "Vampire Castle" seems appropriately fitting then. No? *hugs*

A brand new day of hope has begun,
So brightly shining, the rays of sun.
The hearth of my heart is aglow once more.
A new perspective has opened thy door
To an understanding clearing my vision,
Renewing my trust, to reach a decision.
One that is unique, not commonly made,
Returning the spark in Galadriël's eyes of jade.

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