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Clubs Wiki


If you're looking for a club of some description to join, here's the place. Maybe you're an older member, trying to find others your age to talk to, or maybe you're looking for a fan club.


broken hearted fools still in love
Annoying Club Members Unite
Brotherhood of the brooms
Club Melon
Club Slash
Chilled out loons
Cromwell Look-Alikes
Drum junkies
Elfly Domination
Elftown Asylum
Elftowner rendezvous wiki
Elvenwood Silver Years club
Fellow furs
Fighter Club
Graveyard of Darkness
in tyler we trust
Jokers of Elftown
Kids of Elftown
Ladies in the Woods...Unite!
Lazy club
Loners Fanclub
Lovers of Elftown
Lynyrd Skynyrd Fan Club
Magic Society
Oh look! A chicken!
Peanut Butter Appreciation Society
Rainy People Club
Steven's fan club
Straighter than a Ruler
SuperTed Fan Club
Sweethearts of Elftown
Tangled Thoughts
The ~ Club
The Bakery
The Border Than YOU Club
The Confused Club
The Elftown Bookclub
The Equus
The Forsaken Club
The Gentleperson's Club
The Random Society
The Royalty of Elftown
The Ticklish Club
The Two Princesses
Tortured Soul Asylum
Town of the homeless
True Love Club
TSK Owns Me
The Typo Brigade
UI Uncovered Idiots
Vitriol Club
Zinka fan club


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2005-05-27 [~Saraneth~]: Can you please add Rant Out Loud!???

2005-05-28 [Dragonite]: Can you please add The Equus?

2005-06-28 [HELPLESS FALLEN ANGEL]: can u add Steven's Fan Club

2005-06-28 [HELPLESS FALLEN ANGEL]: Thanx

2005-08-19 [Harun]: You've got to add pirate club!! YOU'VE GOT TO!!

2005-09-01 [RA\/E/\/]: please add The Raven's Den

2005-09-02 [Yoruno]: It's already in the members fan clubs...

2005-11-18 [HELPLESS FALLEN ANGEL]: Can you add Benji Madden Fan Club? Thanx.

2005-11-18 [Yoruno]: It's now in the miscellaneous fan wiki

2006-03-21 [drakkar]: could you please add Magic Society

2006-03-21 [Yoruno]: Added

2006-03-21 [drakkar]: thank you

2006-07-18 [The all powerful Midori]: can you please add MARAUDING CUPCAKES OF DOOM@wiki? I would put those little bracket things on either side but i can't find them on this computer.... but I assure you its a real wiki!

2006-07-31 [drakkar]: could you please add fellow furs

2006-08-02 [Yoruno]: MARAUDING CUPCAKES OF DOOM is an empty page; Fellow furs has been added.

2006-08-02 [drakkar]: thank you

2007-03-03 [Raesha]: can you add Oh look! A chicken! ?

2007-03-05 [~username~]: Added

2007-07-02 [Adela Leafshanks]: How do you include a hyperlink to a wikipage in a comment? I want my club The Typo Brigade to be added to the list, but I don't know how to make a link -_-; Here's the URL anyway:

2007-07-03 [Adela Leafshanks]: Never mind, I have found out now :) The Typo Brigade

2007-07-10 [~username~]: Added

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