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Characters of L.O.D

Note: we need characters so feel free to join!

User name:[Winchester143980]
Character name:Sam White
Magical creature/race:Wizard
Age:890 he looks like he is 20
Personality:He has a good sense of humor,and he stick up for what he believe in.
Appearance:he is six feet tall, he has blue eyes, brown hair,he has on blue jeans,he wears a black t-shirt.
Weapons:A sword made of silver,a stick that he you'es magic with,and dagger that has same magic.
History:He was a wizard he's hole life.He's dad talt all the stuff he you'es day.He is the most powerfull wizard any body have seen.

User name:[Lolli Love]
Character name:Lily Rose
Magical creature/race:Vampire
Age:1,656 she only looks 19
Personality:She is a true leader. She will take controll when she needs too. If she isn't needed to lead she is playful and fun. She loves to play jokes.
Appearance:She is tall slinder and strong. She has on black pants with a tight neon purple shirt. her long black and silver hair falls to her knees but is most of the time in a pony tail.
Weapons: To swords that she keep on her back or her knuckle blades that are kept on her sides
History:She is one of the most powerfull Vampires left. Her whole family was killed but her little brother Miko. They travel together now trying to find the safe place to live where nortals dont hunt them for fun.

User Name: [Araglas]
Character Name: Alexander Monroe
Magical Race: Water Wizard
Age: 500, but he looks 18
Sex: Male
Personality: He is often timid, but at random times he can stand and be taller than most people if he is pushed enough. He has a sense of humor and he is easy to talk to once you crack his sheild.
Appearance: He stands at 5'7, and he has a medium build, because of the dancing he has done in the past. He has short blond hair and startling blue eyes. He has a scar that runs across the back of his neck in a thin line. He tends to stick to the color blue while choosing his clothes.
Weapons: He has a an abundant sorce of throwing knives, and a bladed fan.
History: He is the last of his kind, his family secrets have all been passed to him and its a terrible burden for him. His family was wiped out in the early wars between the different elves. His family was at war with a family of fire mages, and it looked to be a simple battle, but in the night they set fire to their castle and no amount of magic could put it out. He was the only one to escape. He now fears all types of fire.

User name:[Thrice]
Character name: August Pantonic.
Magical creature/race: Wood Elf.
Age:She appears to be about seventeen
Sex: Female.
Personality: August is rather mysterious, and quiet. She tends to keep to herself. She gives off the impression of being an outcast in a school life. Underneith her well composed mask, she's a rather warm and inviting girl. Rather compassionate and loving, once you get her to trust you.
Appearance: August stands at about 5'7, short for an elf. She has long, cascading auburn hair, falling in semi-curls. She has a rather angular and sharply featured face, with light blue, almost white eyes. She has a well worked body, rather slinder and muscled, while still being curvey and beautiful. She appears to be rather graceful yet mysterious. Instead of the usual shaped ears for an elf, hers are curved like a humans, and peirced several times. She is usually found in jeans, a tank-top and a sweater.
Weapons: August fights with a balanced one-hand sword.
History: August became lost when traveling with her Elven family when she was very young. She was found by two humans, who took her in, thinking her a very beautiful child. When they found her shapely ears, they had the tips removed, and curved to look like that of a human. She lives day to day with the family, living like a human. As days go on, her face becomes more angular, and obvious.

User Name: [Marche Runner].
Character Name:Marche (last name unknown).
Magical Race:  Werewolf (more or less a shape shifter, becuse at will he may change from human to wolfand back again).
Age: 18.
Sex: male.
Personality: Marche is shy, self conscious and worries about everything. Once he gets past his paranoia he becomes a fun loving kid ready to do almost anything (he is almost has a split personality one that thinks the world is out to kill him and the other is really him the couscous one is a defense mechanism that he built through his past).
Appearance : He is around six feet tall and has rich tanned skin with blue eyes. His face is flawless handsome and slender along with his body. Marche’s hair is the same color of his fur a off white almost cream color. He normally wears just anything he can find after shape shifting because he looses his clothing during the shift. The one thing he does keep around his neck is a necklace with a Silver locket that he was given the day his master’s daughter let him go she gave it to him and told him to never forget her, and he hasn’t and never will.
Weapons: he use his fist but mostly he just shifts into his wild form (wolf) and uses his claws/ fangs
History: In the past Marche was considered a “pet” by a family for the last 10 years of his life only thing was as he grew older he didn’t age like a dog he aged as a human and so the family grew suspicious be fore learning of his ability. He was locked up and beaten because of who he was. As the daughter grew older she finally let him go while her father was at work now he trying to find a family like his old one before the discovery.

User Name: [Just Dan]
Character Name:Westfall
Magical Race: Werebear
Age: 24
Sex: male
Personality: Takes pride in everything he does cause he only acts if he thinks its the right thing to do. Will fight to the fullest for what he beleives in. He is very VERY stubborn. And will only fight as a last resort.
Appearance : He stands 5'11" off the ground with a strong muscular build upon him. He has rough brown hair as strong as steel wool. Has a stern look on his face along with a square jaw line and no facial hair. Has deep brown eyes that seem to never end when you gaze into them.
Weapons: When he is in human form, his weapon is any blunt object withen hands reach. But when in werebear form he uses claws, fangs and sheer force.
History: about 120 years ago the werebear clan was forced to scatter because local human and elven villages alike thought of them as an abomination, and to bypass extintion they left in seperate clans to go into hiding.

User Name: [Koho Ai]
Character Name:Deridian
Magical Race: Shadow/Vampire 2nd form human
Age: Appears 20
Sex: male
Personality: As a shade/ vampire he is cautious and very shy but can go through a relapse if he gets to know someone. As a human he is happy, loving and caring.
Appearance :In both forms he stands at about 5'10" to 5'11". In his shade/vampire form he wears a black cloak and pants.He always has the hood up even in the dark. He wears black boots and gloves. He also has several black bands wrapped around his legs and arms to keep the sunlight from hitting him. Though in this form his physical description is that he has black hair and eyes. He also is of an average build and size. In his human form he wears white pants with a white cloak. Also, he has a nicklace with the emblem of wind around his neck.He has white shoes on and no gloves. His physical description is as follows is that he has white long luscious hair with bright hazel/blue eyes.
Weapons: In his vampire/shade form he wields a black bladed sword and a scythe of dark matter.He can make the weapons materialize out of thin air when needed.In his human form he has no weapons on him.
History: Deridian was born on a shadow plane that was not part of this world, but as he got older he was sent to this world to live in it as a shade. He was then attacked by a vampire and became a half specimen. Since then he has been through hell and back. He got his scythe and sword made of dark matter and was murdered by a young girl named Piercedskull who then brought him back to life as a hume. Since then he has been cursed by a darklord to change on the full moon into a vampire/shade and change back to a hume on the new moon with the equipment that goes with each on him along with his clothes.>

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