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Ziar Zenpachi


Ziar born 320 years ago on may 4th in the land of Iron. He grew up to be a great Samurai and fought in the 2nd great ninja war. During his duty as a Samurai his squad went out to find the ancient temple of Jashin. Too rid it of its insane followers. These followers had unexplained powers from their god and were a threat to not only the land of Iron but also the world, their existence was also an abomination to the ways of the samurai. When Ziar's squad found the temple and its followers. They quickly dealt with the facetious group and killed them for their crimes, but killing them was in vain, for the group could not die by normal means. Unaware of their powers Ziar's men were caught off guard when the zealots got back up too attack again, but being a Samurai as they were they dealt with them yet again. The zealots got up once again laughing maniacally so intensely that it would send shivers down your spine. Ziar and his men killed these zealots over and over again to no avail, till exhaustion and fatigue set in. Ziar with nothing left fainted then put on the altar. The zealots cut his chest open ripped his beating heart and placed it on a smaller altar near the statue of their god-Jashin.

In most cases Jashin would not accept anyone who didn't belive and worship him fully, but he saw the anger and desire in the samurai's heart. Not to just live, but to kill and take whatever he sought. So Jashin being the god that he is loving death, knowing that samurais longed for a swift and honorable death. That make him immortal would cause chaos in the young samurai's heart. Growing tired of these ancient zealots, Jashin accepted the samurai's heart and gave him life once again.

Ziar slowly opened his eyes looking around, trying to plan a sneak attack before the zealots killed him, but as he looked around he noticed two things. That some of the zealots were missing and more importantly that he was covered in blood with a huge hole in his chest, but more importantly he saw that a little girl laid on the altar next to him. A little girl that he visited every time he patrolled through her town. With eyes of confusion, anger, and terror. Ziar let out a huge scream of pain that would terrorize ones very soul.He Then rolled off the altar with eyes furious and began swinging his sword madly, in a insane rage. When he awoke from the rage he was on his knees crying to the sky, with the little girl in his hands. Ziar was unsure of how long he had been there crying, he just eventually woke up and carried her back to her home. He buried the little girl along the way under a tree in a field of flowers. Ziar would take her there while her mother was at work, and he was on patrol. He continued on to the village where he regrettably told her mother of the news and how he had failed and would be heading back to his village to amend for his mistake. He held her as she cried for hours then said what he thought would be his last farewells.

Ziar arrived in his village and told his elders what had happened as well explaining that he had died but was still alive. He appealed to them and begged them to give him a honorable death as a samurai, but he was denied. Ziar was to die, but as a traitor and to be known as one of Jashin's zealots and never to be regarded as a samurai. The consequence of regarding him as a samurai was death as a traitor. Ziar's heart felt heavy, he laughed at the feeling even though he had an aching feeling in his chest he knew there was nothing there, and he began to laugh in front of the court. They yelled silence, silence to Ziar, but he continued to laugh. He had lost everything, everything in his life, even his heart, but yet he still had one. He knew even if the elders killed him that Jashin had won.

Ziar stopped laughing and apologized to the elders for his laughing that it was not at them, but he was no longer a samurai and had no reason to obey them anymore. He began to walk away and the elders shouted Stop, Stop right there. Ziar turned around and asked why I cannot die, I no longer care for your rules or what you think and I no longer respect you enough to consider you samurai for you quickly disbarred anyone if it will make you look the slightest of bad. You are not samurai, at least not ones I was taught to be like. I will leave and never tell anyone that I affiliated with you, but I will not die in a way that dishonors my beliefs.

So Ziar did that the samurai pursued him a few years after his leave, but after awhile they just stopped. Turns out a war started between the nations and they no longer had time to chase after Ziar. It had been 50 years at that time when the war broke out 50 years that Ziar had not seen his homeland. The war lasted for many years and finally quelled, but in those years Ziar wandered the land seeing much death, fighting, and sadness. Not many years later another war broke out and the Land of Iron was caught in the midst of it all again. The elders that trialed Ziar were long gone before the 1st war broke out and the ones that replaced them died in the 1st great ninja war. A new generation was now in place and still not forgotten about Ziar, but what he didn't know that the men who pursued him were never hunters but messengers. The old samurais on the council that trialed Ziar felt shamed by the words that the young man spoke, and tried to contact him in the years near their deaths, to have him lead the new generations, not in a political way like they had, but in the way they preached. To lead them up in the way of the Samurai.

Ziar after many years had not aged one day, it had been about 80 years and he had not seen any more pursuers. So he went home to just visit his old home. He figured that no one would recognize him since they all would be dead or too young to know of him. He arrived in the village and the people were all whispering amongst themselves. Ziar found this strange but he was carrying his swords that were famous artifacts of the Iron, so he regarded it as nothing more then gossip. Ziar looked around and the snow covered land and saw some familiar sights but the home he knew was gone. Only statues of old remained, the city had obviously been rebuilt after the war, and he expected that, but it didn't change the feeling knowing that this is how it would be for the rest of his life.

Ziar was marveling at the new city when he noticed he was being fallowed, and not just by a villager, but by someone with a strong aura, someone who had either trained very hard all their life or had been in many battles. Ziar continued onwards ignoring the pursuer which wasn't hard after years of being chased. He came to a inn and decided to get out of the cold, it was probably best anyways since Ziar was walking around bare chested like he always was. He asked for some tea and something hot to eat at the bar, then sat a few tables down from the fireplace. He began sipping his tea while waiting for his food when he felt his pursuer walk in the bar. Ziar looked out the corner of his eye, a tall man in samurai armor, with a long fur cape, walk through the door then sit down at the table with Ziar. Ziar continued to sip his tea. The samurai sat there quite for a moment the lifted his hand for the barmaid and asked for some tea and commented about how it was cold enough to freeze hell over out there to his new companion. Ziar sipped some more of his tea.

The Samurai asked Ziar how he could walk around without at least a shirt in the freezing cold, where he was from, why he was here, and who he was. Ziar sipped his tea and set it down and asked the man a single question. How do you know me. The Samurai took off his helmet and mask and smiled. I was told stories of a man like you. Same height, same hair, and same swords, stories of a man who was trialed a traitor, a spineless, gutless coward who ran from his home when told he was to be put to death. Ziar's hand clinched around his tea cup at the words the man said and was about to put him in his place. right then the Samurai said. When he was truly the last Samurai among them. Ziar then was puzzled and unclenched his cup. For generations we've strived to become like him. I'm not sure if your really that man since he would be over a hundred years old by now, and you only look in your 20s, but I wanted to at least tell you the tale of Ziar Zenpachi the lost samurai and when we say lost we always tell the kids that we mean the greatest samurai we lost. The tall samurai finished his tea and picked up his helmet and mask put them back on. Thanked the nameless stranger for the drink and company, but he must be back to his patrol. Oh and also it was a honor to meet his hero and the reason he became a samurai. The samurai then walked into the cold back to his patrol.

Ziar sat there in awe, all these years away and the villagers never forgot him. Ziar finished his meal and went to pay, the owner just smiled and told him to have a great day that money was not necessary. Ziar left the inn to wander some more before leaving the land of Iron. He never once spoke to anyone, never once said his name, never once acknowledged that he was the samurai in their story, but everyone knew, and everyone treated him as such.
Ziar left with his heart at ease but saddened for the fact that all those years he resented ever being born in that village. Ziar wandered the world again till the next great war years later, and wandered his way into the battlefield and helped the land of Iron, the samurai there said wither he was real or just a spirit. The inspiration of their child hood tale being along side them was enough to win the war.

They asked him to come back and Ziar simply said no. He had not been a Iron samurai for a long time. Though the ways of the samurai flowed through his body to protect innocence and fight to help. He could never shake the feelings of hate against those who cast him aside. So Ziar wandered forevermore

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