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The Legend of Zelda

Welcome to Hyrule


The time has come where the Zelda fans unite! This is the page were we exclaim on how awesome Link is and talk about the many ways to kill Rudo...<<; >>;...ahem. If you have a love for playing Zelda all day and for kicking Ganon's but then this is the wiki for you!

Zelda Members - If you are a true Zelda fan at heart join now! And you dont have to ask me.


Zelda art - Show off your skills by posting your work of the many characters from Zelda here! I know more of you are artist. We need more art than this!

Zelda Badges - Of course, to tell every one that you are a fan of Zelda, we need a badge.

We Need More Badges!!

Zelda Fan Stories - Have a story you wrote or found. go ahead and let me know and I'll post it in here

Make the Zelda wiki better Give advice to try and spice this wiki up!!!

Zelda Sites

Zelda Games

Founder: [Aerith]
Inspired by: [Zelda]

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2008-08-08 [Estantia]: *Grins* nice try, but I was a latecomer too.

2008-08-10 [whitehot]: oh

2008-08-11 [Estantia]: don't worry about it. which zelda one's your favourite?

2008-08-11 [whitehot]: ocarina of time...

2008-08-11 [Estantia]: hm, I admit I'm a gameboy zelda fan myself, link's awakening is awesome ^_^

2008-08-12 [whitehot]: yeah it is.... so is link to the past

2008-08-13 [Lord_Guac]: Hey everyone, join Legend of Zelda:Requiem please!

2008-08-13 [whitehot]: i think twilight princess was okay but they could of put way more stuff in it.

2008-08-14 [Estantia]: You have to admit the graphics WERE beautiful though. What? I'm an artist ^_^'

I do admit it felt different, but that could be because they're trying to make it something new or used the old stuff in a forced way, I'm not sure.

2008-08-14 [whitehot]: ? i dont just wasnt enough to me

2008-08-14 [whitehot]: AND THEY DIDNT HAVE A FAIRY!!!!!

2008-08-15 [Estantia]: they did... it was just that it was the pointer.. and didn't do anything...

2008-08-15 [whitehot]: well it should have...........what was the fairys name in majoras mask? i keep forgetting

2008-08-15 [whitehot]: hey look at my pic on my profile.......i tried to draw legend of zelda in paint...didnt go so well

2008-08-16 [Lord_Guac]: Tatyl and Tayl were their names

2008-08-16 [Estantia]: Tatl, no y.

It would be nice to have a fairy again, But I've got to wonder what they're going to do for the next zelda...

2008-08-16 [whitehot]: thank you.........

2008-08-16 [whitehot]: hey i got something we can try.... its an instant messaging box....check it out

2008-08-16 [Lord_Guac]: Now, I HAVE to disagre, Midna was SO much better than Navi

2008-08-17 [Estantia]: they were just doing something slightly different from the fairies they'd done for ages, I wouldn't say it was good or bad. Though I admit i did want to kill midna several times (lunging viciously at her as a wolf releases so much aggression.)

2008-08-17 [whitehot]: i liked midna was just weird without a fairy

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