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Character info

The Basics

Name: Zataria Darkmoon
Nicknames: Lyra
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Werewolf
Occupation: Mercenary
Alliance: Alice… for now
Canon: She comes from the book series I’ve been writing… which doesn’t help lol


Height: 5’5
Weight: 135
Clothing: Black clothes and leather armor
Jewelry: none
Body Modifications: Her left ear has 3 piercings and one in the right. She has a long black tribal tattoo that runs from her shoulder, down her back and across her stomach.


Length: medium
Style: moderately ruffled and spike and a single braid threaded with beads hanging behind her left ear
Color: silver with black roots


Color: gold
Oddities: slit pupils

Alternate Forms

Build: slender
Height: 3 feet at the shoulder
Weight: 135
Hair: black with silver roots
Eyes: silver
Defining Marks: black tail


Personality: Zataria is a fairly serious person and prone to brooding. She has no belief in morals or honor as others see it, instead following her own set of twisted codes. She has seen people die and it no longer bothers her but that doesn’t mean she enjoys the kills. She is indifferent to the plight of most people and kills for whoever can pay her more or who manages to impress her enough to earn her loyalty. She is attracted to power and looks down on those weaker than herself, except for children. She keeps herself distant from most other people because she has little patience for stupidity, but when it comes down to it she is a pack animal and miserable in her self-imposed solitude as she mourns the death of her Pack.
Weaknesses: Children are a weakness to her… she won’t kill them or harm them. Silver is like poison to her, even its touch is enough to cause excruciating pain. If silver enters her bloodstream she is poisoned, the spread of the poison is visible as her veins turn black. She can’t heal as long as the silver is still in her body and if enough of it in her system will render her immobile. The scent of blood drives her crazy, it can even turn her into muttering jumble if she’s having a really bad day or make her more violent.

Abilities: She can turn to wolf whenever she wants but the transformation is excruciatingly painful for her and she will spend long periods in either form to avoid the pain. She is a very good hunter and actually a decent healer although that is definitely one skill she does not use often anymore.

Weapons: She carries a bow and arrows. She doesn’t particularly enjoy close combat but when forced to do so her claws and teeth make effective weapons no matter what form she is in.

Prized Possessions: Her bow was made by her father before he died, and she keeps it as a reminder not to trust anyone

Home(s): She has no home, she prefers to wander and never stays in one place for long

History: Zataria was once known as Lyra and belonged to a large Pack of werewolves. In her country, the Werewolves were a peaceful and honorable race that generally worked in one of two classes; Healers or Hunters. Zataria was the daughter of Shard, the Alpha of the Pack and worked as an accomplished Healer. Eventually, even though they had lived alongside the humans for centuries, fear spawned as the result of a new religion that invaded her country. She was gone gathering herbs when her Pack was attacked and as soon as she felt the danger she tried to return, but the pain soon crippled her. Werewolf Packs were very closely linked both mentally and physically, so much so that they could feel one another and talk to each other over distances. This was a horrible thing for Zataria as she was forced to experience every spasm of pain felt by every member of her Pack and worst of all she felt every death as if she’d died herself.
Normally she could’ve found a new Pack but the experience of her Pack dying and basically dying over and over again herself broke her mentally and they shunned her crazed ways. The werewolves, who had never fought a war were suddenly being hunted and wiped out by humans. At first the Packs tried to be peaceful and simply move; by the time they realized this tactic would not work it was too late and most of the species had been killed. It didn’t take long for the rest of the species to die out due to the overwhelming numbers since, contrary to legends, werewolves were born not made.
During this massacre Zataria was living deep in the wild, any humans she encountered were promptly dispatched. Eventually, after finding an injured human child and caring for him, her mind healed. Alex, the child, acts as her Pack and is one of the few things that keeps her sane. She does not live with him, he has grown and now lives on his own in a small village, but she visits him often. He is the only thing she truly cares about and she will be frantic to return to him, not knowing where she is or how she came to be in this place.

Zataria’s voice is melodious and pleasant, very out of sort from her fearsome appearance.

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