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The bartender looks up at you with a smile..."Now why would a man like you be looking for someone like that old fox? haha not any of my business, but rumor has it he is wanted by both the Federation and the Republic for transporting illegal goods. Either side would be willing to discuss a reward in the 7 digits for him, last time he was in Federation territory, he was caught plowing a respected generals daughter! Escaped just by the skin of his teeth he did.. The Federation had 6 whole Archillian Battle cruisers searching for him, I suppose the fact he was transporting stolen Cruiser Destroyer battery cells had something to do with it as well.. Well anyways, he is seen every now and then docking at the space station nearby, to unload his merchandise, and also in the meteor mining field out yonder repairing his rattled old rust bucket. its a miracle he still can fly that thing, they say if you gave him a spoon he could figure out a way too fly it! You believe that?! Good luck catching him though, the man is as sly as...well there really is no comparing his talents.. 

After debating it for a bit you decide to either go have a seat Twilight tavern, or go too Meteor mining fields


Username: [dead~spirit]

Character Name: Yasai





Yasai took an interest in flying at a very young age. A Federation commander found him flying a homemade shuttle craft, and had him escorted back to their command ship, where he was then put through the Federation Academy. He graduated top of his class, but shortly after arriving at his battleship he was released from Federation service due to insubordination. When released, he was determined to take one last swing at the Federation, and as a good-bye present, stole the power supply reactor of the battleship, leaving it dead in space for a week until a replacement arrived. Once safe in Republic territory, he sold the reactor and made a small fortune, which he used to buy the supplies to build his own ship. He realized the fortune to be made from his abilities shortly thereafter, and began smuggling any goods he could get his hands on, that other merchants found to be too dangerous of jobs.  

Character Description:
Medium-length brown hair,one scar covered by an eye patch, his height is 5'9,He weighs in at 165 LBS, He wears a Federation commander's coat, and two revolvers. Builds and invents for fun. He is known for his fast hands, and reactions.

Ship assigned on (if applicable):
Miss Fortune, a hybrid, hand-built merchant ship large enough in size to be comparable to a battleship. Built mostly for speed, with little armor.


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