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Character name: Yalesigna "Yale" Delonsse (pronounced yal-e-sEEn-ya del-ON-say)
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Class/Rank: Mage/Priestess (noble class)
Physical Description: She is of average height and build for a woman her age, slight and deft with little muscle and a fragile frame. However, her looks are certainly misleading. Although there is very little she knows of fighting, she could very well be considered an expert in the art of magic and summoning. Generally her hair is pulled up with ribbon, but she prefers to wear it down when she can. Yalesigna dresses quite simply in a white and blue dress-like tunic, adorned with beads for prayer and protection from demons. With it she wears plain brown and white sandals that strap around her legs (she occasionally keeps a dagger hidden here when a situation may call for it). Her pale blue eyes are bought out by the colors in her dress, but seem to reflect a somewhat green shade as well.
Personality: At times she can be much too serious, but this is generally because of the burdens laid upon her from the time she was quite young. Despite this, she is always optimistic and kind, willing to help anyone in need. She was troubled by the division of the Empire and therefore joined the side of the Immaculates, hoping that her teachings and blessings would once more bring peace. In general, Yalesigna simply wants people to be happy and enjoys groups of people when not in a serious meeting—otherwise she can be very quiet unless her voice is needed.
Weapons/Magic/Skills: As Yalesigna has little experience in fighting, she uses powerful magic to battle instead. She always carries her Velevinte staff, used to bless as well as to focus magic power and strength. She specializes in summoning, healing, and strong elemental magi, honed over many years of training as a priestess: aguante (water), infense (fire), juntere (electricity), kinhantre (wind), muntreale (“physical”/earth), and belevinte (spiritual). Using magic, she may wield the weak ability to read and even alter another’s mind for a very short time, such as simply making them think of something else for a few moments.
History: The daughter of the High Priest, Yalesigna was born into the role of priestess and protector of the people. As a small child her training began, focusing on simple magic abilities, and over the years these abilities grew much stronger as did her blessings and summonings. Her father grew old and weak, but remained High Priest despite his weakness; when the time came to join sides in the division of the Empire, he specifically requested that his daughter represent him and be part of the “Reconnaissance and Reconciliation” mission planned by the new leader of the Immaculates. With mixed feelings, Yalesigna obeyed her father’s will and became the second leader of the mission.
Other/Details: At an early age, Yalesigna fell into a well and remained there for a full two days before being found. Because of this, she is terrified of small enclosed areas or places with too many people, as well as a slightly lesser fear of darkness and of water/drowning.

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