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2005-06-29 15:07:10
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We Can Do Banner or Wiki For You....

Xnp Team Wikis
1.wolfdreamer's fanclub
2.Lois's Reign
3.Sunrose's Fanclub
4.HoLLy's Fanclub
5.ReaLDreaM's Fanclub


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2005-01-26 [wolfdreamer]: yes for me

2005-01-27 [ugursarac]: what do u want ??? ;;)))

2005-01-27 [wolfdreamer]: banner and a wiki

2005-01-28 [ugursarac]: ok ... tell me banner name & wiki name ? i will do... do u want wolfdreamer fanclub?

2005-01-28 [wolfdreamer]: sure...that would be awesome

2005-01-28 [ugursarac]: ok i m doing now...

2005-01-28 [wolfdreamer]: wohooooo

2005-02-07 [Yoruno]: Wow... may I have a banner for my dragon's house? His name is Beekeegloo... and perhaps something for my Wraith Chronicles... ^_^ *bows* Thanks a lot!

2005-02-07 [ugursarac]: ok i will do.... :)

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