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Username: [Xerin Zamaki]
Name: Xerin Zamaki
Age: 17
Birthday: June 27th
Rank: none
Physical Description: Xerin is about 5'11", jet black hair, gun metal silver eyes that are so dark they look almost black, weighs about 180, wears an orange hoodie with a shiringun on the hood, black tee with his clan's symbol on his back also has a small tat of his clan's symbol on his left arm near his shoulder, black baggyish pants with the hyuga clan's spiral near the out side bottom of both legs, and flip flops that are orange on the bottom, black on top.
Personality: Silly, fun, not to excited but never really calm, a.d.d, lazy, unaggressive when it comes to fighting, but when he does fight can be kinda crazy/silly, like hes not taking the fight seriously, gets bored easily, protective of what he has, since he has very few things, unsure of his past too a point, tends to just be everywhere, sickish at times because of his past and his powers.
Likes: Food, messing around, besides that hes not sure cause of the amnesia.
Dislikes: People who shun him, look at him weird, hate him for what/who he is and snakes for an unknown reason, again amnesia.
Clan Symbol: <img150*0:>

History of the Zamaki clan: The Zamaki clan was born with Xerin and he hopes one day to expand it.

History of Xerin: Xerin was born in a test tube and raised by himself in the treacherous woods of the Sound Village. Orichimaru had great expectations for Xerin but when Xerin turned 8 and still showed no signs of being able to use ocularjutsus Orichimaru abandoned him. A few years later Xerin came back and attacked Orichimarus lab looking for him with his eyes now matured and able to use Shiringan and Byukugan. Orichimaru tested Xerin to see if having both ocularjutsus made Xerin special or stronger, and they did. Xerin defeated all the experiments Orichimaru sent at him. Orichimaru then took Xerin back and trained him to become stronger. Another few years later Xerin gained the ability to copy jutsu and since he had all 5 elements he could copy any jutsu so long as it wasn't a birth trait, but there was a problem that Orichimaru and Xerin soon learned. Xerin could copy any jutsu, but with a price and that price was something dear to Orichimaru, more important then living. Xerin lost memory whenever he copied certain jutsus. Most of the time it was just short term so he'd either forget who he just fought or someone he just met, but the more complex and powerful jutsus like kekkei genkai he would forget days, months, even years. After Orichimaru learned of this he declared Xerin a complete failure and used him to test new experiments or as a throw away solider, by sending him on missions he was sure to die. Xerin later left and went into hiding until he reached the Mist Village. He then became a tool for the Mist and killed Kaguya Clan except for Kimimaro. Xerin then became an apprentice under one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Xerin does not know if he ever finished his training to become the next swordsmen. Nor does he know if he did where the sword is.
Xerin one day hopes to find a permanent home/village or to create one for himself and others like him, or for people who just need a place to go. He also hopes that he doesn't already have a village that he created and he just forgot about it...... T,T

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2010-11-29 [~Crimson Angel~]: That's pretty cool. I was talking about the amnesia, that sucks.

2010-11-29 [Xerin Zamaki]: lol I thought you meant being born into a world without parents and being considered evil and an abomination since he was made in a test tube

2010-11-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: No, if he was born at all he has a purpose right, even if Orochimaru thought he was a failure, maybe he's made for something greater, and Orochimaru couldn't see it.

2010-12-04 [KnightAngel]: One problem though, Kekkei Genkai can not be copied, which is why they're called that (blood-line limit)

2010-12-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: hmmmmm...

2010-12-04 [Xerin Zamaki]: I can only copy certain ones...and most blood line limits are just knowledge not anything special. Hakus and the 1st hokages jutsus even the 3rd kazakages jutsus could of been copied just most people can't figure out the balance. now I can't copy jutsus like Ringan or kimmimarus bone jutsus cause those are physical I stated this and the power of ocular jutsu's especially the shiringans is still not fully known. so don't tell me what I can and can't do I know the history I know the supposed limits. and If I copy to much at once I'll dye cause my body will forget to breath pump blood my memory lose isn't just to my brain itself but even to the muscular memory.

2010-12-04 [Xerin Zamaki]: which is why I stated earlier I have no fighting experience.

2010-12-04 [Xerin Zamaki]: besides this is an rp were not bound by the limits of the naruto world this is for funn.

2010-12-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: oh...

2010-12-04 [Xerin Zamaki]: Xerin only copys Kekki genkais if hes going to die anyways its not like I'm gonna be cheap and copy everything everytime

I'm not even gonna fight that much

its merely their to show my possibilities and strength I can find when needed too

2010-12-04 [KnightAngel]: *shrugs* Well the Naruto universe would probably disagree with you but sure and Blood-line Limits are called that because only that clan can have them or a few like with Kakashi if surgically added to one's body, of course then takes enormous chakra to use since it's not a original host body Haku's couldn't be copied, Kakashi said so himself :P

2010-12-04 [Xerin Zamaki]: kakashi also can't see elemental chakra he only copys handsigns which is why I can copy things like hakus cause haku didn't use handsigns only used a handsign

so yes they can be copied just not buy Kakashi

and you really pull out kakashi? I mean seriously?

now if Mandara said it then I'd not fight it but kakashi doesn't know shit about the limitations of Ocular jutsu's especially combined

2010-12-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah, he did, I loved Haku. He was so cute!

2010-12-04 [Xerin Zamaki]: besides that I'm a test tube baby genetically spliced with two ocular jutsu masters. your main trait is Byakugan mines Shiringan only cause my Uchiha's blood is more pure then my Hyugan's

2010-12-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: Cool.

2010-12-07 [KnightAngel]: <-- "The Sharingan's third and most well-known ability is that it grants the user the ability to memorize any technique that he or she witnesses, apart from other Kekkei Genkai techniques."

2010-12-08 [Xerin Zamaki]: ...wrong. It allows the user to predict the movements of his/her opponent. The shiringan controls time/space and is capable of doing anything at the right price. The shiringan is a double sided sword. Massive chakra cost, loss of eyesight, have to sacrifice the ones you love to master it. but the shirigan has limits it can only bend what it can see also it can only copy what it can see. the only and I mean the ONLY REASON why Kakashi cannot copy kekkai genkai is cause he 1 did not have the correct elements to do so also Haku didn't use handsigns Kakashi only mimics handsigns he does not actually copy a jutsu. I know everything their is about the sharingan and if your really gonna pull up something off of wikia your an idiot if you think its all correct. The sharingan has limitless possiblities why do you think they really killed the Uchihas cause they were unstoppable cause no one could use sealing jutsu like the Usamaki clan. why do you think as soon as he could Mandra killed all of the Usamaki clan. Also there was no heirs to the 1st hokage no-one besides Yamamoto and Danzo could even use wood jutsu why cause no one knew how too cause the 1st never shared the secrets of how to properly combined the water and earth elements inside of them. Yamamoto was the 1st just a clone and Danzo had a part of the 1st fused into him. You sir know nothing about the shiringan. and if you wish to come and bring fan based bullshit to me again I will laugh at you.

2010-12-08 [KnightAngel]: Just a minor addition since I'm tired of explaining, but haku did use handsigns, he had learned to use only one hand handsigns but still never the less used handsigns, besides the wiki here is created entirely on knowledge upon the naruto universe and approved by the creator Masashi Kishimoto himself, but of course if what the author himself has written doesn't apply by your standards then I don't mind either way, I try to go by what the author have stated himself but that's just me ^^

2010-12-08 [KnightAngel]: Second notice, written Sharingan

2010-12-08 [Xerin Zamaki]: 1st off thats american bullshit on that website.

2nd no wheres is it stated that Masashi Kishimoto approved of any of that to be true.

3rdly most of that stuff on there is the same thing stated over and over.

2010-12-08 [Xerin Zamaki]: oh btw about the whole subject of its impossible to copy kekkei genkais I'd like to bring up exhibit DANZO!


so explain that to me.

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